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EGYPT: Citizen journalists chronicle unrest


"The national anthem at Tahrir Square like you've never heard before," says the caption on this video, uploaded Thursday by an Egyptian citizen journalist.

Ahmed Agour, a citizen journalist trained by the nonprofit International Center for Journalists, has filed regular on-the-spot reports and videos of anti-government protests in recent days on his blog. The satellite channel Al-Arabiya and online newspaper Youm Sabie have picked up some of the reports.

Agour participated in the Washington-based group's training last year in Egypt, called "On the Margins No More." The training was designed to develop a corps of Egyptian citizen journalists outside state control.

Another participant in the training, Muhamed Sabry, has collected hundreds of photographs and videos of the latest unrest, some uploaded on his YouTube channel.

—  Molly Hennessy-Fiske


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haaaaaay I know this man He was doing all his effort just to enplane the right things and in a proper way
thank Ahmed Agour for being a good man :)

Congratulations Ahmed Agour for such excellent reporting and videos on Tehrir Square. I am so proud of you. As an American I congratulate all the non-violent young people and adults who participated in the protests against this tryant, Hosny Mubarak.

"Free at last - thank G-d you are free at last".

I look forward to retuning to beautiful Egypt in September 2011. All America applauds and honors the living and those who gave their lives for freedom in Egypt.

Long my Egypt Live!!!!!! I am honored to know so many wonderful young Egyptians in your great land.

G-d continue to bless and grow Egypt.

Brian J. Figueroa
Asbury Park, New Jersey
The United States of America


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