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LIBYA: President Obama says Libyan government will face consequences

February 23, 2011 |  2:39 pm

President Obama called Moammar Kadafi's violent crackdown against protesters "outrageous" and said the Libyan government will face unspecified consequences as a result. 

"The entire world is watching, and we will coordinate our assistance and accountability measures with the international community," Obama said in a statement delivered from the White House.

The president emphasized that the unrest engulfing Libya was not the result of American pressure.

"The change that is taking place across the region is being driven by the people of the region," Obama said. "As one Libyan said, 'We just want to live like human beings.' "

Obama said he was sending Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Geneva on Monday for a meeting among the United Nations' Human Rights Council to discuss further action to end the violence.

— Garrett Therolf



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