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EGYPT: Election coalition urges President Mubarak to dissolve parliament


Calling the recent legislative elections "a moral and a political catastrophe," the Independent Coalition for Elections Observation is urging President Hosni Mubarak to dissolve the new parliament.

The coalition of three Egyptian human rights organizations has questioned the constitutionality of the new parliament, especially after numerous violations and irregularities were reported and documented before and during the electoral process.

"The elections were full of widespread violations that brought Egypt at least 15 years back," the coalition said in a statement. "Transparency standards were overlooked at the largest scale. Rigging and forging the citizens’ will has become the 'law' regulating this election. This was further consolidated by the abolishment of judicial supervision which was replaced by a high commission, the majority of which is formed by the ruling party, with limited powers."

Egypt's Higher Administrative Court has similarly warned that the new parliament is in danger of losing its legitimacy as a result of the lawsuits filed by independent and opposition candidates.

The coalition was joined in its calls by the Muslim Brotherhood, which boycotted Sunday's second round of voting after claiming that violations led to them losing 61 parliamentary seats in the first round.

"All political groups in Egypt are waiting for a wise decision that only President Hosni Mubarak can take. Not only as a leader of the National Democratic Party but as president of the republic," Essam El Eryan, the Brotherhood's official spokesman said.

Final election results showed that the ruling NDP won 424 out of the parliament's 508 elective seats. The Brotherhood, which formed the largest opposition bloc in the outgoing parliament with 88 seats, went down to just one seat.

--Amro Hassan in Cairo

Photo: An Egyptian voting during the first round of parliamentary elections on Nov.28. Credit: Associated Press.

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In no doubt, God will never bless these countries with peace or prosperity, as long these arab governments and muslim extremists continue to curse, oppress and persecute innocent christians. To date, The Muslim Brotherhood has been behind numerous attacks on christians. To name a few;

Over 2 month's ago, 1,000 Muslim Extremists attacked 22 Coptic-owned homes and businesses with fireballs, gasoline and stones in the Upper Egyptian village of el-Nowahed, Abu-Tesht, in Qena Province. A Coptic Church in Nag Hammadi was attacked by Muslim Extremists that left 6 innocent youth killed, who were innocently celebrating Christmas Eve in January 2010. Believe it or not, , these criminals have not been sentenced yet, because they killed christian "infidels". Where is human rights? You tell me!

A month ago, the "Kind" Arab Police attacked a Church in Giza , threw bricks, verbally abused and opened fire on the christians with tear gas and bullets. 3 Christians were killed and scores of civilians injured. Further, the Church was destroyed; construction materials, seating decks and money from the Church Donation Boxes were stolen by the Police.100's of Christian Youth were detained, whether they were passing by or protesting against this injustice.

Evil will not prevail. God will surely avenge the Blood of the Innocent.

That's what I call a pipe dream.... It will never happen. Is the world so blind as to think the ruling party was not 100% responsible for this?
Hosni Mubarak is far from stupid, evil, vial and uncouth but not stupid. He will never give up his rule with out a fight. The US giving timid words of disagreement was a joke and the "pressure" the Independent Coalition for Elections Observation is putting on Egypt will do nothing as well. in fact it's almost comedic.
If no one steps in to stop it NOW then the Muslim Brotherhood will become more powerful and over throw the current regime once that happens there is no hope for Egypt and it will become the next terrorist nation. Mubarak is bad the brotherhood is worse.
I smell trouble brewing.....


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