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LIBYA: Singer Nelly Furtado tweets about 2007 performance for Kadafi 'clan'

Nelly Singer Nelly Furtado has acknowledged receiving $1 million to perform for people with apparent ties to Libyan leader Moammar Kadafi in Italy four years ago.

Furtado said via Twitter on Monday that she was paid by the Kadafi clan for a 45-minute performance in 2007 in Italy, but now plans to donate the amount.

β€œIn 2007, I received 1million$ from the Qaddafi clan to perform a 45 min. Show for guests at a hotel in Italy. I am going to donate the $” she wrote on Twitter.

Other entertainers, including singer Beyonce and Usher, have also been associated with events tied to Kadafi.

β€” Efrain Hernandez Jr.


Photo: Nelly Furtado in 2006. Credit: Jeff Christensen/Associated Press

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love you

and yet - Israek is banned...

So American money isn't blood/oil and/or drug money??? (smh LOL) That is the silliest mess that I have ever heard.!!

Most musicians give back anyways!!! But I hear noone asking for the oil companies and corporations to do anything.

Absolutely double standards!! When will white America give back the riches they stole from Africa to build up America and the Europeans countries???

The American media loves to talk with a forked tongue about other leaders vs our own leaders and agenda...... HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!

Most of the educated world recognizes the invasion of Iraq as illegal. Are we going to call all those bands and artisits out who sang at the military bases?

Thats the good thing to do give it back to Libya

Hey Nelly, Glad you came out in public about it before you were exposed about doing about donating directly to the marginalized and needy people of Libya that have so little and that have suffered greatly at the hands of Gaddafi?

Caught with your hand in the Kadafi cookie jar eh?
Shame on you.
Donating the money 4 years later must hurt.


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