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EGYPT: ElBaradei warns 'Egypt will explode'

Elbaradei Mohamed ElBaradei, who has emerged as a leader of the opposition movement against President Hosni Mubarak, posted comments online within the last hour warning that the country has become volatile.

“Egypt will explode," ElBaradei, a Nobel Peace Prize winner and retired diplomat, posted on Twitter. "Army must save the country now."

In statements posted earlier in the day, ElBaradei vowed continued protests and complained of violence by Mubarak's government.

"We shall continue to exercise our right of peaceful demonstration and restore our freedom & dignity. Regime violence will backfire badly," ElBaradei wrote. "Threats of violence against participants in peaceful demos reveal the ugly face of a regime terrified of its own people."


Photos: Egypt in chaos

Mubarak's billions anger protesters

Mubarak refuses to step down, delegates some powers

— Molly Hennessy-Fiske

Photo: Mohamed ElBaradei surrounded by supporters as he arrived to address demonstrators at Tahrir square Jan. 30. Credit: Khaled Desouki/Agence France Presse/Getty Images


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A REAL democratic groundswell would actually be able to speake about constitutional democracies, and what was going to be built into a REAL constitution that defended their basic human rights to life ( how many are executed yearly just for being gay? ...52 last year?? ) and defended REAL and repeated elections with REAL laws that were followed by REAL courts.

Instead, this does not look like a democratic groundswell. I saw no women in the crowds, like I did in Iran's aborted attempt that the USA squashed with faint praise. I saw no older men. I hear only veiled threats of violence from the putative "leader" of the protesters. And I hear this "leader" willing to coalitiion with the petri dish of terrorists around the world, the Muslim Brotherhood, and our OWN stupid Intelligence chief claiming the Muslim Bros "secular".

Without a firm grasp of what real reform means, this can't end well for them or us. Looks like and smells like Iran, 35 years ago.

Something is very wrong.

Mubarak made a TOTAL FOOL out of Oblahblah yesterday - not that that's such a hard thing to do, but nevertheless, it was great to see. When he was given word that Mubarak was stepping down, the alleged "president" of the United States (Where's the birth certificate?) and his media pals tried to sieze the moment and make it look like he was the "big player" in this whole situation, and that it was Obama who was really behind Mubarak's stepping down. But then Mubarak got on the air and essentially said 'Screw you, I'm not going ANYWHERE!'. And Obama was publicly reduced to being a total nothing, proving to the world that he is of ZERO consequence, and an empty suit at best. He was humiliated just as badly as he was in front of the Olympic Committee in 2009, when they eliminated Chicago on the FIRST BALLOT after his ridiculous ego-inflated speech. I just LOVE it!!!!

ElBaradei is stoking the flames of conflict and the Egyptians are lambs being led to potential slaughter. If they want change "now", they should be careful of what they are wishing for.

Stop referring to this jihadist as a Nobel Peace Prize winner. He wants one thing: war...and a Muslim caliphate for the whole world. He's the one who wants chaos, he's the one who wants Egypt to explode, so he can take power and make Egypt a jihadist, anti-semitic, anti-western Muslim dictatorship.

Egypt doesn't have to explode. If Mubarak has agreed to leave in September, that leaves time for cooling off, debate and elections. No matter what, Mubarak's position is weakened and clear he'll be leaving. ElBaradei is the same P.O.S. who worked for the U.N. as an arms inspector and played patty-cake with rogue regimes, enabling them to march on into the nuclear "club." As I recall, he was weak and could have done more prior to the Iraq War in getting Hussein (Saddam, not Barack Hussein Obama) to reveal his weapons and plans.

Like Gore and Obama, he won the Nobel (Leftist) Peace Prize in great part for conflicting with Bush administration positions. ElBaradei is a "man on horseback." He's salivating for power. I wouldn't trust him or any pro-U.N. a-hole!

Although I support the protest movement in Egypt to the extent it represents the desire and right of the people to govern themselves, I don't trust ElBaradei and wonder if his comments predicting explosive violence are more self-serving than in the interest of the great Egyptian people. And I place no credence on recent reports - propaganda at best - that the Muslim Brotherhood is now a secular organization. Only a moron (or US intelligence and the democrats) would believe such nonsense. I wish the United States had been far more proactive in pushing for freedom and democracy in Egypt and other states in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, over the last 30 years so that we would be viewed as a friend of the oppressed people there. I realize that that would have been difficult at times, but we are the one nation that should always - always - aggressively promote freedom and democracy everywhere. I hope these events in Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan cause our leaders to reassess our relations with every country that is ruled by despots or oppressive ruling families or parties. I think we need another Reagan - someone who actually believes in our ideals and our exceptionalism and to show the world that we are returning to core principles. In any case, we need to get rid of Obama, the great apologist and appeaser.

I don't think Mr. ElBaredei is advocating violence. He is pointing out the truth of that famous JFK quote, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." is the link in the post above to Mr. ElBaredei's Tweet page...

Trump, Rummy, and Cheney to join Mubarak in Fuhrerbunker.

One must really consider just how much influence the Saudi Royal Family has over the events going on in Egypt.

Have no doubts they are monitoring events closer than anyone else. They know their lives may depend on the outcome in Egypt. If Egypt falls to the terrorist organization Muslim Brotherhood the Saudi's know their monarchy may be attacked next.

So have no doubts that the Saudi Royal Family and their 4 trillion dollar fortune have more influence over Mubarak and his government than anyone else.

Have no doubts Mubarak has a blank check from the Saudi Royal Family. As long as those checks keep coming he will do as he is told by the Saudi Royal Family and so will the Egyptian military. The U.S. can threaten to cut off 1.3 billion in aid to the Egyptian militarily. That is chump change to the Saudi's and other members of OPEC.

Also have no doubts that the word "Democracy" does not exist in the Saudi Royal Family dictionary. Not as we understand the word.

The Saudi Royal Family also knows the American public is in no mood to have to go over there again and save them.

This fight is definitely between the Muslims. Those who have ruled and those who have been ruled.

I really dont know alot about El Baredei but i dont think he means it in the way that some of yall are takeing it, i dont think he means it in the sense that a bomb is going to explode, but more in the sense that the amount of people and the genaril atmispher of the movement that is trying to throw off a dictator. I have on the other hand seen some video comeing out of Egypt and from the looks of it protesters are getting shot and run down by police cars and ambulances, and the pro-mubrak supporters are beating the crap out of reporters, haven't really heard much about the violance the protesters are doing. Maybe they desarive to be shot, them darn rocks they must be throwing sure smart, espechley to the riot police in full riot gear? The real travisty is the way that the historical artifacts at the musems are being treated, im only about half serious about that, but i am a history major.

Some of these comments are just plain ignorant. ElBaradei arguedAGAINST the US invading Iraq, so Lou's comment is off based.

Dr. Bombay is simply nuts. Anyone who links to a 9-11 conspiracy site is no one to take seriously.

Get real - he is just commenting on the current reality in Egypt. He is not threatening anything. There is a world of difference.

For thirty long years the common person in Egypt has been denied freedom of assembly and freedom of speech, under threat of being snatched right off the street and tortured, without any legal recourse.

Nobody said a word, because, hey, Mubarak was good for Israel. Just not good for his own people. Shameful hypocrites.

!. I want our money back from all CIA and NSA specialists in the middle east. They have yet to come up with even a good guess on whats going on.
2. Let Mubarak keep his money. He's done a good job. (by the way lets get a refund from our government accountants)
3. We now know that there is no Saudi money financing the coup, therefore it must be Iranian. Anything to do with them is very, very, bad
4. If the Muslim Brotherhood is not muslims, why the name?
5. Why does our "Christian" executive branch want to throw out a neutral government and install a muslim one?
6. Is the end game to whack all the arabs without oil?
7. If a "holy war" is just contained to Egypt/Israel, the numbers are approximately 6 million against 80 million. That does not count the Kamikazi and 72 virgin crowd.
8. Is our whole administration smoking in the back of a chinese laundry? this could be a real mess.
Young Egyptians need work, the whole world could use a job. Most of them are educated and hopefully not radical. We have something to work with. If the evil ones get their way, they will not stay as they are
9. We need some adults in our government

When is the LA Times going to report how ElBaradie is a stooge for Iran?

And would this "ElBaradei" run Egypt as well as he ran the Iranian Nuclear Inspections? Egypt wants new leaders but patience and restraint need to be employed to ensure there is a government put in place with the best interest of the Egyptian people as the prime ojective. Without the proper restraints the Egyptian people may find themselves and their country longing for the days of Mubarak. My friends, do not let your efforts and strong passions lead you to self destruction. Your voices have been heard and you have a chance to be a beacon for others to follow. Do not give in to false promises of "instant" change. Those who promise it may deceive you into Hell. Consider the instant "change" brought to America by the fool in the White House.

This headline is incorrect. It should read:

EGYPT: El Baradei Wants 'Egypt to Explode'

Beware of ElBaradei!!!!

This was prophesied 2700+ years ago and is in the Bible- Isaiah 9:2

"....reveal the ugly face of a regime terrified of its own people." Wow, that's what's going on in Washington.

Obviously this guy wants violence, or else he is not really an emerging leader. Either way, fundamental radical Islam will rule this year in Egypt. It will either force itself into power soon, or will be elected in September, just as Hamas was elected by Palestinians. Neither bodes well for Israel or for peace.

Finally, Europe is starting to wake up to the threat of the spread of Islam. It is time our leaders follow suit. But alas, I fear we have a Muslim leader here already.

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