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GAZA STRIP: Israel tank shells kill three Gaza children, one man

Several Israeli tank shells landed Tuesday at a playground in Gaza City, killing three children and their grandfather and injuring 12 other children and women, hospital sources and witnesses said.

Eyewitnesses said that seven tank shells slammed a playground where children were playing soccer, adding two other shells crashed through the ceiling of a nearby house, injuring six women.

Relatives of those killed said they prevented a group of Palestinian militants from firing mortars into Israel from an area that is adjacent to their houses just half an hour before Israeli tanks fired the shells.

But militants waited until people went for prayers at the neighborhood’s mosque and sent a round of mortar shells beyond the Israel-Gaza borderline, which is a little less than half a mile away from the bombed area.

“I was going out of the mosque when the shells hit the kids,” said Mohammed Helo 42, the children's uncle, at the morgue of Shifa hospital in Gaza, where the bodies were taken. “I did not know what was going on. All I heard was thunderous explosions then the moans of people who were just walking by. Limbless bodies were scattered all around.”

Adham Abu Selmiya, head of the emergency department in the Hamas Ministry of Health, said three children and a man from the same family were killed in the attack. He said the children ranged in age from 9 years old to 13 years old.

Hamas rulers of Gaza said what happened was a war crime, stressing that Israeli attacks will not keep the Palestinian people to from defending themselves.

“We are doing our best to avoid violence with Israel, but the Israelis continue to escalate their aggressions against us,” Hamas spokesperson Sami Abu Zuhri told reporters in Gaza.

The Israeli army confirmed the shelling and apologized for the killing of civilians, ordering an investigation into the incident.

The new escalation at the Gaza-Israel borders threaten an informal cease-fire that Hamas kept since the 22-day Israeli offensive on Gaza ended early 2009.

Hamas and other Gaza militants have fired at least 60 homemade missiles and mortar shells at Israel since Saturday.

-- Ahmed Aldabba in Gaza City

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you people make me sick you know nothing of the events of which you comment apart from what you read.
if it was your family under rocket/bomb,attacks on a regular/daily event you would be screeming your head off for some-thing to be done, YOU would not care how or by what means.
had you of taken better notice of the report you will see that relatives state that they tried to stop the attacks these people did not agree with what was going to happen their area being used to launch death into the air also they would have expected some form of reply but of course the terrorists could not care less about them and they never do, or ever will do, you expect us to keep sitting all the time these attacks go on.
but of course you and people like you have nothing better to do than to continue to fuel the terrorists cause by your absolute lack of knowledge of which you speak just what they want another empty headed ready to use self brain washed idiot.
the terrorists hamas and those like them are to blame for these events as they are for the problems of the palestinian problems and always will be.
when you get older do some traveling not just to the tourists areas of the world but where the real people live see the things of which you shout so loud about it cant be done stuffing your face sitting on a couch first come to our country we will make sure that you are first given a proper history lesson and that you and your family have a ring side seat to the regular fire work display that goes on over head but dont forget what goes up must come down but of course you would be by then long gone back to your couch no doubt before it had even landed .
thank you.

The writer of the above article should apologize to all supporters of Israel for hurting their feelings when reading about the death of 3 Palestinian children and their grandpa at the hands of Israel's Army.

Supporters of Israel do not want to hear such news again and request any such killings of helpless besieged Palestinians be hidden or omitted from news media so we can all feel better. Thank you and shalom.

Did you notice the person reporting is a Muslims?? No wonder there is so much bias..... So much hatred against Israel and people are ignorant of the real situation... America will not throw bombs to Mexico, but they do nothing to restrict the sells of guns that go into Mexico that drug dealers are using to kill citizens. I grew up in the border and I know.

if america had daily murders and varios other attacks from mexico you wont i hope tell me that the u.s.a.would not use all its force to protect its people because we know it would,but then again america has helped the problems in mexico by americas own people selling guns over the border and these falling into the hands of demented killers also i seem to remember america saying it would use all it might to protect its own.
you would i hope also understand if you know any-thing about radical islam that they use populated areas to fire from and have not got a care how many iniocent people are caught up in their attacks against us you kill a friendly/person in the area when you reply to an attack well thats different it happens to us and we are killers of women and children yet like you we take care and try not to cause tragedy to any one apart from those who would cause us harm us you can see but the terrorists use schools/women to hide behind and then blend into the back ground america has fought these people and should understand this without being told.
one of my daughters/son in law and grand children live in the path of these rockets do yours? yet we do our best only to take out the terrorists but when they dress as women and use children as shields our hands are oftern tied because of the people of the area where the attacks come from yet we see that america went to collect its pilots downed in the no fly zone and opened fire on friendly people only wishing to help the flyers not much thought there then as america knew they were in no danger they were not fired on from the ground but still shot at the people they were sent to help so explain that please.
the use of the word arartheid which again america is well versed in and has used against the true owners of the land now called the usa and its on going tactics against the black people leaves you little room to take pot shots at us.
you would be better placed useing the word for islams actions against us.
they have always been and always will be trouble and are chipping away at all countries but may-be people are just to stupid to notice until its too late for you.take off your blinkers or to use an american phrase wake up and smell the coffee.
thank you.

I am from Jorden and I know the palestines very well. The hammas is shooting rockets at childrens and at crowded areas with citizens and then israel shots back at the hammas who hides in citizens houses.

What would you do if someone was bombing your houses. Would you not do anything because of the chance to kill innicent people?

Read the Bible, for Christians in the Old Testament it is specific about where the Old temples were built. Look at where the Dome of The Rock stands now and what its builders have to say what was there before it was built. Look at what they say today.

David K wrote, "Everyone should keep an open mind about learning about this, but the knee-jerk defenders of Israel are doing Israel far more harm than good by insisting that Israel can do no wrong."

Does anyone else see any humor in this statement? David K. needs to work on his logic a bit!

Tossing fire bombs at and running over civilians with cars.... lobbing shells at each other. There is no end to this madness. No one is able to pick one side over the other.

Religion and politics mixed together and this is what you get.

Oh my! How biaced! Look at this Jews now they killing kids on play grounds and just recently they kill Jesus. As long as Jews exist Islam will never be fully legitimate this is core of the problem. As long as non Islamic "sentimental" contributors on this treads you already have a small pales tines next block on your street so start moving you maybe on Arab lands. Fools!

If you have not lived in Israel, you have no right to judge Israel's actions. Israel undergoes one form of attack or other EVERY SINGLE DAY,whether it is a stabbing in Jerusalem. the stoning of a car, katiushot falling in Sderot... but of course, " minor incidents " like these do not appear on international news. When Israel retaliates...WOW! Here we go again! Who are the bad ones : Israel. No country in the world would stand any attack without is a right and obligation...but of course, for the rest of the world Israel has no rights.
By the way..when was there an independent Palestinian State with independent Palestinians? It was either southern Syria before WWI and then a Palestine including Jordan to whom exactly do we have to return the land ?? There is no one!
I have no problem in a Palestinian state. A clear frontier between the two States. You work in your State, give birth in your State and do shopping in your state...and please DO LEAVE US IN PEACE!
Unfortunately all the money that was given to their leaders has been used to buy weapons and feed their hatred for Israel, instead of being used for the building of schools, hospitals, roads, farms, have nothing...
"Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us." The words of a brilliant person...the truth!

People ask the question, why is Israel held to a high standard? Because, if Israel will kill with impunity, then what is the difference between Al Qaeda and Israel?

One poster implies that if Mexico shelled America we would launch missiles indescriminately, I have to wonder about that persons sanity. America does not deal with its neighbors as if they are contagion. If this poster hasn't noticed there are quite a lot of Mexicans coming to America and making good lives for themselves. We haven't shelled Mexico for this or made a big deal about it even.

People need to open their eyes, America is no Israel, we are a free nation. Israel is the apartheid, it is a racist state at its core and its actions bear that out with every new act of vengeance.

It will never end all one can do is create periods of calm so citizens can have a form of social normality. It does not matter what concession Israel give to the Palestinians as they will always seek to remove the Israelis and liberate Palestine.

As long as there is terrorism, the military are present and when the military are present there will always be collateral damage just as in Iraq and Afghanistan and now in Libya.

Jehudah Ben-Israel -Israel continues to expand the settlements, thus there can be no peace.

When the Fukushima nuclear disaster began to unfold several weekends ago, many other newsworthy events elsewhere in the world went by the wayside, except for the one where the state of israel went overboard screaming bloody murder that Palestinian "terrorists" had killed an entire family of illegal israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank.

However, by Monday last week, the totally false claim that Palestinians had committed that slaughter had to be quickly withdrawn, due to the fact that the real perpetrator of that crime was an Asian worker that had been hired by that family to perform some menial tasks. It appears that this Jewish family owed this man thousands of shekels and did not pay him for his labor (surprise surprise). He subsequently took his revenge against the family by murdering them all! As a result, press reports everywhere around the world that had been screaming reports that Palestinian "terrorist" had committed this crime all disappeared by midweek. But stupid willingly ignorant israeli sympathizers continue to promote this falsehood, as is common operating procedure for this group. I didn't notice the retraction in this newspaper either...

It's amazing how the LA Times will report this in such a biased way, writing an article on a RESPONSE to tens of mortars being fired upon Israeli cities PRIOR to this action.

America would never stand if one mortar was fired from Mexico across the border. People just seem to hold different standards for Israel.

And what of the coward Palestinian who left a bomb near the bus station in Jerusalem? Or the murder of a family and their children while they slept by a Palestinian?

But this is what the LA Times deems fit to write an article about.

why does this terrorist apologist get a blog on the la times site?

the terrorists launched rockets and mortars from that park...not a playground

im sorry...but hamas doesnt care about its own people

israel answered back

sorry that civilians were injured and killed...but israel was not purposefully aiming at them

war is hell

and since you wont stop bitchin about it anyway...israel should just carpet bomb gaza and tell you all to go straight to hell

Hamas kills one Israeli; the next day Israelis killed 20 women and children. The American news fail to report the Israeli crime but good at reporting Hamas crime.

Israel has committed crimes since its existence; Jews commit crimes and at the same time talk about the Holocaust. The Genocide against Palestinians need to STOP

Egypt should cut off Israels oil.

Israel is in the process of asking for $20 billion MORE in aid due to instability in the region. They do not want stability in the region now.

This is your tax dollars that paid for the shells that blew up these children.

No kore aid to Israel
bdsmovement . org

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