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TUNISIA: Polish priest slain amid rising Islamic militancy

A Polish Catholic priest was found dead with his throat slit in a convent garage near Tunis, the Tunisian news agency TAP reported Friday.

The agency cited a Tunisian Interior Ministry statement that blamed the killing on "fascist elements."

The 34-year-old priest, Marek Marius Rybinski, was found dead from multiple stab wounds and slashes at the convent in Manouba where he served as an accountant, the news agency reported.

Tunisia has been the scene of economic, social and political unrest for months, and religious militancy has been on the rise since the Jan. 14 ouster of the North African nation's longtime leader, Zine el Abidine ben Ali.

It was not clear if the priest's killing was at the hands of religious extremists. Islamists torched brothels in the capital earlier Friday, demanding their closure. The military deployed helicopters to disperse the angry crowd.

--Carol J. Williams

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Unbelievable: the tunisian police did not even start investigations that the LA Times already found the assassin and identified his/their motives !!
WAW: we should fire all our police and invite you to restore security here !!

Come on : don't be so naive: not even after independence, such events never occured here; not even against colonialist french people who prefered staying here after independence.

The responsible of this hideous crime are either ben Ali agents trying to discredit the new government (a part of ben Ali's family is in prison for different charges), or terrorist from neighbouring countries(some wahhabis 'round here sadly, especially clandestinely in Algerian desert). Tunisian (including the so called islamists that are nothing but big liars) are too tolerant and intelligent to commit such crimes : 7 million tourist come and go every year : wouldn't they be an easier target if one wants to terrorize or punish foreigners ?

Anyway, I hope they catch the responsible of this hideous crime and KILL the bastard : no human being can be so cruel and kill a man who devoted his life to serve others for no reason.

It is not islamic as you said . These are criminals of the ex-regime who did that. I was sure you would say that this is "islamic". Islam and real muslims are innocent. The people in charge of that school have forever lived in Tunisia safely. These are enough proofs that we , muslims are peace lovers and not warmongers..... and everyone , here, is sure that Ben Ali's followers have done this and they have even destroyed mosques in Djerba, my hometow, . They wanted to do the same for jewish community this is only to show that without Ben Ali 's regime we cannot live. This is to punish Tunisians because they have removed a dictator. I am proud to be muslim Tunisian.

We are from Tunisia, and we strongly condemn this barbarian act, aimed to scare people in this new democracy.
We want a peaceful living together for all religion in the land of our country.


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