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LIBYA: Ahmadinejad slams repression in Libya as Iranian authorities confiscate satellite dishes

Ahmadinejad Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday slammed Libyan leader Moammar Kadafi for what he described as "unimaginable repression" against the Libyan people.

"It is unimaginable that someone is killing his citizens, bombarding his citizens," Ahmadinejad said in an interview broadcast on state television. "How can officers be ordered to use bullets from machine guns, tanks and guns against their own citizens?"

"This is unacceptable. Let the people speak, be free, decide to express their will," he added. "Do not resist the will of the people."

Ahmadinejad has been widely criticized for his government's violent crackdown on protesters following the disputed 2009 presidential elections in Iran.

The president's words followed midnight raids Monday and Tuesday on several apartment buildings in the Qods township in western Tehran, considered a bastion of the opposition. The raids were aimed at collecting banned television satellite dishes, sources in Tehran told Babylon & Beyond. Authorities have repeatedly blamed foreign and opposition media beamed into Iran via satellite for fomenting unrest against the government.

-- Meris Lutz in Beirut

AFP contributed to this report.

Photo: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has criticized Libya for its violent crackdown on protesters. Credit: Fars News Agency


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Preposterous! Simply preposterous!!

This is the same individual who suggested to "mullah khamenei" to order the savagery against the gallant Iranian Nation in mid 2009!!! This is that very same indivdual who called demonstrators as "criminals" in the pay of foreigners. It appears that this is a "standard" accusation practiced by dictatorial regimes; most evil of all of them being the financially well off satanic islamic republic in tormented and occupied Iran. Having any degree of trust or faith in the words of this individual (ahmadinejad) is nothing less than asking Count Draculla to safeguard the blood bank. His second statement contradict the first he has justmade. Although lacking any form of powers (everything is simply within the powers of mullah khamenei, the physically crippled and terminally ill so-called leader), he manages to create some sort of cacophony or arouse plain anger within the world community. Till last month three notorious regimes; Syria, Algeria and Libya were the "bosom-friends" of the criminal regime in Tehran. Now that the Libyan leader has resorted to his "last-hurrah" and appears to be sinking into a political "manhole" and on the verge of being fully toppled, he (the cowardly and murderous Libyan strongman)is just wrong in threatening its nation with dire consequences. While critizing the Libyan dictator of cruelty, he himself feverishly plans his next move of a violent assault on freedom seekers in the most horrendous republic. While mullah khamenei is the "Warden general" of the mass dungeon called the "islamic republic," ahmadinejad plays the role of "errand boy" for the unelected and most hated mullah. (I have intentionally used small letters for these anti-human beings).

Whether imported criminals (merceneries) will be able to hold the determined Iranian Nation at bay for a short time or not, is unimportant. At any given day, suddenly massive waves of angered Iranians will seek a final and a total defeat on this theocratic regime in at least twenty major cities throughout the vast country . The merceneries; Palestinians, Lebanese, Albanians, Pakistanis, Indians and Bangla Deshis will be simply wiped away. The Revolutionary Guard Corps and the Army have made it clear that they will not attack or shoot their demonstrating comaptriots just to prolong the evil and pathetic clergy rule. The cruel and doleful mullah regime will come to a painful and a bloody end! This will happen. This will be realized. Constitutional Monarchy (with limited powers) together with Ultra Nationalist elements will be positively asked to create a government. The Monarch will have limited powers and will be "elected" by the Great Iranian Nation. If the semetic arabs can topple their criminal regimes, the noble and heroic Indo-European Iranians are nothing less than them in any way or form. Since the past seven thousand years the true Aryans of the world (Iranians) have proved to bear hardships and finally fight it.

His ugly mug will be next on the democratic hit parade.

Iran-you are next.

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