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IRAQ: Protesters attack Kurdish party building in Sulaymaniya

Iraqi protesters stepped up their challenges to provincial leaderships throughout the nation on Friday, with more than 1,000 demanding that the governor of Basra step down and looters attacking a Kurdish political party headquarters in Sulaymaniya.

The vandalism in Kurdistan followed violent clashes between government forces and protesters on Thursday in which at least two people were killed.

Unrest has gripped Iraqi cities in recent days as impoverished southern residents demand government action to improve their job prospects and an end to the corruption they say invades many provincial leaderships. The semi-autonomous northern Kurdish regions are comparatively more prosperous, but residents there, too, have added their voices to the discontent engulfing the Middle East.

Kurdistan President Massoud Barzani blamed the violence in Sulaymaniya on "enemies trying to create sedition and chaos," and vowed that the region's leaders would restore order and bring instigators and vandals to justice.

Barzani's warning echoed that of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki a day earlier when he said peaceful demonstrations were permissible but violent actions would be punished.

"I welcome those who demonstrate peacefully for their legitimate rights, but I am not in favor of those who exploit those claims to incite riots," Maliki told reporters in Baghdad.

-- Carol J. Williams

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These sentiments that are expressed militantly now in Kurdistan Iraq, have for a long time haunted the society. It was just a matter of time before the anger boiled over and turned violent, and this was sadly manifested this week by the death of a youngster.

Previous indicators of the increased discontent among the population have been trough the rise of Islamic party's and opposition movements such as Goran (means change in Kurdish), in Kurdish politics. And now influenced by the militancy and radicalism of the Egyptian, Tunisian and the Libyan revolutions, have contributed to throw more wood into the fire.

But one important factor to point out here is that the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), is not as repressive towards the civil society as other governments are in the region; it has more legitimacy and support than these government.

Here is the truth about the protesters in Kurdistan: they were marching peacefully to the headquarter of Barzani in Slemani. Barzani is a well known leader for his lack of education, corrupt administration, kidnapping and killing people....including journalists who write critical papers on him. Look that up!!

But anyhow, when the people got their, the paid mercenaries of Barzani were trowing rocks at the protesters to provoke them. Once the protesters TRIED to fight back, the mercenaries shot them. They killed like 3 people.

The sad thing is those 3 were kids, none of them older than 16. They were still attending high school.......

The group of so called "Kurdish intellectuals" aren't capable to foresee a future outside their individual ideologies- they themselves are all corrupt and opportunistic. It is time for Kurds to seek modern alternatives rather than repeating the history . People must overthrow Barzani, Talabani, Goran, and Islamist movements by "Mass Handclaps". Civil Disobedience what you need, come to the streets and play music, sing, and clap your hands against tribalism, corruption, and lack of civil rights. Clap your hands from where you are, in your office, in your class, on the streets and in your shops. Let us start a Handclaps Revolution against corruption and nepotism.

SOS…SOS…again the tyrant Masood Barzani and his murders leashed a deadly attack against the innocent civilians protesting for freedom and restoring the rule of law. Masood Barzani trained killers used live ammunition against the unarmed young people whom gathered in front of the headquarter of the tyrant party, asking political and economical reforms. The dictator Masood Barzani send a clear message to the people that he is still the bloody person who made thousands suffer during the ten years civil war in the region, back then he led a systematic offensive against the people terrorizing civil rights and basic freedoms that included the use of torture and rape of his opponents . we ask the world support today toward gaining our freedoms and basic rights, your support in revealing the truth of Masood Barzani’s bloody regime will save the lives of thousands of innocent people; children and women. Thank you.

This article does little for the real situation in northern Iraq. But as we can see Barzani doing what every other politician has done amidst the protests across the middle east, blaming it on individuals that want to create "chaos." Not even trying to use a bit of their resources to see if the motivation of these people protesting is important, rather just play the "crazy people on the street" car.

The people of Kurdistan are not normal, they are intelligent and educated and have produce a rapid economy. Why else would Arabs, Iranians, people of south asia be jumping there to work in the Kurdish lands? However, they need to make sure that they try to get the right attention and make sure that everything is done collectively since the police can't go around and kill everyone that is protesting the government abuse of power. I jut hope people don't get killed such as Bahrain. The military soldiers should recognize that kurds in military gear should not open fire on Kurdish protests entirely because they are Kurdish. It doesn't make any sense, just like how it doesn't make sense that protesters are being shot at in Bahrain by other Bahrainian people, Bahrainin solders. All i can say is time knows all the answers....

Barzani should be more concise of his people and how smart they least I think so...


stop calling Kurdistan iraq you criminal west, thick. all you west wish and plan is to create problems for other people, we hate iran but because iran is an onlu force standing against you west, then we support iran even i it meant we die with. ur sick british empire died and now is time that ur america meets its fate hahahahah, long live iranian nations. i heard that iran claims swez canal hahahaha

If the cities of Iraq burn, it will be in fulfillment of the 4th judgment of 9 on the land of the Chaldeans prophesied by Jeremiah in chapters 50 and 51 in the hebrew bible.

The first 3 judgments have already occurred: invasion, capture and the punishment of the "arrogant one."

If the cities burn, one can look for Obama to abandon Iraq out of frustration at the failure of reconstruction, and that leaving would itself be a 5th judgment.

6, 7, 8 and 9 -- war with and defeat to the Kurds, the Kurdish plundering of Iraq's "treasures", a catastrophic flood event, and the desertification of the plain. Ultimate outcome: complete desolation.

On the other hand, no fires, no worries.


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