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EGYPT: 5,000 injured since unrest began, health minister says; protests continue


Around 5,000 people have been injured since the unrest in Egypt began, Egypt's health minister Ahmed Sameh Farid told the Al-Arabiya network Friday.

Tens of thousands joined the beaten and bandaged in Cairo's Tahrir Square on Friday, Islam's day of prayer, for a political rally dubbed Day of Departure.

CNN reported that tensions remained high as midday prayers came to a close and Egyptians prepared for more demonstrations.

They chanted, "He leaves, we don't leave," a reference to President Hosni Mubarak, and “The blood of the martyrs will not be forgotten."

A massive banner in the middle of the square said in English: “The people demand the removal of the regime," CNN reported.

Egyptian soldiers, equipped with riot gear, surrounded the square, where an air of optimism returned -- people played music, sang patriotic songs and danced. Exhausted protesters slept on sidewalks inside the square.

Pro- and anti-Mubarak supporters have clashed repeatedly in Tahrir Square, leaving at least eight people dead, according to CNN and wire reports.

On Friday, the United Nations high commissioner for human rights called for a "transparent and impartial" probe into the cause of the violent clashes.

Defenders of Mubarak were notably absent from the square Friday.

The demonstrators gave the man who has ruled Egypt for three decades until the end of the day to relinquish power.

In Alexandria, thousands made their way from the city's central mosque down the wide seaside Corniche in the 11th day of Egypt's uprising, CNN reported.

“This is a great revolution and the whole regime, the entire system needs to be changed. The revolution must continue until all objectives are met,“ the mosque's imam told the crowd.

Roughly 35,000 people took to the streets Friday in the city of Suez, a spokesman for opposition leader Ayman Nour told CNN.


U.N. human rights official calls for improved security

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Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says Egyptian uprising is an Islamic 'awakening'

-- Molly Hennessy-Fiske

Photo: A man receives medical treatment in an emergency clinic. He was detained by anti-government protesters in Cairo as a suspected infiltrator and roughed up during the scuffle. Credit: Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times

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Why don’t these Middle East pricks leave Egypt? From the beginning, Egypt is not their county. Like Algeria and Libya, Middle East savages took over the countries from the indigenous Black population. So, go back to the Middle East!

Please bring a true democracy to Egypt. Show the world what democracy is. Change your constitution. The democracy must come in both political system as well as in economic system. Do not let any private company CEO to control anything. Or at least do not let the money be controlled by private banks. Overthrow your central bank, which is a private bank. Central bank is the source of all political and economic problems.

In a true democracy there must have secret ballot every time any vote is taken. Not only people will vote using secret ballot, the members of parliament must also be able to use secret ballot whenever they vote on any decision made by the parliament.

This secret ballot mechanism is not there in USA in Washington DC, but you must implement it this time in Egypt. That gives the ultimate democracy. Without that secret ballot you will not be able to reform economic system – removal of central bank, and allow printing of money by government. This is a must. Remain vigilant after Mubarak goes.

God Bless the Hanna Family!!!!!!


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