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ISRAEL: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on YouTube


Like U.S. President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took the hot seat on YouTube's World View, and questions from around the world.

In a special broadcast paired with Israel's Channel 2 news, Netanyahu answered questions from Israelis before switching to English to answer questions from 90 countries around the world, including many throughout the Middle East.

Israelis were concerned about a host of local issues, including recent allegations that he accepted private funding for public travel (which Netanyahu dismissed as a slander campaign), and the decline in stature and caliber of Israel's political leaders, once modest -- frugal, even -- and far flashier today.  Citizens asked about Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier held captive in the Gaza Strip for five years, about Israel's response to recent rocket attacks on its south and how approving settlement construction after the murders in Itamar would help matters.

Israel's policies, the peace process and regional upheaval were on everyone's mind. Will you negotiate returning the Golan Heights to Syria? Whose side do you take in the recent eruptions throughout the Middle East? Is Israel a strategic asset or liability to the U.S.? And why is Avigdor Lieberman the foreign minister?

Check out the video ( or view it at this link) for more questions and Netanyahu's answers.


-- Batsheva Sobelman in Jerusalem.



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Perhaps a more professional interviewer would have been ideal. Ms Donna Wise was a bit shrill and combative. Channel 2 would be well served with a male interviewer for future segments.

Other than that, it was an interesting interview.

If the West stops supporting Israel , by default, it will be sponsoring terrorism. Israel has become again a sovereign state after 2600 years and since 1948 has been the only light of democracy in the region. The rest of the region has had five thousand years to get it right .........and has been found wanting as the facts speak for themselves. To those politicians who subscribe to a Palestinian state they probably need t0 delve into the annals of history and realize that this has never existed in the past and has no reason to exist now .The Romans named the area Palestine in the first half of the first century AD to erase any ties that the Jews have to the land. Alienating Israel will only increase it's resolve to rightly defend it self with dire consequences for everyone around them . Israel will only be left with a nuclear option given the odds against her ..........I commend them for their restraint .

Bibi.....tear down that wall ! "

America tear down your wall between California and Mexico first..

" Bibi.....tear down that wall ! "

That was really interesting, especially about the 20% Arabs. I knew about that, but I hadn't thought about it being the only place in the Middle East where they have equality. It is the only place in the Middle East where Muslim women can be free. I really hadn't thought about that.

It was interesting that an Arab judge had sentenced the former Israeli President.

Bless Benjamin Netanyahu !!!

If this interview is strictly to answer the question's around the globe why did the anchor involve the UN and member's of the Obama administration which conspicuously limited to a view out side the questioner and answerer.
And when the PM attempted to elaborate about a important point which was to answer the questioner the anchor stopped him.
And last I think it would be disingenious that the only questioners where so disrespectful of the jew's as a whole, It sounds like a Youtube hit job on the jew's once again,
dam you tube and bless the Jew's and the United states

Netanyahu is Israel's New Gingrich

The Art of War ends in Piece, the Art of Peace ends all War - Human Freedoms accepted globally is the start to true peace - While many wait for Gods return to end conflict, many act today to teach peace and proven prosperity moves toward liberating into the free world. Uniting for the common democratic movement crossing new regions free the people and bring them more into the next millenia. The UN Millenium goals are a good start. - SR Griffin


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