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EGYPT: One female protester comments on expectations in Tahrir Square [Video]

Footage captured on Monday shows an interview with a female protester -- whose T-shirt reads "I love my country, it's the government I'm afraid of" -- as she articulates her perspective on what
the Egyptian people are demanding in Tahrir Square today.

The interviewer asks: What has been the affect of shutting down the Internet?

Egypt-protester She says, "This is not just a Facebook revolution or an internet revolution. As you've seen many hundreds of thousands of people in the streets. Even the phone lines were shut on Friday and people still came out and demonstrated because this is not about an internet, this about the needs and the demands of the Egyptian people."

He also asks her: Is there a compromise that people will accept?

She answers: "The only compromise that people would accept is that if there's a guarantee that
the next president of Egypt will be chosen by the people."
The segment was filmed as part of an upcoming documentary "Zero Silence," about young people in the Middle East who are tired of the authoritarian regimes they live under, and who are using the Internet to aid them in creating change.

-- Lori Kozlowski

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perhaps some-body should do a programme about the people who are being pushed around by their own so called friends and neighbours,for voicing their thoughts and opinions and because it does not match the rioters they are being openly beaten in the streets or draged off for a good kicking in a side street well makes you wonder freedom of speach does not exist even among the people who say they are fighting to be free.
makes you wonder how many people rearly want change as you can only hear the ones who shot louder than any-body else and of course their destroying ever-thing they can lay their hands on so they must be right.
thank you.


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