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IRAN: Air pollution levels in capital prompt public holiday


Air pollution levels in the Iranian capital of Tehran have gotten so high that authorities declared Wednesday a public holiday.

All state-run organizations (and there are many in Iran), banks and universities were shuttered (link in Persian*) by order of the Emergency Committee for Tehran's Air Pollution.

Tehran's population has exploded from several million 30 years ago to about 12 million.

-- Los Angeles Times

Photo: A view of Iran's capital city of Tehran on Wednesday as air pollution in Tehran reached critical levels again, forcing the government to declare a public holiday. Credit: Abedin Taherkenareh / European Pressphoto Agency

*Mistakenly described as Arabic in previous version.

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"...banks and universities were shuttered (link in Arabic) by order of the Emergency Committee for Tehran's Air Pollution."

Seriously? In Arabic? They speak Farsi - let's try to differentiate between the two!


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