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EGYPT: Church bombed

Church Egyptian security officials say assailants have detonated a bomb in an empty church in northern Egypt, the Associated Press reported.

No one appears to have been injured in the attack on Holy Family Church in the town of Rafah on the border with the Gaza Strip. Security officials say the attackers also removed a cross outside the church.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility, the Associated Press reported.

On New Year's Day, a suicide bombing outside a Coptic church in the port city of Alexandria killed 21 people.

-- Molly Hennessy-Fiske

Photo: An Egyptian stands outside the Sharq el-Madina Mosque on Jan. 2, which is near the Christian Coptic church of the Saints where an explosion occurred the day before, in the northern Egyptian city of Alexandria. In the immediate aftermath of the church bombing, authorities in Egypt blamed "foreign hands" for the attack. Credit: Ahmed Khaled/EPA  


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Sameh that is just ridiculous. Christians don't kill other Christians in this region to make a point, that's like saying the fundamentalists planned the bombings in Iraq to cause hatred towards the middle east. That is just not the case and it is absurd to say that. I will say that the outlook on Muslims as a collective is not accurate, I have friends that are Muslim and are good people and by no means should anyone say all Muslims share this view and that the evil ones ( which their are for every religion ) who are killing do not represent the youth nor the moderate people in those countries who are just trying to raise there families and live a happy life. I will defend your right to practice your religion and defend your right to exist freely and to anyone. I am going to show this I think it is important to see that people want to co-exist. People want freedom and the right to practice religion muslim, jewish, christian, budhist etc. I hope that these signs of hope are indications that this is possible. People can have different view points and still be happy living next to each other. I really believe that and it does happen. Sameh there is persecution to say there isn't just isn't true, but that direction of anger is not for all Muslims and shouldn't be it should be against radical factions who instill hate those are the culprits. I believe that the government needs to take a stance against corrupt and evil factions. I would hope that you would agree with this. If there was a christian crusade to be enforced by the Vatican I guarantee I would not approve of it either, why because it is wrong to enforce your view and your ideas on anyone. It is just wrong. There is also much persecution to Muslims in the US, Canada and Europe that shouldn't be denied either, it is wrong to think that is ok. It doesn't mean that all American's, European's and Canadians are bad but the ones committing hate crimes are bad that no one should deny. Progress still has a way to go before true acceptance is realized, I hope truly to see it in my lifetime for our children(s) sake. I am Coptic Christian from Egypt and many of my parents family friends are Muslim and that is a good thing and hope that we will see our youth stand together and through the series of incredible events in our homeland so they become strong together and depend on each other. This is a time of change.

@ Christina:
I am an Egyptian Muslim and I had never seen any persecution against my christian friends in Egypt. What kind of persecution have you personally experienced? Did anyone try to kill / kidnap / Harass you?
You should be more clear about the form and size of persecution in Egypt. I think it is very little as I had never seen one (I am 30). And it is not logic to charge all Muslims with doing these attacks without any evidence. Or I can say also that it is done by christian extremists who want to say that there is persecution to have foreign help and to put pressure on the government to get advantage! At least this is something I have seen before. You could be doing that right now.

Im not racist in any way, i have friends from every religion. But I say this! This is a racist attack against Christians!! Its been happening for a long time & hardly anyone knows because the government/ muslims cover it up. Do you remember when Pope Benidict got involved & told other world leaders about the attack on new years? they retracted someone from their government in Rome and demanded an apology saying it was none of their business! This may be hard for anyone not directly involved, but believe me its true. I am Egyptian and am Coptic Orthodox Christian and my family in Egypt are constantly being persecuted for being Christians. I have a 1st hand experience of how racist they are to Christians over there.


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