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BAHRAIN: Videos show deadly police raid on protest camp


Video footage of Thursday morning's deadly police predawn crackdown on the Bahraini protest camp in the capital Manama and the aftermath of the raid have emerged on the Internet. Four people were reportedly killed and scores injured when riot police stormed the protest at about 3 a.m. Thursday.

With reported injuries even among doctors and nurses, there were widespread calls for the resignation of the minister of health.

Mohammed aL-Maskati, President of the Bahrain Youth Society For Human Rights, said in a statement a member of his organization witnessed what he called Wednesday night's "army shooting." His statement was accompanied by a series of graphic photos of a man purportedly killed in the police assault on the camp. The pictures showed the man's head cracked open as if shot with a large object at close range with blood streaming down over his face.

According to al-Maskati, Manama has been closed off and the army is currently patrolling the streets of the Bahraini capital. He said hospitals are asking people to donate blood for the injured, but volunteers cannot get close because roads are closed.

The amateur footage above and here below claim to show the police raid on the camp that anti-government activists had set up in central Manama's Pearl Square. They depict scenes of chaos with what appear to be crowds trying to flee ear gas fired by riot police. Loud pops and bangs are heard ringing out, and clouds of white smoke are seen billowing to the sky. A field of what appears to be police vehicles are  seen surrounding the area in the video above.


Below, a video from the Associated Press shows the aftermath of the break-up of the protest camp, with what appears to be tents and banners trampled to the ground on the square. A street nearby is filled with thick white smoke and occassional shots are heard.



Here, a video claims to show tanks rolling in to Manama following the clearing of the camp early Thursday. "Following the clearing of the protest at Lulu (Pearl) Roundabout, about 50 armored personnel carriers arrived at approx. 8.30 am," read a description of the video, posted on YouTube.


--Alexandra Sandels in Beirut

Video credit: YouTube. Third video from top: YouTube/Associated Press

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Perhaps the king of Bahrain would like to borrow a few of the american assasins that senior US politicians have been calling on the "take out" that dangerous Mr Julian Assange who has, after all, been leaking the dark secrets of the Gulf . This is no time for the US tostart standing up for freedom and democracy around the world. Christ! That would call for a major policy shift!

The Egypt-inspired protests began Monday as a cry for the country's Sunni monarchy to loosen its grip, including hand-picking most top government posts, and open more opportunities for the country's majority Shiites, who have long complained of being blocked from decision-making roles or key posts in the military.
The protest movement's next move is unclear, but the island nation has been rocked by street battles as recently as last summer.
. I'm really surprised that Obama is making such anti-democracy comments recently, and not being more openly supportive. The latest example is the TMZ clip that captured some off the cuff comments from Obama:

If he keeps this up, the United States will be looked down upon for not supporting freedom and equality in opportunity for all people. This is something that was supposed to be core to American values.


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