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PAKISTAN: Christian brothers slain in another attack on a minority


Two brothers, members of Pakistan’s beleaguered Christian minority, walked out of the Faisalabad courthouse in shackles and escorted by a local police officer. In seconds, two gunmen opened fire on the brothers, killing them and seriously wounding the officer.

The July 19 slayings of Rashid and Sajjad Emmanuel were the latest in a long line of attacks on Pakistan’s religious and ethnic minorities, including Christians, Hindus, Shia Muslims, Ahmadis and Sikhs. In the case of Christians, the common link often is the country’s controversial blasphemy law, which makes it a crime to make derogatory remarks about Islam or desecrate the Koran.

In the past, false allegations of blasphemy-law violations have been lodged against Christians; the allegations were then used by extremist groups to justify attacking the Christian community. Pakistanis locked in land or business disputes with Christians often file false blasphemy-law cases as a means of score-settling.

Pakistani news accounts of the attacks on Rashid, 32, and Sajjad, 30, suggest that the brothers may have been set up. They were arrested July 2 on charges that they had distributed pamphlets containing derogatory remarks about the prophet Muhammad.  The pamphlets included the brothers’ names and phone numbers, which led some Pakistani newspapers and human rights activists to doubt the charges.

“It defies logic that anyone, let alone a member of a minority community, given the possible fallout of such an act in today’s Pakistan, would be so foolish as to reveal their identity and other details on such a document,” the Daily Times newspaper stated in an editorial this week.

The gunmen who fired on the brothers remain at large. President Asif Ali Zardari and other top Pakistani government leaders have denounced the attacks, but human rights groups and some in the Pakistani media have urged the government to take the next step and repeal the blasphemy law.

The law, the Pakistani newspaper Dawn wrote in an editorial Wednesday, “helps foster a societal mindset of jungle justice where individuals feel that it is right to take the law into their own hands.”

-- Alex Rodriguez in Islamabad, Pakistan

Photo: Pakistani security officials carry the dead bodies of two Christians killed in a shooting outside a court in Faisalabad. Credit: STRDEL/AFP/Getty Images
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Is there any person who can press the Pakitan to modify the clasue of 295-C, which have claime so many lives of minorities in Pakistan.

Christian are not only persicute physically but as well mentally, and morally. They can't jobs, do business, can't rent house or properties from muslims. If they try to protest they are victmised by the muslim.

What you see in the picture could very well some day be a common sight on our local news in our country. Pandora's Box should have stayed shut. Strange how we can eradicate Christian religious cults by guns and fire and see evidence of members who committed suicide, yet we open our borders for everyone to march in, legally or otherwise. If we can't curb them in other lands, why do we feel we can stop them in our country? Those who would be on the front lines here, are in other lands being killed and wounded. Is that the purpose? To kill our young men and women some place else so they only have the elderly and babies to contend with on our shores?

Just look at what religion does for this world. Wars, death, and suffering; all in the name of a God. Hooray for secularism.

All foreign aid to Pakistan needs to be IMMEDIATELY SUSPENDED unless the government cleans out the MANY Islamofascists that have infested every level of government: National, Local, Military, etc

Two men shackled in chains, slain by another hero of Allah! What bravery to kill these two infidels! Too bad there weren't any infidel infants and old women shackled that could also have been righteously slain for Allah! What a religion! GLORIOUS!! Allah must be so proud of his brave men that use women and children as shields and kill men that are shackled. I am so impressed.

This event gives further evidence that Islam is not compatible with democracy and equal rights.

Paki terrorist trainer Quereshi is bragging about human rights violation wondering if he is real man to protect other minorities in pkai land or he just wants to stick his nose on other people's business, REAL MAN CLEANS HIS OWN HOUSE IT TAKES A MAN TO DO MAN'S JOB


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