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EGYPT: Travel ban imposed on former trade minister, other officials

Egypt on Friday imposed a travel ban on former Trade Minister Rachid Mohamed Rachid and froze his assets, according to MENA, the state news agency.

"The public prosecutor's decision is part of the precautionary measures taken against some officials after prosecutors received complaints of theft of public money," MENA reported.

The prosecutor's office imposed a travel ban on other ministers from the former government and a former ruling party official on Thursday, the agency said. It also froze their assets, Reuters reported.

-- Molly Hennessy-Fiske


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Rachid Rachid is an honorable public servant of Egypt who has done so much good for the country by attracting foreign investment to create jobs. he is also independently wealthy and does not need to steal from the gov't. He is clearly being used as a scapegoat as the current regime looks to transform the country into a military rule. shame.


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