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SAUDI ARABIA: Human rights group urges authorities to flog crime suspect instead of imposing spinal cord punishment

You know a country's human rights situation is bad when even Amnesty International is urging that a guy be methodically whipped or caned on his back as a compromise to avoid an even harsher sentence.

Human rights monitors have grown alarmed over the case of a Saudi man who might have his spinal cord severed as punishment for badly injuring another guy during a fight a few years ago.

Amnesty International has urged Saudi Arabian authorities not to deliberately paralyze the man as a form of retribution for injuries he allegedly caused with a cleaver during a fight.

"We urge the Saudi Arabian authorities not to carry out such a punishment, which amounts to nothing less than torture," Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui, acting director of Amnesty's Middle East and North Africa Program, said in a statement. "While those guilty of a crime should be held accountable, intentionally paralyzing a man in this way would constitute torture, and be a breach of its international human rights obligations."

According to Amnesty International, a court in the northwestern Saudi Arabian town of Tabuk had asked hospitals whether they could mutilate the man's spinal cord as requested by his alleged victim. One hospital apparently said it could create the injury.

Amnesty said the court could decide not to impose the punishment and instead sentence the suspect to jail, hand him a stiff a fine or at the very worst, systematically whip or cane him on the back.

Basically, Amnesty, among the world's leading human rights groups, is advocating one form of torture in place of an even more horrific punishment.

The man's name has not been publicized. He was originally sentenced to seven months in prison. Amnesty says he was tried without a lawyer.

-- Los Angeles Times


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the action of the Saudi Government to paralyze a man intentionally is nothing less than disgusting torture on the part of a responsible government , which in turn should be rehabilitating its criminals and turn them into better citizens.The truth is that Saudi Arabia has become a mad house of religious fanatics and the rulers and the hardliners are blind and deaf to the civilized world around them.

@bm sharef: "Besides this, Jews have made up their own laws which consider gentiles (non-Jews) to be like dogs and permit stealing and other crimes against them."

Oh no, you didn't. Throwing out a lie about the Jews in order to paint a moralistic front.

There is a reason why Israel exists, dude. And it's not a conspiracy. Unless logic and reality are Zionist tools to keep you down. Personally, your sick mind is your own creation. I have nothing to do with it.

To steve turner:

You have no more right to tell me to go back to Saudi Arabia because, first, I am not Saudi and, second Icould tell you to go back to Europe or wherever yuo or your forefathers came from. Remember that America is Indian land and only they can say to immigrants 'Go back home'.

Furthermore, strange you mention torture and forget Guantanamo Bay Camp X-Ray, Abu Guraib, the CIA torture centers outside the U.S. and water boarding! These are just some of what has come to light.

When oil runs out, then your ware planes will be grounded and thousands of civilians in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq Palestine and elsewhere will be saved!.

There are other ways to punish. This is not the 7th century. Perhaps paying someone who you have done irepairable harm to. Say, a percentage of your annual salary. How about making him take care of certain chores and errands for the person. A sort of slave but not under his direct control. Have court ordered tasks to be performed on his behalf. Paralyzing him only means you now have two people to care for.

Dear Father. If you are trying to say something about child support or alimony please be specific so we can understand. I myself am a father who dreads the day of my divorce. My wife thinks of a divorce settlement as punishment and hits me over the head with it every time we have an arguement. We should have the state monitor child payments to make sure the money is spent solely on the kids needs and not for the ex-wifes comfort. Then maybe more men would be willing to fork over the money.

Dear Mr Sharef. We don't care about the Quran or any of your backward stands. This is just plain stupid. Don't throw your religion out there to try to justify this stuff. And soon oil will run out or the world will move away from oil and you can go pound the sand you love so much. Maybe you should go back to Saudi Arabia because you don't fit in to our Christian society where people are not tortured because they make a mistake. Remember here we have a right to speak anything we want including against Saudi Arabia or the Quran. Deal with it.

In USA thousands of fathers are tried without lawyers, tortured, prohibited from seeing their children, jailed without term, killed in jail, insulted and abused in courts, and denied any rights to retribute to their torturers. Why don't Amnesty International watch over US? Or US is just too big, so Amnesty on payroll of US government goes after the countries targeted by the US.

1. I reiterate, in Islaam, God (Allaah Almighty) is The Sovereign and only Legislator and nothing human can be equal to His infinite Wisdom and Justice. Saudi Arabia’s constitution and laws are drawn from Al-Qur’aan, Allaah’s Final Revelation and Guidance to mankind which supercedes all Revelations before it including the Torah and the Gospel. The U.S. government and Congress have no right to meddle in internal and religious Saudi affairs.
2. You ungrateful meat heads keep on attacking Saudi Arabia on every occasion and forget that if not for Saudi Arabia the U.S. would have been down and under by now! Saudi Arabia keeps enriching American oil companies! Saudi Arabia’s monetary deposits sit in American banks helping move the U.S. economy. Saudi Arabia keeps oil production levels high to keep oil prices low for the benefit of the West! Saudi Arabia spends much of its oil revenue buying American and Western products, supplies and services! Saudi Arabia lends money to the U.S. in times of financial crisis such as the current economic downturn! The Saudis allowed NATO forces to be deployed on their land and paid for the first Gulf War against Iraq ($40 Billion), as well as supported the second war against their brothers and sisters in Iraq! Saudi Arabia is always in the fore-front serving American and Western interests against their brethren in the Arab and Muslim Worlds. Maybe it is time that Saudi Arabia and other Arab Gulf states turned to other countries such as China instead of an ally that insists to be an enemy of Islaam.
3. 2 This lying ignorant individual claims that the laws of the Torah were never applied, how do you know? Did you witness the times of prophets Moses, Soleiman and David? They could not have ignored God’s laws revealed to them to live by! All prophets and messengers applied and lived by the laws given to them by Allaah Almighty including Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad. Besides this, Jews have made up their own laws which consider gentiles (non-Jews) to be like dogs and permit stealing and other crimes against them. Also, the Bible is full of fabricated gruesome commands by God to descend on villages and kill every man, woman and child and to destroy crops and animals! The True God, Allaah The Merciful never commands such crimes. This is great blasphemy against God.
4. The barbaric savagery is the massacres, war crimes and ethnic cleansing executed by the brutal Zionist criminals in Palestine since 1948, including the latest slaughter in Gazzah followed by the ongoing inhumane blockade which is slowly killing 1.5 million people.

The victim who has been assaulted and handicapped for life has a right to justice in accordance with the Biblical and Qur’anic law of ‘An Eye for an Eye and a Tooth for a Tooth’. Western countries have their own man-made constitutions, laws and judicial systems which Muslims do not interfere with, though we should. In Islaam, the burden of proof lies with the accuser while in the West it is the opposite! Western societies, media and courts sympathize more with the assailant than the victim because the crime of the assailant was not publicized as his trial is!

In Islaam, God (Allaah Almighty) is The Sovereign and only Legislator and nothing human can be equal to His Wisdom and Justice. Saudi Arabia’s constitution and laws are drawn from Al-Qur’aan, Allaah’s Final Revelation and Guidance to mankind which supercedes the Torah and the Gospel.

Amnesty International is a Western tool used for political blackmail of Muslim and Third World countries. Western ‘human rights’ groups are hypocritical and blind to the human rights abuses and crimes against humanity committed by Western countries around the Globe!.

Western ‘human rights’ groups ought to clean up the human rights record in the West before addressing the rest of the world! Examples include:

1. Guantanamo’s concentration Camp X-Ray, where kidnapped Muslims from around the world are stripped of their most basic rights and caged like animals without due process, is one of the worst human rights abuses in modern history.

2. The constant and daily human rights violations of Muslim citizens in the U.S., Europe, Australia and Canada, demonization Islaam, harassment and attacks against Muslims, and inciting the public against Muslims, by government officials and the media.

3. Conspiracies against Muslims, by planting informants among them to lead them on and trap them into concenting to fabricated ‘terrorist’ plots! Unwarranted arrests, detention, profiling of innocent Muslims at airports and placing them no fly lists.

4. Worldwide witch hunt for Muslim activists who are active in propagating and defending Islaam, or perceived to be anti-Western!

5. Closing down of legitimate Islamic charities in the U.S. and worldwide under the fabricated pretext of the ‘war on terrorism’, to create a vacuum for Christian charities to continue to thrive and to spread Christianity in Africa and Asia.

Should this punishment be carried out, every physician and others working in the hospital carrying out the punishment must be barred for life from ever entering or working in the United States. The physicians' names, when revealed, must be published prominently in the LA Times.

i guess i am the only one to feel that this is a good idea.

this kink of crap is also condoned in the bible. When will the world look at the calendar and stop following books from a time of ignorance on so many subjects. When will we ever learn?

The guy is lucky he didn't do such a thing to an American. We would've bombed him, his family and his city killing thousands and calling it collateral damage. Because we are civilized.

ewwww.... " hand him a stiff a fine", that'll keep a chopping on a guy with a meat cleaver next time he thinks of it. Yes, I'm being sarcastic.

Take this from a man whose wife was beaten by a man with a bat, for no other reason that he was a black man who hated white people. He walked up to her car and swung the bat through the open window while she sat at a traffic light. Oh sure, he was told that he had to pay his victim for medical expenses, but you are all naive to think that a majority of victims ever see a penny of that restitution. So, for his crimes, he received essentially no penalty.
Before you make yourself judge and jury, put yourself in a similar situation and I wonder if you would be quick to let him walk. If it were your wife, husband or child being butchered with a cleaver, I do believe you would think differently.

This criminal knows the penalties in his country. In fact, criminals know the laws even better, because then they can find ways around the law. That being said, he made his bed so he can sleep in it.

I do believe that lex talionis works in this case as it provides equitable retribution for the offended party. I would also bet this will make other men think about the penalty before they decide to run their neighbor through with a cleaver when they get into an argument.

You lame, tear-jerk, socialist/liberal/commie, PC ninnies will NEVER get it through your pointy little heads;
CRIME CONTINUES AND ESCALLATES BECAUSE CRIMINALS NEVER GET THE 'MESSAGE' EITHER! Until "the punishment fits the crime" the criminal will ALWAYS have/take the advantage that society, wallowing in all it's weak, limp-wristed wisdom and dysfunctional intellect, typically REWARDS the criminals behavior with laughable sentences, which "You lame, tear-jerk, socialist/liberal/commie, PC ninnies" finance (and unfortunately too, the victims, their families and other public as well) for comforts which many people cannot afford, including TV, medical care, dental care, etc. THEY LEARN NOTHING BUT CRIME (YOU DOPES) PAYS!
Your lame, tear-jerk, socialist/liberal/commie, PC ninny world is a completely insane world!
Meanwhile the poor guy that got his spine hacked is paralyzed for the rest of his life in some country that more likely has little resources to offer him and you scumbags whine for and cheer on the criminal who is responsible. You are ALL indeed a very sick, warped and twisted people. You're no better than that criminal for aiding and abetting his cause for mercy.
Let the punishment fit the crime… then and only then will society MAYBE realize a more polite, respectful world!

Wow, such a sadistic justice system yet Americans continue to support it every time they fill up their gas guzzling SUV, crossover or pickup.

Guess people have their priorities

More evidence that that part of the world is insane---backward. I wish our country could get totally disentangled from these psychotics.

These Wahabi Muslims boast that they are one of the "Abrahamic" faiths. Maybe they should read a little history. Although the Hebrew Bible sternly wrote "an eye for an eye..." this was NEVER, in ancient Israelite history nor in modern Diaspora history, ever carried out. It was ALWAYS understood that compensation would be made in cash or in kind. Jews and all Americans should be properly horrified at such barbaric savagery in the name of the Wahabi interpretation of Islam. But no matter how much pressure we put on the President and on our Congressional representatives, alas, the bottom line with the Saudis is "shaaah don't upset them! keep the oil flowing at stable prices."

And these are our ALLIES in the region.

Amnesty International needs to rethink it's entire purpose if it's asking a country to whip rather than maim a criminal. Shouldn't they be advocating traditional jail time or probation?

And sadly, because of its thirst for oil, the US will say nothing.

I'm not naive, but this is just too shocking to process.

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