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LIBYA: Son of embattled Moammar Kadafi says regime expects ceasefire soon

Foreign journalists in Tripoli under official escort by the regime of Libyan leader Moammar Kadafi were told by his son that the besieged government was hoping for a ceasefire with rebels holding key coastal cities,  Reuters news agency reported.

Seif Islam Kadafi told the small group flown in Friday that the government had been exercising restraint with opposition forces in western Libya and "hoped that a negotiated ceasefire could be in place by Saturday," the news agency reported.

The younger Kadafi, one of the Libyan strongman's seven sons, told the visiting reporters that those rebelling against the Kadafi leadership wouldn't be harmed if they surrendered and engaged in negotiations on needed reforms.

The son downplayed reports of widespread violence in the country and mocked the images being broadcast to the outside world from the unrest that has gripped the country for more than a week.

"We are laughing at these reports," Kadafi's son said, according to Reuters. "Apart from Misurata and Zawiya, everything is calm."

He said negotiations were under way and that the leadership was "optimistic."

"In Misurata, in Zawiya, we have a problem. We are dealing with terrorists. But hopefully they are running out of ammunition. Hopefully there will be no more bloodshed," Reuters quoted him as saying. "By tomorrow we will solve this. The army decided not to attack the terrorists, and to give a chance to negotiation. Hopefully we will do it peacefully and will do so by tomorrow."

The dispatch from Tripoli provided few details of what was expected to be a carefully orchestrated visit inside the besieged seat of Kadafi's power. The State Department had said a day earlier that the delegation was to include journalists from CNN, BBC Arabic and Al Arabiya news network.

Earlier Friday, CNNTurk reported defiant comments by the Kadafi son, vowing that he and his family would put down the insurrection and "live and die in Libya."

--Carol J. Williams

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Seif's da man!

Great story here about Gaddafi junior big noting himself in poor countries with generous promises to Islamic institutions followed by bounced cheques.

I also enjoyed the BBC's throwaway comment about his PhD from the LSE: "But it's not known how much of it wrote himself".

On a more academic basis, if a political regime is to stay in power against rebellious dissidents, then you do one of two things in a rather curvilinear relationship: either liberalize your political system where you allow political freedom and dissent in the hope of allowing your opponents to let out a little steam, working toward co-opting them or you use enough coercive force to effectively put down the rebellion, assuming you have the advantage in terms of resources. Anything strategy using means between these two extremes is likely to fail over time.

Mother Nature made a mistake by locating most of the worlds oil reserves in the wrong place. The mistake can be rectified by building a gigantic pipeline from the Middle-Eastern oil fields to a Haifa oil hub, from there it could be loaded into supertankers. The pipeline would be protected against terrorists by Israeli`s settlers who would build towns and roads along the path of the pipeline. No longer will the industrial powers suffer from the anxiety of losing control of Middle-Eastern oil. 14th centuries cultures would then be at peace, they no longer would be fighting to own oil they cannot use.

does this idiot think that every-body is on lsd,and will see and beleive the tripe he is spouting.
the people of the country have these murders on the run and as much as i hate riots i hope the people push them into a corner with no where to run.

they are all the same never mind what lies they wish people to beleive and should all feel the rope of justice.
they are all as guilty as each other like father like sons.
and to go on tv and expect people to put any weight in any-thing this murdering family has to say is an insult from his mouth to the viewer/listener.
the rest of the world is not as stupid as they would like them to be their time of lording them-selves over the people has gone from their grasp its time they understood this but of course they are all cut from the same cloth.
thank you.


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