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IRAN: State Department spokesman's birthday message for President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad


U.S. State Department spokesman PJ Crowley urged Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to celebrate his 55th birthday by releasing detained Americans Joshua Fattal and Shane Bauer and sending them home in a posting to the micro-blogging site Twitter.

"What a gift that would be," he wrote. 

Crowley also urged Ahmadinejad to open Iran to a "different relationship with the world." 

There has been no response so far from Tehran, but his comments probably won't be taken well by Iranians.

Crowley was the same guy earlier this month who admitted sanctions on Iran were hurting ordinary people and not just the government, and that the U.S. was pretty much alright with that.

"We believe sanctions are increasing," he told reporters. "In the private sector, company by company are refusing to do business with Iran. It is having an impact on the ground and it is contrary to the best interests of the Iranian people who definitely want to have a different kind of relationship with the rest of the world."

He added, "To the extent that we can, we are directing our efforts at entities that we think support the government and its policies. I don't think that we can deny that there are ripple effects and that there are impacts that go beyond that."

-- Los Angeles Times

Image: PJ Crowley's Twitter page. Credit: Twitter

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Sending a birthday card to a criminal dicatator is
disgusting and an insult to Iranain people who have
been raped, tortured and languishing in Evin prison
by thousands. What a nieve gesture !!, It is a shame.

Do you really think ahmadinejad is the king here to order such things? beleive me, He can't release the so called hikers by himself.

what a disgrace. Shame on the clueless, pro-regime US State Dept

Well obviously PJ Crowley is NOT a very smart man. This stupid comment shows how we want to deal with Iran and we only take and NOT give.

Mr. PJ Crowley get a life.

Good thinking... maybe I will wait until thanksgiving day in the US and twitter Crowley asking him to apologise for killing British troops in the 13 colonies.

It's time for PJ Crowley to place the interests of this administration and more importantly the United States above his own and resign. He is obviously dealing with matters beyond his aptitude and endangering the cause of our foreign policy thru his ineptitude. As a nation which has suffered too long under an incompetent bureaucracy, we the American people, can only hope that Mr. Crowley does the right thing and steps down...before it is too late.

If PJ Crowley is so naive to assume that Ahmadinejad has any power over the Judiciary in Iran, then he is not qualified to be the spokesman for the Department of State. If he does not understand the multi-pronged government in Iran, then he is not qualified to be the spokesman for the Department of State. If he entrusts Ahmadinejad and his partners in adhering to their words and promises, then he is not qualified to be the spokesman for the Department of State. If he ignores the atrocities committed by this regime, then he is not qualified to be the spokesman for the Department of State. We are lucky that Crowley was not the spokesman during the WWII, otherwise he would have sent a birthday message to Hitler, asking him nicely to please leave France and release the Jewish people. What a birthday gift would have that been?!!!!!

This is sad and pathetic. It is beneath our Department of State to act like teenagers and Tweet a brutal dictator on his Birthday. This is an insult to the people of Iran, who have been denied freedom, murdered and tortured by Ahmadinejad's regime. This is an insult to all freedom seekers all over the world.


Screw the government up like the Carter administration did with the only good thing Iran ever had (the Pahlavi dynasty) and get another revolution going again.
Maybe the Persians will come back to their wits and see what a bain to society Islam is when it's used to run a government.

Bis M'Allah Rah'Maneh Rahim! Now pardon me while I go take a shot of vodka and eat some pepperoni pizza.

Free the kidnapped hikers!


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