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LIBYA: U.N. diplomats resign in protest

Libyaun Diplomats at Libya's United Nations mission in New York announced that they were breaking with the regime to support anti-government protesters on Monday. 

The diplomats, with the exception of the Libyan ambassador, made the decision to distance themselves from Moammar Kadafi's government "because of the regime's despicable actions to attack the Libyan people," according to Adam Tarbah, a nine-year veteran of the diplomatic service.

"We are aware that this will put our families back home in danger, but they are in danger anyway," Tarbah said.

Tarbah referred to the speech last night by Kadafi's son, Seif Islam, who vowed to "fight to the last bullet" to put down the unrest.

"He was inciting civil war," Tarbah said. "It was shameful."

-- Davan Maharaj

Photo: Libyan protesters hold photos of longtime leader Moammar Kadafi during a demonstration at the Place des Nations in front of the European headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, on Saturday. Credit: Salvatore Di Nolfi / EPA

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Gaddafi is old and afraid. Libyans are inspired & the people will triumph.


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