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EGYPT: Restoration work begins on damaged antiquities

Restoration work has begun on Egyptian artifacts damaged during anti-government protests, according to news reports from Cairo on Monday.

Zahi Hawass, the country’s head of antiquities, told news organizations that the repairs to 70 objects should take five days. He said steps are also being taken to reopen Egypt’s famed archeological sites, which have been closed to visitors since unrest began two weeks ago.

Looters broke into the Egyptian Museum during protests Jan. 28 in nearby Tahrir Square. Among the items damaged were a statue of King Tutankhamen standing on a panther and a wooden sarcophagus dating back more than 3,000 years, the Associated Press reported.

What were originally thought to be remains of damaged mummies were in fact two skulls that were being used to test a new CT scanner. All of the royal mummies are safe, Hawass said.

The museum is now being guarded by the army.

-- Alexandra Zavis

Photo: The head of Egyptian antiquities, Zahi Hawass, stands at the head of a broken vitrine in the Egyptian Museum. Credit: Sandro Vannini/Egyptian Museum


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@nic greetings.
in some ways i agree with you but in my experience it starts with protesters. and of course others who will always have one aim in mind to steal the looters,
problem being the two tend to murge together,and when one side start to smash windows and damage buildings others always follow,of course not all are stealing but venting their anger on objects that dont bite back,the same as being angry and smashing some-thing against the wall,but the non looters do have the choice to stop these people,as protesters do out weigh looters and i have seen this happen,people standing together and dealing with these people rough justice,but with all the chaos going on your hands are full,and squads are set aside to deal with the elements that are there to take at every-body elses expence.
but very few if any leaders tell their particular group of protesters to respect what they are fighting for,it might start as a non violent protest but it always ends up the same group on group and the damage is the same never mind where in the world it happens its ok to blame one group or another but it takes two to tango and it does not take long for the violence to spread and become a daily event,quite a lot of the time by the young and more determind elements within the gathering.
but stolen goods are normally found quite close to their place of theft stolen by people who were only there to protest but it becomes a stealing frenzy and even broken items are taken and later thrown away so this is one reason that you can never pick out one group from another as they do not wear sighns,and even if they didnt go to steal if its looking at you well might as well get some-thing out of all the chaos,the good people for some reason, and length of time, bacome the bad totally destroying the reason they were there and a lot of people when caught red handed or with the goods in their homes will tell you i dont rearly know why i took it,look its smashed and no good to me.
so i do understand and try as much as i can to understand with compasion others problems and desires.
best wishes.
thank you.

Sam, looters are different than protesters. You confused the two. Also, They are numerous report that a lot of looters were infact governement employees unfortunatly.

Rose, are you kidding? You are going to question the future of Egypt which is by any account undergoing key changes..... based on a couple of lootings? I saw neighbors banding together and protecting each other, true acts of patriotism and kindness, individuals standing down tanks.....

Now lets review the Rodney King riots here.....


The lack of respect for the past makes me wonder about their future!

it does not matter where in the world events like this take place,banks and other public areas are always left without proper guarding you would expect the people of the country to at least have some respect for the history around them but they never do some form of crazed madness seems to take the place of common sence and of course you always get the could not care less element
raising their heads, seing public places destroyed you would expect the leaders of the protesters to have the sence and thought to make sure that the countries precious buildings and property, not be part of their rampages
but when you put children on stage to take part in the chaos,its clear to see that this riot like all others has no sence behind it, by all means if you wish to smash some-thing up do so just make sure it belongs to you not some-one elses property and leave the public buildings alone some of these things can not be as easily replaced,as rioters with madness in their minds, of which you will always find the mad men willing to go a step too far.
the true people never win because with them are the could not care less trouble makers who would have a complaint even if they lived true paradice.
thank you.


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