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EGYPT: Footage allegedly shows Google exec being detained

Square2 Al Jazeera has posted footage on its website that purportedly shows Egyptian plainclothes officers dragging Google executive Wael Ghonim away to detention.

The video, posted on YouTube, shows a group of four men following a crowd of young men on the street, then grabbing one who resembles Ghonim, holding his arms, turning him around and hauling him off down the street in the opposite direction.

Ghonim has been missing for more than a week. On Friday, leaders of the April 6 youth opposition group named him their spokesperson in an effort to persuade the government to release him.

"We can't verify if the man being dragged off, in plain daylight, is Ghonim," Al Jazeera staff noted in the Saturday Web post. "But the fact that it happened before a crowd of people who noticed -- but could not or would not intervene -- says much about the situation in Egypt."

Some tweeted late Saturday that Ghonim, 30, was in detention but due to be released within hours. Others expressed solidarity with Ghonim and others in detention.

--  Molly Hennessy-Fiske

Photo:  Anti-government demonstrators line up to enter Cairo‚Äôs Tahrir Square Saturday. Credit:  John Moore/Getty


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He was detained on the lst, after Google released the app that circumvented the closure of the internet.

Apparently, Wael and Google were working in concert with one another...him on the ground organizing the demonstrators and Google maintaining the communication for him.

Google wasn't an innocent in this...they helped organize and topple a foreign government.

Here's a video that shows a man resembling Ghonim being arrested by plainclothes police.

"This video has been removed by the user."


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