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LIBYA: Moammar Kadafi may sabotage oil pipelines, report says

Oil Worry spread Wednesday that Moammar Kadafi has ordered security forces to destroy his country's valuable oil pipelines after a report in Time magazine.

The report, from Time columnist Robert Baer, was repeated on television networks throughout the region and cited an anonymous source close to the Kadafi regime saying the strongman has ordered the security services to start sabotaging oil facilities, cutting off flow to the Mediterranean ports.

"The sabotage, according to the insider, is meant to serve as a message to Libya's rebellious tribes: It's either me or chaos," Baer reported, noting that his source has been wrong in the past and said two weeks ago the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt would never touch Libya.

The U.S. benchmark oil price briefly hit $100 a barrel on Wednesday as the revolt in Libya escalated, raising new fears about reduced supplies from the world’s 12th-largest oil exporter, The Times' Tom Petruno reported.

Edward Meir, senior commodity analyst at MF Global in New York, said the latest jump in crude prices reflected traders' belief that "it is just a matter of time before all [Libyan] exports are shut down."

-- Garrett Therolf

Photo: This April 28, 2008, image shows production facilities of the German oil firm Wintershall near the Oasis of Jakhira in the Libyan desert. Wintershall said Wednesday it had stopped oil production in Libya due to the security situation in the country. Credit: AFP / Getty Images

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its me or chaos,you can imagine this madman saying these exact words which only goes to show that the people in this case must continue their fight to rid them-selves of this tyrant,but at what final cost to them.
like every riot the people are by their own actions the loosers,looting/burning
their own property,and the areas that should straight away be protected by them are the first to feel the damage.
but for the so called leader of men to threaten to plunge them into even deeper distress if they do not give into his continued rule,tells us in this case the people must carry on with their fight against this tyrant,but to try and use more sence rather than the continued destruction of the services they will have great need for.
i have always been against these types of actions but in this case i do think it may be the best route for the people, after yet another display of how these killers of their own people rule in the name of the very people they use and abuse.
did he not say he would die a martyr,so any moment now the people can expect him to go some-where quiet and blow him-self up.
thank you.


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