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IRAN: Now even newborns can join the pro-government Basiji militia

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Forget the Boy Scouts. As of Monday, newborns and children up to the age of 7 can sign up for the paramilitary Basiji organization, according to the Mehr news agency (Persian link).

Parents are invited to register their bouncing little baby boys and girls at the Basiji office in Tehran, where they can receive their membership cards.

The Basijis operate as additional police and security forces under the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, and were a key element in the violent crackdown on peaceful protests after Iran's disputed 2009 presidential elections.

The organization recently won approval from parliament to increase its membership to 30 million, of which 1.5 million should be "active" members.

 -- Ramin Mostaghim in Tehran and Meris Lutz in Beirut

Photo: Basiji forces display their might in an annual parade. Credit: Hamid Forootan / ISNA

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We have to remember as educated Americans that there is always to sides to a story. The coin will always have two heads and two tails. Why donxt we learn from this and enroll our children into the military at birth. You only live once why not make it for love of country and of military.

So what.
What our we to hate Iran. Stick with problem Israel/Gaza problem.

iran is building an elite fighting force from scratch,tailor made with only one thought,hate for the state of israel/u.s.a./the west/programed and brain wahed,to act and think that, their form of islam is the only way,soon people in iran will be prompted to have even more children and advise the state as soon as they become aware that a child may be on its way,thus it can near enough be a card holding member of radical islam before its born. being able to mould and craft any form, hate/killing machine in a much more frofiled way than smacks of the tactics used by two other leaders who thought that a child army was the way to go.
thank you.

Can I join too? Please? Cmon now just because Im the enemy dosent mean i cant be a basenji

watch out mothercare the basiji boys are on their way,sounds like the hitler youth but even younger,at least hitler waited until they could walk.
no disrespect intended to those who were under the german war machine at the time and who were disgusted by their leaders actions/orders.
thank you.

Um, Hello.... Why is no body calling ou this as CHILD ABUSE!

We all know Iran is the motherland of human rights abuses, but this just slaps child abuse on, as another characterizing quality of the venemous Islamic Regime.

Lets please look at the dichotemy-- in the west, mothers DO NOT WANT their sons going to the army. Yes, in most cultures it is a noble and brave thing to do, but the preference is always that there will be no need for an army, or at least no war to have to fight in. But a country that promotes the DRAFT OF CHILDREN UNBORN-7 years of age, is ensuring a culture of militarism, of aggression, and of constant saberrattling and war mongering.

disgusting. despicable. the exact reason there should be no nuclear iran... if it wasn't already clear


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