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GAZA STRIP: Suspect in killing of Italian activist dies in standoff

Hamas rulers in the Gaza Strip said Tuesday that a man suspected of killing an Italian pro-Palestinian activist in the territory committed suicide during a tense police standoff.

The suspect, a Jordanian citizen, shot himself after he hurled a grenade at two of his partners, critically injuring one of them, the Hamas-run Interior Ministry said in a statement published on its website.

Three policemen were injured during an exchange of fire, the statement added.

Hamas police said armed officers surrounded a house in the Nuseirat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip in which three Islamist Salafists had taken shelter.

Police cordoned off the area and evacuated scores of houses. Clashes between police and the armed Salafists lasted almost two hours.

A police official who spoke on condition of anonymity said police tried to resolve the situation peacefully, but the other side continued firing at soldiers and mediators.

The Interior Ministry on Monday posted names and photos on its website of suspects in the killing of Italian activist Vittorio Arrigoni and indicated that it had begun a manhunt. 

The body of Arrigoni was discovered in an abandoned house just hours after a radical Islamist group with links to Al Qaeda announced that it was holding him in exchange for the release of its leader, who is being held in a Hamas prison.

It was the first abduction of a Westerner in Gaza since 2007. It is also the only instance of such a kidnapping victim being slain.

--Ahmed Aldabba in Gaza City

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How does a Jordanian even get into Gaza?
By tunnels..there are hundreds of them

Just one more terrorist organization. This one hates Hamas too. Good luck Hamas; now you know how it feels to be on the receiving end. You can try to keep your friends safe from terrorists. What are you going to do when they start shelling you?

How does a Jordanian even get into Gaza?
Who was he?
Who was he connected to?
Who were the other two he tried to kill?
Were they also arrested?
How were they involved in the original kidnapping?
What were their political connections?
What will happen to them?

The article is writen as if Hamas were the Canadian Mounties who got their man.
What was the rush to kill him?
Why kill him?
If it was suicide, where's the proof.
Why not hold the standoff for days, its not like he's going anywhere?

I don't understnad why the Carnagie Institue for Peace is paying for this kind of reporting with my tax deducted dollars.

yeah, right sure, killed himself -- how very convienient -- they've gotta blame this on the Palestinians somehow

Yeah, I'm sure it happened just like that. The only reason Gaza has been turned into an open aired prison is because Israel/US didn't like Hamas, the duely elected govt for Gaza. Good reason to bomb, strafe a 1.5milex18mile walled in compound. Remember operation "Cast Lead"? The relief ships attacks? Yep. We're getting the straight scoop.

Good job Hamas they should use this opportunity to go after more Salafists.

The suspect, a Jordanian citizen --a fancy way of saying Palestinian

To die in self inflicted violence and in fear of justice are very bad reasons indeed. This guy has a lot of explaining to do. No RIP for him; not for a long time anyway.

John, just to be clear, it was a Jordanian extremist who killed himself, who was allegedly tied to Al Qaeda that was linked to his alleged killing an Italian activist FYI.

You could next time perhaps actually read the (short) article before posting incorrect and inaccurate comments.

This story keeps getting better. Thanks for the laughs.

He sounds like a homicidal maniac, good bye and good riddance, murderer.

Terrorists killing terrorists,keep it up.


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