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ISRAEL: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responds to recent attacks

A rocket fired from Gaza on the Israeli city of Ashkelon, rockets fired from Sinai on Aqaba and Eilat, the Slipperyslope  Lebanese army opening fire on members of the Israeli Defense Forces along the border. The chain of seemingly unrelated recent trouble demonstrates the physics principle of connected vessels and how it applies to the Middle East. Efforts to resume direct Israeli talks with the Palestinians, the special tribunal for Lebanon and Iran's omnipresent nuclear program are bubbling away in the neighborhood cauldron that can spill in various directions when it boils over.

For the present, it suits most to contain things at a low simmer. Gaza and Lebanon are still smarting from previous wars with Israel, which hasn't entirely recovered publicly or diplomatically from the military misadventures either. Jordan and Egypt, Israel's neighbors in peace, need discreet industrial calm, each for their own reasons, and Israel too needs to conserve its energy for challenges around the corner, like the nearing end of the settlement freeze, which might entail a change in the ruling coalition. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak, are testifying next week before the Turkel commission investigating the events surrounding Israel's May 31 attack on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla.

Recent events serve as a reminder of the area's fragile arrangements and porous borders, and the fine line separating small snafus from big summer snarls. All around, it seems a time for choosing battles.

Don't test our resolve, Netanyahu warned Wednesday evening, responding to the different incidents. In recent days, "we've witnessed three criminal attacks against Israel," he said. "I want to make clear to Hamas and to the Lebanese government, whom we hold responsible for the violent provocation against our soldiers: Do not test our resolve to defend Israel's citizens and soldiers."

Netanyahu stressed that the IDF soldiers operating along the northern border were operating within Israeli territory. Separately, U.S. State Department spokesman Philip Crowley said that members of the Lebanese Armed Forces opening fire was "wholly unjustified and unwarranted." Israel has issues with the American military aid to Lebanon, and Israeli defense officials said already a year ago that they were "not happy" with the extensive support, which they feared could fall into the hands of Hezbollah. Israel would like to believe the incident was an isolated, one-time eruption, but will likely become more wary of the LAF and its affiliations.

As for the rockets fired at Eilat and Aqaba, Netanyahu said that an investigation of the assault this and a similar incident in April, when "supposedly anonymous" elements fired rockets, finds "without doubt" that Hamas' military branch was behind both attacks. Using the territory of a third, peace-seeking country to launch missiles at Israel will not help Hamas escape responsibility, Netanyahu said, stating that Israel regards gravely the attack on its citizens as well as the attempt to harm its relations with Egypt and Jordan.

"Israel will reach whoever fires on its citizens and strike with force, regardless of where they fired from," the prime minister said in a statement in Hebrew Wednesday evening. Separately, in English, he called on the international community to condemn the attacks and support Israel's right to defend itself "against those who attack the innocent and seek to destroy peace."

-- Batsheva Sobelman in Jerusalem.

Above: Danger, downward slope. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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The Lebanon incident reminds me of the Flotilla from Turkey that came under fire by the Zionists in the international waters and killed a dozen unarmed people. But the difference is that this time the people on the other side were ready and armed and defended themselves.

So, the Zionists don't like it when the other side shots back!! How does it feel?

As long as the Palestinian lands are occupied and 5 million Palestinians that are deported from their homes and farms reside over seas aways from their home land, there would not be peace for the Zionists who occupy it. If this atrocities and ethenic cleansing was done to any of us as we did to the American Indians, we would be fighting back just as hard. I know I would.

So, what goes around will come around.

To Dean Blake...............

You may not be aware that the Israeli "hero" of the Six Day War, Moshe Dayan, years later stated in an interview that Israel itself provoked the surrounding Arab countries into the conflict(this because it was an integral tactic in the strategy to enhance its influence and possible even to aggrandize its territorial ambitions).

Here is the Israeli line-up: pitchers:
1. diaspora 1B NY Times
2. polgrom 2B Washington Post
3. holocaust 3B Chicago Tribune
4. Zionism DH LA Times
5. Netanyahu RF Jerusalem Post
6. Dershowitz CF New York Post
7. Christian Zionists LF London Times
8. ADL SS Wall Street Journal
9. Peres C Miami Herald
10. Goldman Sachs DR Boston Herald

Virtually all sources have suggested that Israel's military and right-wing have been itching for another war with Lebanon, Hezbollah, and Syria since the last one. Israel might desire some type of peace, but only through occupation, blockade, apartheid, military force, repression, and domination.

Wow Netanyahu claiming he will attack "those who seek to destroy peace". That's a funny one. So I wonder when Netanyahu will decide to make peace since he a such a peace-loving kind of guy.

StarWar2012 - "you are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts" as Rep. Barney Frank would say, and you are making up facts. The 'Palestinians' are recent immigrees to the area from Syria and Egypt, this is confirmed by the UN census data. These Arabs have not lived West of the Jordan River for centuries, that's an Arab myth. And not many have land titles. This is not an Oklahoma land rush as the Arabs would have people believe, UNR 181 respects what little land they have title to, and the rest was state owned Ottoman Empire lands allocated to the Jews. The Jewish resettlements are not unlawful by any streatch of the law or imagination.
The barrier is 18" of concerete to stop Arab sniper fire, and the chain link and barbed wire is there to stop suicide bombers.
Israeli is not warmongering; the Arabs started seven wars and Israel has been fighting and winning a 63 year war of independance from Moslem domination, a war the Lebanese Xtians lost to the Moslems.
You are trying to insinuate that Jews are baby killers in your 5th paragraph, and that's typical anti-semitic name calling. Jews do not stamp religion on their children's heads, they are circumcized and educated to a Jewish life.
You are naive to think that the Moslem religious hatred of Jews is secondary to a class struggle which is a projection of your own small mind.
I agree that thre is a class struggle, but the disparity and covetousness of Moslems who want the quality of life some Jews have built in Israel without doing the work to get there. They've been living off of oil money for decades. The gross industrial production of ALL the Islamic nations combined is less than half of that of tiny Finland! The kings, sheiks, tyrants, oligarcs and dictators of the Arab nations only know how to preserve their position and status by distracting the masses with the Jewish 'boogey man' but they do'nt know how to start a business or run a nation.

Israel has ironically set up Iran, who was the Arab world's age-old enemy, to become the savior of the Arab people. Countries like Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon, who used to fear Iranian armament for their own reasons, are now starting to view a nuclear Iran as an acceptable counter-balance to Israeli power. It's also strange in the sense that prior to the Islamic Revolution, Iran was Israel's natural ally in the region (and of course, there's the historical context as well, i.e. Cyrus the Great freeing the Jews from Babylonian enslavement). How times change. In essence, Iran has put Israel into a no-win situation. By attacking Arab countries, it will only push them closer to Iran. By holding back, it will only put Israeli citizens in danger. Damned if they do, damned if they don't... which has pretty much been Israel's predicament since 1947.

Star War: You seem to forget that Jews in Palestine were known as Palestinians, and that the Palestinians living on this land for thousands of years included Jews. You also seem to forget that for thousands of years, Palestine included Jordan and even parts of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. I'm guessing you have also forgotten that most of these state lines were drawn after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.

Joe: The only pisher I see is you. Whining and complaining about Israel protecting itself from missiles and the LAF shooting at Israelis in Israel. What a joke you are.

Naturally for Bibi, he's inviting every one for a pissing match, how typical!

To John McLeod, this is why it is necessary for non-nuclear nations to arm themselves, so that you would think twice, uhh....make that 10 times before you take pre-emptive measures to attack.

Let's not forget that Israel is a land on which Palestinians were living for thousands of years, and to say it is the rightful land of Jews know what.
The land belongs to those who have been living there for centuries, and all Israel has to do is live in peace, but instead it has built walls and barriers around it.

I understand the predicament of the Palestinians and the fear gripping the Israeli's, however, if the war mongering Israeli's can declare Palestine and independent state and not make illegal settlements, then perhaps the suffering and the wars will stop.

So responding to your threat of invading all these weaker countries, that is all you are good at, and you do not realize that you will be responsible for the death of millions of babies and children, who do not have religion stamped on their head.

This so called racial and religious divide is your, and your thinking alone in a world you come from that is ruled by the elite who want you to think in a certain way and promote the regional wars.

So you will not understand. Thank you.

to john mc leod
good idea but,weapons mean big money,n/power used to be the ultimate
threat one, that nobody was ever going to use,because if you used yours then,not only would you get a swift reply but because of nature(winds)and such like would push back into your own back yard,i think to use such a weapon on close neighbours would be killing your-self,we cant even get guns off the streets and out of the hands of children,let alone stop the sale to terrorists,who are quite happy to kill their own alongside everybody else.

Why doesn't the Nuclear Powered nations work together to disarm Iran Jordan Hammas and all the Palestinians?
Then with the warning that any nation attacking these defenceless nations would suffer mightily.


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