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IRAN: Man convicted of theft loses hand

Iran judiciary

An Iranian man convicted of theft had his hand chopped off in front of other prisoners in the Yazd province central prison, Iran's semi-official Mehr news agency reported Sunday.

The sentence was carried out against 32-year-old "M", whose full name was not revealed, after allegedly committing four robberies.

It is not clear whether this man is the same man dubbed the "chocolate thief" by some media outlets after he was sentenced to lose his hand for robbing a sweets shop. The punishment of hand amputation, while uncommon, is not unheard of, and has already been carried out at least once this year.

The sentence is usually given to repeat offenders. M's sentence was upheld by the state supreme court after the judiciary's amnesty committee rejected his appeal. News reports said the punishment was carried out in accordance with Iran's strict interpretation of Islamic law.

-- Meris Lutz in Beirut

Photo: Court flag of the Iranian judiciary. Credit: ISNA

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How is he supposed to make a living now? They should have amputated half his brain, instead. Then, he could still get a job as president of Iran.

The U.S. has an 80% recidivism rate. That means, repeat offenders. Were the U.S. Law to allow for such measures to be taken as well, I doubt the rate would be so high... not to mention we have 715 prisoners per 100k people... that is just ridiculous to support so many through public funding. Should we as Americans be 'coddling' these convicted repeat offenders? If we chop off a hand or two, what trouble could they get into then? Disabled, yes, but repeat criminal, unlikely.

And while so many of these commentators claim that the Christian America believes in life over punishment, why is abortion still legal? Why is the death penalty still acceptable? I see hypocrisy.

This man is convicted of repeat crimes, and people only "assume" he was hungry... This is NOT Disney's Alladin. The man likely stole money, not food. His hand was removed in front of other prisoners, to ensure the message is understood that recidivism will not be tolerated. What I don't understand from the article is how the man 'allegedly' committed a crime if he was already convicted... bad author, bad *chop finger*

Am I for this type of punishment? Not necessarily. But I understand that their culture is very different, and no one outside of it can condemn them. Let he without sin cast the first stone.

How will this man work in the future? He is disabled life long.

This type of cruel punishment is a prime example of why Iran is 100 yrs behind the west. I just don't understand it. They claim to live by the codes of their religion, but for what? It seems to me that they are constantly writhing in agony and turmoil from birth to death. The majority of the population live in fear and poverty. This is what being a devout muslim earns you? When you cut off a man's hand for stealing, probably out of hunger no less, you do nothing for your society. Now this man has only one hand. How the hell is he supposed to earn a living now? Bet he steals again too, since the government took half of his ability to provide for himself.......

Let me explain; Western law is about presenting the reoccurance of the crime by indirect action reforming the criminal. He gets jail time and his record 'marked' for future reference and possibly longer jail time upon remission.
Sharia law is about preventing the crime from happening again by direct action to prevent is reoccurance to protect the public 'peace' by cutting off the offending limb.
While this seems obvious, it reflects a major difference in mind set between the Judeo-Christian and Muslim heritages. Big difference in how the individual is valued. 'Submission' to the social contract is viewed differently; for Muslims submission is paramount even to the point of destroying G-d's greatest gift; life, because it threatens the social structure. Whereas in the West we put G-d's gift of life first, and man's contract only secondarily. This is represented as the struggle between Israel and Ishmael, Jews and Arabs, West and East and not just in the Bibical text versus the Koranic telling of the sacrifice of Abraham. This news article embodies the differences in values and thinking.

Brutal society, but I'm sure they find comfort in justification of such brutality in their religion.

The same justification is in Christianity, so I'm not bashing Muslims, I'm bashing religion.

just imagine if this was done to those whom caused caused this economic meltdown.
Go back as far as Enron. if this was to those thieves, do you think we would have this going on in our economy.
I hope you guys watched minutes "Unemployment and the "99ers", then you would understand why this should be done in the states

well, it cant be all bad, at least he wont ripe off people anymore... ill bet their crime rate is lower....

As more and more of this happens the revolt will grow. And yet people in this country complain about christianity.

I hope they would do that in Mexico,

Islam means peace so this was a peaceful punishment under Islamic law. No need to get worked up over a hand.

Khamenehee and Ahmadinejad and other rulers that they are main robbers of Iran's people possessions should lose their hands not a poor hungry man.

THIS is what you sanction Iran over.

Not a phantom, non-existent "nuclear weapons program", which only exists in the minds of Israeli propagandists, who want a war waged against Iran because of Iran's funding of Hamas and Hizbollah

Day after day this backward government moves even further from today's time.
It is absolutely crucial for IRANIANS to get rid of a bunch of butchers who has hijacked 1979 revolution and has called themselves Islamic Republic of (ANTI) Iran.
Theives,Thogs,and Murderers are what makes the whole structure of this government.
I do not know even is right to call this mob organization A GOVERNMENT.
I hope this mob organization collapses with a great movement explotions as soon as possible.
I can not wait to see that day.

Absolutely ridiculous. This is what Islam does. Don't appease these governments.

OH My god.


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