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WEST BANK: Israeli soldiers kill Hamas militant

Iyad Shilbayeh, 38, was asleep at his home in Nur Shams refugee camp in the northern West Bank city of Tulkarm Friday when he was awaken at the sound of heavy bounding at his front door.

“Who is there?” he shouted three times before he was quickly silenced by three bullets to the neck and chest.

According to Iyad’s brother, Muhammad, about 30 Israeli soldiers first came to his house in the camp at 2:30 in the morning local time. After questioning him for about 30 minutes, the soldiers ordered Muhammad to take them to Iyad’s house some 150 feet away.

“When we got to Iyad’s house, the soldiers ordered me to face the wall and keep quiet,” Muhammad said. The soldiers used a sledge hammer to knock down the front door to Iyad’s house.

“I heard Iyad yelling from inside three times ‘Who is there?’ Then I heard three shots and could not hear Iyad’s voice anymore. I called out Iyad’s name but the soldiers ordered me to be quiet,” he said.

Five minutes later, the soldiers appeared carrying Iyad’s body and took him away.

An Israeli army spokeswoman said the soldiers went into the house to arrest Iyad, who was a senior Hamas militant. The soldiers shot and killed Iyad when he refused to freeze as demanded by the soldiers who had feared that he was armed, she said. The soldiers also arrested 10 other Palestinian residents of the camp before leaving the area.

Muhammad said he did not hear the soldiers calling on his brother to surrender. All he heard was his brother yelling who was there and then the sound of the three bullets. He called the rest of his brothers who live in the camp and in Tulkarm. They all rushed to the scene to see what happened.

“When we went inside the house, we saw blood on the bed and on the floor by the bed as well as three empty shells, which mean Iyad was shot near the bed and not while trying to attack the soldiers,” said Mu’tasem, another brother. “The empty shells near the bed show also that Iyad was shot at close range.”

An hour after the incident, the soldiers turned over Shilbayeh’s body to the humanitarian group Red Crescent, which in turn took it to Tulkarm hospital. The body was later buried in the refugee camp.

Israel arrested Shilbayeh in 2004 for being a member of Hamas, a militant Islamist movement that controls the Gaza Strip. He was released two years later after serving his term. Since then, according to Mu’tasem, his brother had started a business in the refugee camp and had not had any political activity. Shilbayeh was married but had no children. His wife was at her family’s house when the soldiers raided their home and killed Shilbayeh.

“We do not know why they killed him” he said. “He was not wanted by anyone and had kept away from politics since he was released from prison.”

Since Hamas' military wing, Izzidin al-Qassam Brigades, took responsibility for the killing of four Israelis in the West Bank on July 31 with the start of Palestinian-Israeli negotiations and shot at another Israeli car a day later also in the West Bank wounding two others, it was expected that Israel would pursue with force Hamas activists in the West Bank.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestinian Authority, which controls the West Bank, had also arrested hundreds of Hamas activists after the killing of the four Israelis, accusing Hamas of trying to undermine relative calm in the West Bank. Hamas nevertheless vowed to continue what it called resistance against the Israeli occupation forces and settlers in the West Bank.

Israel stepped up security measures in the West Bank as peace negotiations resumed at full force in Sharm el-Sheik, Egypt, and Jerusalem this week in the presence of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. The Palestinian Authority and Israel expect Hamas to carry out more armed attacks in the West Bank with a goal to disrupt the negotiations.

However, Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, who is eager to see calm prevail in the West Bank, quickly condemned the killing of Shilbayeh describing it as “a dangerous escalation which further weakens an already shaky political process.” He said this incident and Israeli army operations in the West Bank “endanger international efforts to bring progress to the political process.”

-- Maher Abukhater in Ramallah, West Bank

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Hey barry, you're Israeli and good for you, and as a American I don't want to pay for your paranoid nightmares with our tax money, I'm sure you can understand about finances in monetary or political terms, why don't you go back to Iranians to finance a turd wall since they already dished out for a second one!

any evidence you have you are welcome to provide to international justice bodies to be taken care of (assuming you have no trust in the Israeli Justice systems).
just talk and use words is throwing dirt. As an Israeli it is quite obvious to me that our enemies use every propaganda to blacken Israel world wide.
Just for the sake of curiosity so many years "severe war crimes have been committed" by Israel and not even one international tribunal ?! ! !

Whatever Toren, there are trail of evidences since creation of Israel which point to cruelty and monstrous mind set of IDF and fanatic settlers in occupied territories, UN Goldstone commission have said IDF committed war crimes in Gaza, truth is hard to digest some times and don't blame me for bringing them to your attention since you're the one who initiated this political discussion with me and now you're claiming to be a shrink too!

Hamas is a dangerous enemy !
Hamas leaders hands are dumped with Israeli blood every where.
Hamas's agenda to destroy Israel is top on their web site .
Israel will get Hamas leaders and those murderers will never sleep one night peacefully.

Joe, that video is from 1988 and the soldiers who were responsible went to jail for it. The case was widely reported at the time and not a few soldiers were jailed for similar acts. In short, it was not an " official" policy but an abberation from official policy. A general was even forced from the army on something similar that happened in his division.

BTW, I doubt that you would pass any smell test yourself. Even over the internet you stink of hatred and lies.

Your version doesn't jive. And it doesn't pass the smell test.
Israel does whatever it wants to the Palestinians, only EU protests this behavior. But EU doesn't subsidized them so they pay no attention. But the world is watching!

Hey Torren tell me which other army do have a broken bones policy, checkout this video of IDF breaking Palestinian children bones with rocks!

more like off from hell.. he goes.
That's the big curse that their god...put on unfortunate Israel. Never to be happy or content. Could the Jews have the mark of Cain?

Can it Joe! Children suffer in all military conflicts so perhaps the Moslems should think that over before shooting rockets at Israel. BTW, look up children killed in Iraq and you would also get scores of pictures. There the Sunnis murder the Shiites and visa versa. Or, of course, it is US or UN forces doing the killing> Same was true for Bosnia and Serbia.

That children suffer is a sorry fact. If the Moslems fire from civilain areas then the casualties are their fault.

this cycle could be ended by both sided and only by them

"Hamas vowed to avenge the death of Iyad Abu Shilbaya, 37, who the terrorist group said was a local leader of its armed wing in Tulkarm.

“The blood of our martyr will be a curse,” said Abu Obeida, a spokesman for Izzadin Kassam, Hamas’s armed wing. He blamed both Israel and the Palestinian Authority for the killing.

The IDF said that soldiers had been sent into Tulkarm to arrest Shilbaya, who ignored calls to halt and started running toward the troops. They feared he was armed, and opened fire"

And so, what is the truth? The problem is that Maher Abukhater in Ramallah never tries to bring balance into his "reporting" and the LA Times doesn't bother to give any other reference point.

The main discrepency in the two stories is Iyad Shilbayeh's involvement with a terror organization dedicated to murdering civilians. If Shilbayeh was involved in plans to murder civilians, it doesn't seem to bother Fayad.

BTW I suppose Jesus is really proud of all the CHristian nations that for the last 2000 years have murdered millions, have brought suffering and slavery to millions more and have yet to learn the modesty neccessary to atone thier sins.

The writer of this account is a Palestinian. Might his account be biased? Why are there no accounts by Israeli journalists?

"IDF soldiers shot and killed a senior Hamas commander in the West Bank on Friday as the military clamped a closure on the territories for the duration of Yom Kippur.

Hamas vowed to avenge the death of Iyad Abu Shilbaya, 37, who the terrorist group said was a local leader of its armed wing in Tulkarm.

“The blood of our martyr will be a curse,” said Abu Obeida, a spokesman for Izzadin Kassam, Hamas’s armed wing. He blamed both Israel and the Palestinian Authority for the killing.

The IDF said that soldiers had been sent into Tulkarm to arrest Shilbaya, who ignored calls to halt and started running toward the troops. They feared he was armed, and opened fire.

The IDF said that Shilbaya was wanted for recent terrorist activity. A Hamas statement said he had served several stints in Israeli and PA jails. He was responsible for leading several attacks against Israel, the statement added.

Still, some 3,000 Hamas loyalists gathered to march at Shilbaya’s funeral in what was described as the largest – and boldest – gathering of Hamas supporters in the West Bank in three years.

The IDF lifted the closure imposed on the West Bank at midnight on Saturday.

Police were on alert in the Jerusalem area throughout Yom Kippur, stopping traffic from east to west Jerusalem to prevent terrorist attacks."

This is the first report I've read where this poor fellow was sleeping and then got shot dead through his shut door. The other reports, incidentally, described a raid that netted 12 other terrorists (note, not "militants") and that this guy got shot while aggressively attacking the IDF.

Now, this isn't a drunk Guatamelan in Westlake, mind you, carrying a knife. This is a man who has made a living killing Jews for living in Israel.

Seriously, can anybody write for you guys?

So basically they murdered a guy for no reason in cold blood.. and everyone here is happy.

Wow Jesus would be proud.

And so the cycle continues.

One death yesterday; One more today; another tomorrow. And tomorrow. And tomorrow.
'What, will the line stretch out to the crack of doom?'

It probably will if nothing is done about it. But what exactly can be done?

One way might be to hold a loaded pistol at the head of each and every Israeli and Palestinian in the land, accompanied by this constant intonation. "Choose your next move carefully, my friend; it may very well prove to be your last."

A somewhat impractical suggestion, of course, but one not entirely devoid of all possibility.

Our options where this matter is concerned are limited. Either we can complain about the situation and continue to decry all those negative aspects associated with it, of which there are more than many.
Or we can do something that rectifies it or stabilises it sufficiently to draw down some form of resolution and redress.
Or we can do both.

What we cannot do is nothing. And whatever we do, it has to be effective and soon. Otherwise the cycle continues to perpetuate itself, eventually becoming so complete, so strong that all our attempts to break out must surely come to nought. Then only the 'zero' option would remain, an admission of our inability to prevail over circumstances very much of our own making. In short, a council of despair that diminishes us and confirms how poor has been our performance in this dark period of human history.

If that really is the best we can do, if we fail to exorcise our demons, then this legacy, in its passage through so many generations, must come to haunt our children as much as it has haunted us.

Another Islamic Terrorist dead. How many more are there that are terrorist against Israel?

to bad it doesn't help a already volatile situation

Sorry Joe...killing an Islamic TERRORIST is NOT a "barbaric tactic".

President Clinton designated Hamas as an Islamic terrorist group way back in 1997 & they have done NOTHING to change that designation in the minds of any president since then, including the Muslim-outreaching President Obama.

Go to youtube some time & type in "Hamas children's videos" & you will see a mind-numbing, heart-rending display of cartoons & "kiddie shows" teaching INNOCENT young Palestinian children to hate & KILL Jews, as well as singing about the "glories of martyrdom for Palestine & Islam".

That is not only's hardcore kiddie-porn.

Typical IDF barbaric tactic, kill the adversary in cold blood instead of winning the hearts and minds, no wonder there are no single entity in that neighborhood with a soft spot for Israel!

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