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LIBYA: Video, audio of protesters under attack

February 22, 2011 | 11:27 am

Protesters have been posting video and audio reports of attacks in the Libyan capital Tripoli and Benghazi Tuesday.


This above video was posted earlier Tuesday, purportedly of protesters who were shot at on the streets of Benghazi.

Another video showed youth protesting in the streets of Tripoli.


Activists also posted audio, below, of a male protester in Libya pleading in Arabic for Egyptian officials to send help.


View a translation of what the man said here (scroll down).

He claims that he saw at least five Egyptians killed by foreign mercenaries in Libya and their bodies dumped.

"There are Egyptians who were slaughtered, and their bodies were left at the corner," the man said. "Come help us, Muslims, people, have some mercy!"

"We are pleading with the Egyptians to send some planes to bring the Egyptians from there before they're all swallowed," he said.

The man said he fled on foot after the killings, hiding out behind a gas station, but that he did not have photographs because after he boarded a bus to escape, Libyan police confiscated all the passengers' cellphones.

--  Molly Hennessy-Fiske