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CARNEGIE ENDOWMENT: Analysts welcomed by Babylon & Beyond

Today, analysts of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, including the Carnegie Middle East Center in Beirut, became contributors to Babylon & Beyond. Carnegie is renowned for its political, economic and social analysis of the Middle East, and will enhance Babylon & Beyond's eclectic mix of news, features and analysis.

Neither the Los Angeles Times nor Babylon & Beyond endorses the positions of the analysts, nor does Carnegie endorse the political positions of The Times or its blog. The Carnegie Endowment does not take institutional positions; the views represented are the author's own.

-- Bruce Wallace, foreign editor, Los Angeles Times


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Here is a accurate history and time line of Zionist infiltration of American society, including mass medias.

When does AIPAC get a free column? The Carnagie has become just a parking place for former Sate Dept. officials in the same way NASA is/was a parking place for engineers in ballistic missle research for the military or the CATO Instutitue is a parking place for discredited, politically incorrect and/or out of favor university instructors and conservatives in the same genere as Sup. Ct. 'Justice' Borke. How about give the Israeli think tanks a column? Instead of leaving them to resort to nothing but a column of tanks.

Interesting comments... so far none seem to see that the point of a think tank is to think. Thinking is a process, an ongoing process that yes might go wrong, but given time and positive influences might actually be very helpful. Why swat this away before we even see what it might have to offer? I look forward to seeing what the experts at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace have to say.

Check out the foundation on Wiki. one time President Alger Hiss 1946-1949. Booted Senior Associate Anatol Lieven for being critical of Israel U.S. relationship, 2006. Kind of strayed from their original cause "to eliminate war".

Marvelous, another private think tank to cross over from directing US government policies to directing US medias, can't wait to find out Timbuktu is hiding WMD so we can attack it :)

That's not good news. That organization is known for bias, particularly with regards to Iran.

But then LAT is agenda driven when it comes to Iran; we all know that.


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