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QATAR: Al Jazeera faces tough questions as Doha backs Saudi troops in Bahrain

Bahrain-tanks- The Doha, Qatar-based Al Jazeera news network has been credited with helping to sustain protest movements across the region with its wall-to-wall coverage, but will its editorial line change now that Qatar has voiced support for Saudi intervention in Bahrain?

On Monday, Qatar's prime minister, Sheik Hamad Jassim ibn Jaber al Thani, held a phone interview with Al Jazeera's Khadija Bin Qinna and Mohammad Kurayshan in which he characterized the deployment of security forces from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in Bahrain as "assistance and support" within the framework of existing agreements.

"I think the call of his highness the Bahraini crown prince for dialogue is a sincere one that should be well taken by all parties," he said, after refusing to rule out the possibility of Qatari troops being deployed as well.

"We believe that in order for dialogue to succeed, we have to defuse this tension through the withdrawal of all from the street and through the return of the language of dialogue and compassion among all segments of the Bahraini people," he added.

Bin Qinna and Kurayshan pressed the prime minister concerning statements from the Bahraini opposition warning that it considers the presence of foreign troops to be an "occupation," to which he responded by reiterating his support for dialogue.

Al Jazeera is considered among the most credible Arabic news sources, but it has been accused at certain times of allowing its royal backer's political affiliations to skew its coverage. Al Jazeera Arabic, in particular, has recently been criticized for what some see as its overly careful handling of violent clashes between Bahraini protesters and government forces.

-- Meris Lutz in Beirut

Photo: Saudi troops enter Bahrain on Monday. Credit: AFP/Getty Images

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Al Jazeera has had a strong ISLAMIST bias since at least 2002 when Director-General Wada Khanfar took the helm. Khanfar has been a member of the Muslim Brotherhood...the granddaddy of all RADICAL Islamist groups for many years.

Roughly half of the staff are either Brotherhood members or sympathizers as well, so it's NO coincidence that Al Jazeera did a complete COVERUP on the sexual assault upon CBS reporter Lara Logan. Dont take my word for it...check it out for yourself...

Al Jazeera also has loads of dirty laundry in its relationship with the ruling Qatar clique as well. In short, neither Al Jazeera or its watered-down English version has anything even approaching journalistic or professional credibility.

Their recent promotional push to obtain access to the lucrative US cable TV market must be taken with about as many "grains of salt" as there are grains of SAND in the nearby Arabian desert. They crave a large American audience upon which to foist their deceptive Islamist agenda.

One of the reasons Europe is become so "Islamified" is because Al Jazeera has been subtly pumping their Sharia-infested perspective into the Continent for quite some time now.

To judge from the flag in your photograph, these tanks and troops are from Qatar not from Saudi Arabia. And the video of the Saudi troops crossing the causeway showed them in troop carriers, not tanks.

Aljazeera...please kiss your credibility goodbye!

No Where in the world Minority has the right to rule the Majority. This Wahabi self declared rulers are disregarding any human rights and Human dignity that is dictated by their own religion and the International law to keep their grip on power and enjoy the life style which no one else in their country can even come close to match. There is no incentive for anyone in Bahrain to put up with this indignity. Down with the Wahabis and their fascist rules.

Those who criticize what are somewhat confused and uncertain American policies responding to the events of the past several months should look closer to home. There is NO democracy in Iran, people are not free to form political parties or compete for elections unless pre-approved by a religious council. And nobody is allowed to vote against the Islamic control over the government. One man, one vote, one time. This is NOT democracy, or freedom. It is replacing one dictatorship with another, and as we have seen in Iran, removing a corrupt or incompetant religious regime is far more difficult than deposing a Shah, King or General. If the Bahraini Shia population wants Iranian style government, they should emmigrate to Iran. Good riddance. they will then get what they deserve. Nobody in the world, not China, not Russia, and Not USA, wants another Iran style regime anywhere, including Bahrain. While we may not love or respect the Al Khalifa, we hate/fear the dictatorship in Iran much more. Replacing the one with the other is not an acceptable outcome to anyone except Iran itself and it's agents. Go Saudis!

we can see al jazeera is truly backing the terrorists acts in GCC by supporting false news on the media. Makes me wonder all the news we are getting from libya, egypt, tunis is it even legit.. I bet not..

The channel now look like fools since mass population knows they are openly lying and promoting false news to stir up revolution.

Since last week Al Jazeera has remained silent on the pogroms carried out against innocent Bengali, Indian, Filipino, and other workers by Lebanese origin Shiites, in which people have been filmed on mobile phones before being attacked with machetes.

There are now more than 10,000 people on the Facebook group set up to support the victims of this pro-Iranian mob who seem intent on turning Bahrain into an extremist theocratic state.

It can scarcely be argued that Al-Jazeera has remained neutral.

As a Bahraini I blame the US and Western governments for selling weapons to the despotic rulers of the Gulf States. They have no enemies to speak of requiring billions of dollars expenditure on such weapons. Now these very weapons are being used against their own people for merely wanting to choose their own government. If Obama had an ounce of decency in him he would treat the Bahraini ruling family the same as he has the Libyan ruler Gadhafi. But where interest lies decency and honesty has no presence. Shame on you who speak of democracy but when we ask for it you stand against us. Shame on you. Truth shall prevail for we are peaceful people.

I am a bahraini, i am from within the news title above, and i am telling you the whole world have been a victim of propaganda! even Aljazeera!

Why no body knows about the protesters attack on University of Bahrain? I was THERE! i saw with my own eyes protesters coming down of pickup trucks with reapers and swords attacking the gates on UoB with my very own mother stuck between the them and the university security! can you imagine here terror? if you want a proof i caught it all on video! first hand; i did not hear about this or see it on TV or even from a witness, I was there!

Also why no body knows about the Indians and Pakistani' workers who were brutally beaten to death by the so called "peaceful" protesters? they were left to die with refusal from Salmaniya Hospital to treat them because they were "not from the protesters"!

In addition, why peaceful protesters blockade the mot important business district totally? terrorize "passing civilian women" when they try to reach home? they had problems with the police, then why and go crackdown the police men houses?

I fully acknowledge the really peaceful ones in the GCC runabout (real name of LuLu runabout, and its a roundabout not a square) i repeat i fully acknowledge that, our govt. is far from being perfect, but the govt. opened its hand for serious talks, so why refuse that? wasn't it the purpose of all this? or the hidden goal was to get iran in town? "by all means possible" ?

Local anti-govt, pro-iran political parties did a spectacular job on Hijacking the international media by abusing the fresh emotions from the righteous and true revolutions in egypt, tunsia and the heart-breaking bloodbath in Libya! but people people! you are smart enough to know that a very rich country, with an unemployment rate of 3.6% is NOT Libya, Tunisia, or Egypt!

I am NOT pro-govt., i was in the rally of the Majority, Al-Fateh Rally, and i want reforms too, but guess what i will not kill and wage propaganda for it. and finally i do not wish Bahrain to be a district of Iran!

I was an eager follower of Al Jazeera news to get the latest on events in the middle east and thought they relayed unbiased news. But now i am completely disappointed with Al-Jazeera and wish they would shut down.

They have created instability by inciting violence and showing lop sided views. This is especially true in the case of bahrain. Somehow Al-Jazeera covers the story as a pro-protester whereas they should show events and live coverage from all angles. Just because a few people want a regime change does not make them the people on the right path. They may be a large number of people who do want that change or the change is more harm than good !

Al-Jazeera has only been showing pics of protesters, views of pro-protesters and interviews of doctors who are treating the protesters. There is no coverage on the the pro-govt rallies, interviews with the supporting regime and views of expats who make a sizeable number of the population.

Al-Jazeera - You are igniting secretarian violence !

It is very obvious why this crackdown and foreign troops infusion in to Bahrain took place right after defense Secretary Robert Gate visited the Island of Bahrain!! Isn't it? We in US talk and boast about love of democracy, but it is clear that we lie with actions such as this. Freedom is for us to do what we want and the Arabs or the Muslims of this world have to gain it by dieing for theirs. This is another shameful interference by us to squash voices who demand freedom from these Wahabi tyrants. we will see this policy of our to backfire once more, no doubt about it. Freedom will come to Bahrain one way or another.

Aljazeera as any other Arab channel has restricted "freedom" of coverage of the events in the region, it's proved to be effective tool in accelerating the fall of many dictatorships , such as in Tunisia and Egypt.
Aljazeera in the past used to criticize the Saudi Monarchy harshly, but in recent years, Saudi Arabia worked things out with Qatar, uncovering any unrest in Saudi Arabia or its allies was part of the deal, that's why we see the protests in Bahrain get brief "unremarkable" coverage unlike other events in the region .

this biased act from Aljazeera will affect its credibility among Arab viewers greatly , as a proof these channels don't care about freedom of expression , or professionalism but when it suits its interest.


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