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IRAN: Protesters fill streets of Tehran by the thousands


Video clips uploaded to the Internet are said to show crowds of protesters out in streets of the Iranian capital on the day the political opposition had called for a rally. The video clip above purportedly depicts crowds of students at a protest rally at Tehran's Sharif University on Monday. Sources told Babylon & Beyond that the gathering at Sharif University started in the early afternoon and that protesters chanted anti-government slogans and Allah o Akbar--God is Great-- before members of the Basij militia arrived at the scene to disperse the crowds.

 Below, rally-goers are purportedly seen marching in the streets of Tehran while chanting anti-government slogans on Monday.


--Alexandra Sandels in Beirut

Video credit: YouTube

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The person posting under the name Cyrus Safdari is using that name fraudulently and is not the real Cyrus Safdari

It is not by coincidence these countries of Islam are having uprisings. It appears to be the constant internal struggle of Sunni v. Shias. The Sunni Islamic agenda is to create a Caliphate regime [orthodox] in the Middle East. The Shias are trying to create their own Islamic regime by trying to force their 12th Mahdi to appear so that the Shias Caliphate regime in the Middle East can rule instead.

What part of the same Rights and Freedoms enjoyed by a small number of Select few in Iran, does its Leadership NOT understnd that, their Citiizenry expects, deserves, and wants?

Its Leaders do not know or want what's right for their populace, but instead, like a bad habits, the only thing they know buried in the depth of their paranoia that their type Rule for power and control burdens their own Fears, because NONE of them would tolerate it in their lives, but find it easy with paid people facing poverty if they quit their jobs or worse as the eyes and ears and henchmen for its Leaders, to inflict what no good conscience would or should ever accept, approve, or allow.

Iranians wake up every day, the same as in the 1980's when I was there on more than 3 ocassions for weeks at a time facing the same insnaity practiced by Iranian government, with HOPE not SQUELCHED by Terrible Finite Rule.

COUNTRY & POPULACE. Operating with FEAR, no matter the reason why, has a FINITE LIFE fro more thn obvious reason. Like DEATH, the only ACTUAL INEVITABILITY of LIFE is "CHANGE", esp. for those of you who are well read, well researched, and in the know about topics that even Western nations use FEAR to get it's population to adhere to things that are more than questionable, & even illigegal through the practice of OMISSIONS.

Just as in Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Akgeria, Bahrain, Yemen and throughtout the World, not just the Arab world, you either are a part of the solution in the interest of the present and future of each of your Country's, or U intend to stick to the Nature by which you currently Rule with FEAR, INTIMIDATION, THREATS, & the DENIAL OF ANY AND ALL RIGHTS, rathen than the Conditions of the same Freedoms, Opportunities, Effort to fullfill the dreams and aspiration, and the stabilty and happiness of your own people, or U will saty on this FINITE PATH, showing that your actions contradict our Actions, and as recently as Mahmoud has shown, contradiction of what he says vs. what takes place in Iran.

IRANIANS citizens would rather be "ZENDAY GEE AZADI." Actual Freedom. Not empty words and false claims as though it true, when IT IS NOT.

If Democracy is not a word for other reasons, then only refert o it as Freedom.......Azadi! Practice it as your own as a country.

USE of the word "AZADI" as in the Square is an absolute contradiction against the people of Iran. FREEDOM. What Freedom?

Freedom is NOT the enemy or potential downfall of Iran or any other country, despite arguments to the contrary, any morethan the altered religious writings and deliberate omissions committed by even the Vatician under the guise that they know what's better to reveal, and what NOT TO REVEAL to its followers although some have always been In Plain Site.

Making workable CHANGES is the by far better leagcy to leave behind and be remembered by, than Thugery.

Mr pirooz it seems your spy and you are wroking for kamenei!
let these people live their lives!

An illuminati move to shift the regimes of Iran, Syria, and certainly others (China?). That's what Egypt is all about.

Those nations' governments won't be fooled, though, and have already mobilized against said indirect incursions...

The most powerful arguments are made by dictators at the end of a gun. In Iran, killing protesters even by the thousands is no big deal: Ahmedinejad thrives by terrorizing his people. The Ayatollahs replaced a corrupt, arrogant and tyrannical Shah: now they are the tyrants, and this time, they take the name of Allah to bolster their tyranny.
A very large proportion of expatriate Iranians, especially in the United States, were the former beneficiaries of the Shah's largess. They fled, some with much wealth, to the friendly U.S. where they were seen as "Freedom Refugees" (worth Millions of dollars!). These were the Iranian elites; had they remained in Iran, the Islamic Revolution would have targeted them as the Shah's stooges.
Any change in Iran will require the overthrow of a very powerful Religious hierarchy, run as a a Police State. This is a lot worse than even the worst of Mubarak's regime in Egypt. Neither Ahmedinejad or the Supreme Leaders (Ayatollahs) will yield to street demonstrations.
Other than inflicting severe economic pain on Iran, there is little the West or the UN can do. And sanctions hurt the people much more than they hurt their leaders. When economic distress and frustration eventually become too much to take, there could be an explosive revolt on the streets, as by then the fear of death in the streets will have been numbed by what the people already live through.
It is a very cruel choice: driving the Iranian people to desperation through painful sanctions seems to be the only way to bring a regime change to that tortured, ancient land.
The region abounds in despots: Syria, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, among them.
They fear the People, and suppress them as a matter of divine right. The most visible perversion of such regimes is the way they treat women.
After all, we must realize that in matters of women's rights, there are those even in the United States who promote and justify medieval principles to guide them, often quoting Scripture as well!

Judging by the evidence available to date, crowds appear to number in the low dozens and not "thousands".

wow, i see that Khamenei's trecherous and vile hasbara brigades in the basiji and among the crypto-stalinist left in the west are out in force today. i want to send a particular shout out to Mark Pyruz who goes by several names. he's basically a failed i.t. guy who is a known supporter of the islamic repugnant living in the bay area. mark, at least the basij get paid a few hundred dollars a month for licking the regime's feet. what do you get for betraying your country and serving as propagandist for evil?

Iranians who want an overall change, and I mean a change of government, the majority are in exile, with their children brought up in different countries. Not only do I want to see a change in the government, but also no more extremist Islam spreading its cancer over my beautiful country. These protestors saying 'Allah Hu Akbar', why? Don't use the arabic islam chants to protest against a filthy government. The imperial state of Iran, despite towards the VERY end of its years shutting down certain religious schools (e.g. bahai schools, places of worship) and the use of SAVAK, gave freedom to all IRANIANS regardless of their religion. Iranians were free, a nation that prospered, and a system that unforutnately was ran down by the USA and Britain, who still, today after all the executions, killing of innocent people and shootings, still do not bring about a change, do not do enough to change the DEGRADING, FASCIST, SEXIST AND RACIST ISLAMIC REPUBLIC. We Iranians who are in pain abroad, and those still trapped in the tyranny of the government. Held back from our country, a religion that had conquered Iran and had no right to do so thousands of years ago started this barbaric torture deep in Iran. I hope the REAL Iranians agree that the whole of Iran should be freed, every religion, every person, and most importantly, stop the spread of cancerous fascism and dictatorship completely ruining the beautiful Aryan land of Iran.


More power to the protesters, enough of the dictators!

Go Iran, go! Power to the Iranian people. Be brave! Don't give up! Oh please make this happen -- this would be the best progress possible. Down with oppression! Down with theocracy! Up with democracy! All the way! Change from within - it's your country, and you don't have to live this way. Take it back! Don't let them win. Peace to all protesters who desire freedom.

the US government must help the people of Iran to free their country

Bring it on people of Iran. Crush the Mullahs!!

regime change in Iran will secure peace and stability in the region


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