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LIBYA: Army deploys in 'large numbers' west of Tripoli

Border The Libyan army on Tuesday was deploying in "large numbers" in the city of Sabratah, west of the capital, Tripoli, according to Libya's state newspaper, Quryna.

The deployment came after protesters destroyed government buildings in the city, the paper reported.

-- Molly Hennessy-Fsike

Photo: Egyptians fleeing Libya wait with their belongings after passing through a border crossing back into their homeland. Credit: Reuters

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It is disheartening to see a leader killing his own people, he said he is a revolution leader not a president, the people are now revolting against you, why the killing of innocent civilians. They are your people not your enemies, if they said your leadership is no longer needed why don't you leave rather than destroy the good things you put in placed. Gaddafi you people want a change listen to the voice of the people and quit.

America must come to the aid of any group of citizens who are seeking to live in a democratic society. France and Russia who disliked England, helped our fore fathers win Americas independence. Without their help when are nation was young, we would not be enjoying the freedoms Americans have today.

All the dictators are oppressors and become deaf and blind at the advent of their fall. Let the people of Libya be successful in their endeavor.

Libya's descent into civil war is inevitable. The political opposition is fragmented, standing in disarray and lacking a united voice. Islamic militants are not even the most trustworthy choice of men and system that could bring the country together. The military and the police are divided. The regime has succeeded in fomenting trouble, letting loose its thugs and criminals against the people whose welfare it is sworn to protect and uphold. Now it's conflict between the reformists and the loyalists. It will take more explosions of violence, deaths by hundreds, food scarcity, and economic collapse before another leader will emerge and unify the people towards another revolution. This won't take years, though. A few months down bloodbath road are enough for Libyans to conclude that if they don't unite and fight, Muammar Qaddafi could hit back and gain the upper hand. At the rate the nation turns against itself, Qaddafi is doomed to face exile. It is unthinkable for him or anyone to resist the idea of freedom whose time has come.


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