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EGYPT: Pictures show Tahrir Square turned into makeshift hospital


More images are coming from the battle lines at Tahrir Square, where volunteers have set up a field hospital to treat the wounded after fierce clashes between demonstrators and knife- and club-wielding supporters of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak earlier Wednesday. Eyewitnesses say protesters remain resilient and that they've set up barricades near the Egyptian Museum and other crossing points into the square to keep the pro-Mubarak supporters out. Eyewitnesses say the demonstrators were gaining ground late Wednesday night while the pro-Mubarak demonstrators on the other hand have plummeted in number. 

The images below, taken at Tahrir Square on Wednesday night by an American visiting Cairo, show wounded demonstrators being treated at a makeshift hospital that's been set up by volunteers near the battle lines.



Below, wounded protesters remain defiant in their cause: to oust Mubarak from power. They have refused to leave Tahrir Square.


Female protesters chant slogans at the square.


 Demonstrators have been camping out at Tahrir Square for more than a week.


-- Alexandra Sandels in Cairo

Photos: Jim Lundberg 

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The so called leader of the people, Hosni Mubarak is out with his thugs killing the people of his country.
It will not be long before he tastes death himself.
Long live freedom. Oust the murderer.

So now we see the dictator Mubarak and his supporters in their true colors -- vicious bullies and thugs which can't stand to hear the great majority of Egyptians speak freely, protest peacefully and tell Mubarak to go -- so they react with violence and brutality, true to form.

Nevertheless, Mubarak will fall, and democracy will come at last to Egypt -- maybe all the quicker as a result of this high=profile addition to his addition to his catalog of crimes.

I hope that none of these injuries are fatal or very serious, that having been said this is what happens with Riots. Somewhere along the way to our current "enlightened" state we have come to misunderstand the difference between a riots and intelligent statements of differences.

Time here is 444 :)

We are still STANDING WITH YOU!! And sending constant prayers!!!!


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