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EGYPT: Pipeline blast halts gas exports to Israel, Jordan

ImageAn attack on a pipeline in the northern Sinai peninsula on Wednesday sent flames and a massive plume of smoke into the sky and cut off Egypt's natural gas supplies to Israel and Jordan for the second time in less than three months, according to the Egyptian Natural Gas Co. (GASCO).

The blast, which rocked the gas terminal of Al Sabil in the early hours of the morning, was described by Gov. Abdel Wahab Mabrouk as an “act of sabotage that didn’t claim lives.” Eyewitnesses said that flames from Al Sabil’s blast reached 65-feet high and startled residents, some of whom fled their homes.

"Valves controlling the flow of gas around the point of explosion were sealed to control the fire,” GASCO chief Magdi Tawfik was quoted as saying by state news agency, MENA. GASCO later announced that the fire was extinguished.

Mabrouk said an investigation found that five saboteurs drove a four-wheel-drive vehicle into the gas terminal, before planting and detonating explosives. They escaped.

No one claimed responsibility for the attack, which occurred in a region where Bedoiun tribes have often clashed with security forces and complained of discrimination.  

The explosion is the second successful attack against the same pipeline since Feb. 5, when a similar explosion during Egypt’s revolution stopped gas exports to Israel and Jordan for a month. Another failed attempt to bomb the terminal was reported on March 27.

While Jordan depends on Egyptian gas to generate 80% of its power, Israel generates 40% of its electricity using Egyptian gas imports. The repetition of attacks on terminals flowing across Sinai has prompted Israeli officials to suggest seeking alternative sources of energy.

Exporting gas to Israel has long been criticized by many Egyptians, who regard the Jewish state as their enemy despite the Camp David peace accords. An Egyptian court previously banned gas exports to Israel after a lawyer filed suit claiming Egypt was selling the gas at lower than market prices and had locked itself into a 20-year long contract that began in 2005. The ruling was later overruled.

A number of ex-government officials, including former President Hosni Mubarak and his two sons, are being interrogated for receiving illegal kickbacks related to the gas deal with Israel among other corruption charges.

-- Amro Hassan in Cairo

Photo: Flames rise into the sky after an  explosion at an Egyptian pipeline Wednesday. Credit: Associated Press

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@xexon you must of been in touch with ESHER HAMAN you sound as brain-washed and as badly informed as she is, still if it makes you happy keep up the work but its to be hoped that you are both kept away from young easy to lead minds other-wise more brain washed young terrorists will be walking the streets and as stupid as you both are.
thank you.

Just a little reminder: "Zionism" is the movement that was created by Jewish people with the intention of founding a Jewish homeland. When using the term "Zionists" the (usually anti-Israelis) user intends to deny the fact that the state was established by implying that the goal was never met.

I get it, it's delusional, but I get it.

Fatah has now joined up with terrorist organization Hamas. Best wishes!

Israel has it owns sources of natural gas. That takes care of that.

Egypt has opened the borders to Gaza. We'll see about that.

Although this is a inconvenience, Israel will speed up development of the off shore gas fields, which will replace this supply source. In the end Egypt will lose out because Jordan has a limited demand for Egypt's N Gas. So if Egypt does not protect its investment they will lose out in the short and long term, and surrender their economy and their future to the Islamic extremists.


You sound exactly as your Nazi freinds in 1939

The Zionists need to realize that the peace treaty with Egypt is now NULL and VOID. It did not worth the paper it was written on in the first place. Their own doing and criminal activity has caught up with them. The killings the bombing, colonizing the Palestinian land, deporting the indigenous people of the Palestine, destroying peopled houses and expanding in to the occupied territories and invasions of their neighbors are all coming to an end now.

I recommend they singe up for any available cruse liner to Europe and to where they came from. Bone Voyage.

More terror more destruction. Where is the outrage from the UN?

Yes, let's destroy Jordan so we can get at Israel. Makes lots of sense. Time for the Egyptian military to set up more patrols.

I've been assuming that the New Egypt will have learned from history, and will not want to waste live or money on stupid useless wars with Israel. I'm hoping the people who gain control of Egypt will be those people, not the political and religious nuts that can only think of destroying Israel, and the Devil take the hind most.

I'm hoping this is a minority group, and not a harbinger of things to come.

I support the US Congress authorizing the funds for providing natural gas to Israel in its time of need.

Don't call Israel a Jewish state. It does NOT represent world Jewry.

It's a zionist state and that's all it's ever going to be. At least until the revolution...

This pipeline will never be left alone. And it shouldn't. It's feeding a rogue state that is the source of much of the conflict in the Middle East. It's time the Israeli people felt the consequences of having a zionist led government.

Jordanians will just have to wait.


...umm...shouldn't it be "An attack" ??


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