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IRAN: Opposition comes out swinging as revolutionary anniversary approaches

Iran-karroubi2 Iranian opposition leaders slammed the government and ruling elite on Tuesday, just three days before the 32nd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, accusing them of exploiting religion in order to suppress popular resistance to their rule.

"Unconditional obedience to power holders is enshrined in divinity and sanctity, refusal to question the rulers is an act of piety and any criticism is ridiculously interpreted as hypocrisy and conspiracy with foreigners and Zionism," read a statement issued by Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi on the opposition website Kaleme (Persian link).

The statement went on to criticize the government's reaction to the protest movement that erupted after the disputed June 2009 presidential elections.

"Alas, what happened to the election’s outcome following a quasi-coup by authoritarians denied the nation its basic right to determine its own fate," the statement continued.

"But the arrest of protesters, roughing them up in the streets, killing a large number of men and women in the streets and detention centers, the student dormitory and Kahrizak scandals, storming the residences and offices of grand ayatollahs, busing in people for staged shows, propaganda campaign, slanders, libels, suppressing laborers, teachers, students, professors and women movements, organizing shameful carnivals and security maneuvers to spread fear, distracting public attention from main issues, immoral treatment of the families of martyrs and prisoners and announcing the death of the Green Movement in different official ceremonies have all failed to save the autocrats from the main challenge they face -– people’s distrust of the government."

The government's violent crackdown drew international condemnation but succeeded in driving the so-called "Green Movement" into a dormant state for the time being. Recent statements by Mousavi and Karroubi suggest they are hoping the popular protests in Egypt, Tunisia and elsewhere around the Arab world will revive the Iranian opposition movement.

-- Meris Lutz in Beirut

Photo: Mehdi Karroubi. Credit: Agence France-Presse

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In the meantime, some of the religious fascists who obviously don't have a job and a meaningful life, pollute the internet with pro-regime remarks and propaganda. They usually say that the green movement is dead or never existed. I would call them the modern equivalent of the brownshirt SA of Hitler. Their life will be as meaningful after this regime will have disappeared as it is now.

Nothing has ever come to this earth to stay forever. That is the beauty of nature of which human beings are a part. I just love the arrogance and contempt in their verbal attacks. It's a sign of their inevitable defeat.

@ GReen Messenger:

Damet garm. I hope you are correct. Time will tell. Hopefully I will still be around to see the results.


There was never a green movement anyway. It was just a very clumsy attempt by Iran's enemies to bring about chaos and anarchy in Iran. But Iranian people saw through it very quickly and did not let their enemies fool them.

The "green" and their sponsors predicted the downfall of the "regime" in 6 months after they ban sale of petrol to Iran, well Iran is now self sufficient in petrol production and is exporting the rest to Afghanistan for NATO to use!

Next the "green" and their sponsors started with "stuxnet" but that also failed as Iran is enriching uranium at a steady pace according to IAEA.

The final excuse was the subsidies, the "green" and their sponsors predicted immediate unrest in Iran once the subsidies were lifted. It's more than a month into this and nothing has happened.

I'd say the "green" is not only dead but turned into compost by now!

Re Andreas Moser:

A very famous Chinese in the 20th century once said that it was too soon to tell what the effect of the French Revolution was (centuries earlier). Dear Andreas, what the Tunisians achieved a few weeks ago (overthrowing a pro American dictator) was achieved by Iranians 32 years ago. Do you understand what I mean by saying... it is too soon to tell?

Comparing Tunisia and Iran is like comparing apples and oranges. It is like comparing Portugal with Belarus, or Finland with Italy. The green movement is not dead nor in hibernation. It's in a dormant state. Sooner or later it will wake up and obliterate the religious fascists from power. There is a saying in Persian that goes: everything that comes by wind is blown away by wind, meaning that something that is achieved very easily is lost very easily. Sit back and watch. Perceive, don't judge. It won't happen overnight. The heroic events of 2009 will be repeated in the future. Power only steps back for a greater power. You and me.

I am hopeful.

RE: "Mousavi and Karroubi suggest they are hoping the popular protests in Egypt, Tunisia and elsewhere around the Arab world will revive the Iranian opposition movement."

I don't see that happening. The Tunisian revolution started in December 2010. It is now February 2011. Has ANYTHING happened in iran? No. The Green Movement might not be dead, but it is in hibernation.

With this kind of opposition, it is no wonder that Tunisians have achieved what Iranians couldn't:


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