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IRAN: Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says Egyptian uprising is an Islamic 'awakening'

Iran-khamenei-irna Iran's spiritual and political leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said the popular uprisings against Western-backed autocrats in Tunisia and Egypt represent an "irreversible defeat" for the United States.

Speaking amid heightened security during the Friday sermon at Tehran University, Khamenei went on to draw comparisons between Iran's Islamic Revolution and the recent Arab protest movements, characterizing the protests in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and around the region as an "Islamic awakening."

He also accused the United States of propping up corrupt leaders in the region in order to protect its own interests and those of its ally Israel.

"This is a war between two willpowers: the willpower of the people and the willpower of their enemies," he said. "The Israelis and the U.S. are more concerned about what would happen to their interests in post-Mubarak regime."

The protest movement in Tunisia was largely secular, while the anti-government opposition in Egypt is a loose but diverse coalition that includes the Muslim Brotherhood. Some have drawn comparisons between ousted Tunisian President Zine al Abidine ben Ali, embattled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and the U.S.-backed shah, who was overthrown in Iran's 1979 revolution.

Others, however, see more similarities between the recent Arab protests and the opposition "green movement" that swept Iran following the disputed 2009 elections. Footage of Mubarak supporters wielding rocks and sticks against Egyptian protesters on Wednesday and Thursday was reminiscent of the violent crackdown carried out in Iran by security forces and plainclothes security forces known as the Basiji, who are loyal to Khamenei.

-- Meris Lutz in Beirut and Ramin Mostaghim in Tehran

Photo: Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Credit: IRNA

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America is a Great country. It accords hope and freedom to all people irrespective of race, religion or cultural background, etc... This said we need to create a fair and balanced international policy that is not dominated by zionist interests (from behind the scenes) but what's good and fair across the board Vs. only good for Israel. Has anyone asked why we pay Israel over $1.5B/yr? Are they poor? Do they provide anything in exchange to the US consumers?

Don't get me wrong, while I respect the Jews for deserving their own land, I also respect good old fashioned American values that no body should be allowed to hijack someone else's property. The settlements in Jerusalem must stop in the name of common decency and human rights. With great power comes great responsibility. Remember Iraq? We almost decimated another part of world based on unfounded allegations... Our leaning to do the same in Iran would be a bigger mistake. Would it not be prudent to give Iran's nuclear program the benefit of a doubt?

I would advocate working with countries to align and support mutual interest. No point preaching democrasy whilst we prop up dictators behind the scenes. The saying has never rung truer: "As you sow, so shall you reap."

Do you tell the truth? are you leasening to your piople?

The Ayatollah is not kidding. He decided to come out this Friday to speak of the uprising in Egypt and Tunisia and Yemen was very much calculated. The propaganda regime in Iran can teach the American specially the white house spokesman a lesson or two. Be strong and never back off. He is not talking to us he is talking to majority of the people that are uneducated and would buy his words. God help us, we do not know whom we are dealing with. This guy can end the world as we know it and U.S. is sitting on his butt and is not doing anything. I think it is too late anyway. The end of supper power and the beginning of tyranny all over the world. Just wait what Islam will bring us, "Misery " like they did to Iran. God help us.

this guy is smoking some magical muslim crack. he and his boyfriend ahmedinejad are completely off their rockers. if i recall correctly the citizens of iran wanted a regime change quite recently as well and they decided to do....well...exactly the same thing mubarak did. shut off the internet and arrest people including journalists. what a tool. further more..according to egyptians they have interviewed this has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with islam. it has to do with 50% unemployment and rocketing food prices.

change the record.
thank you.

How can the U.S offer 1.5 billion to the Egypyian government when most of its country is still in the verge of an economic meltdown. Just like Obama saying in the next ninety days he will figure a way to save 100 million dollars of the federal reserve, having to make such decisions clearly states our economy is busted but we can afford to help other countries pull out of thier crisises

I wish the United States would just stay out of all this. I guess because we never have, we can't now. It is going to lead to the end of world as we knew it... on the fast track. I feel bad for the future.

I disagree.

انا اختلف.

Of COURSE he likens it to the revolution in Iran. The revolution in Egypt seems to be more of a democratic revolution away from an autocracy. In that respect it is MUCH more like the Green movement in Iran against the Ayatollahs.

This Ayatollah is obviously day dreaming on another planet. His agenda is clearly to give support to the Islamic movements in the Arab world. and why what this ignorant say is relevant anyway? he is a Shia to start with so for Sunnis like in Tunisia or Yemen he is a nobody or worse he is an unbeliever. second what iran has to say about democracy and government chqnges in other countries =after their aborted revolution! I think this guy does not deserve a line in a newspaper. he is a no body and should be treated as such!


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