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SYRIA: Demonstrators losing their fear in face of rising violence [Video]

More than 60 Syrian protesters were killed Friday in the bloodiest demonstrations of the last couple of months.

In response, demonstrators have grown increasingly defiant and dissatisfied with reforms promised by President Bashar Assad.

In the video above, gunshots are heard in the city of Homs amid calls of, "The people want the toppling of regime."

In the video below, hundreds of protesters flood the streets of the southwestern city of Dara with banners that read, "We want the murderers of our martyrs to be tried publicly."

Eyewitnesses claimed that security officials have ravaged the streets of suburban Damascus, using live ammunition against peaceful protesters. Demonstrators from the cities of Barza and Douma have reported hearing incessant gunfire and desperate cries.

Brutal force has not discouraged demonstrators from making bold demands. In the video below, protesters march through Homs yelling "We are not members of the Muslim Brotherhood, neither are we Salafists. Our demand is freedom."

-- Roula Hajjar in Beirut

Videos: From above, gunshots in Homs disperse crowd on April 22, 2011; protesters roam the streets of Daraa; demonstrators march through the streets of Homs with demands for freedom. Credit: YouTube 

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This is a disgusting outrageous human disaster...peaceful protesters fired upon with live ammunition!?!?! Assad must go and the will of the people to institute the reforms they need for the welfare of their fellow beings should be heeded. How could anything that Assad says authenticate his position? Truly, he is just another dictator on a growing list of human rights abuses and crimes against humanity.


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