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IRAN: Reformist opposition daringly blames Ahmadinejad government for terror attacks

Iran-rigi2Iran's main reformist political party has issued a daring statement blaming the government of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for a Thursday evening double-suicide bombing that killed at least 27 people and injured hundreds in southwest Iran. 

The Islamic Iran Participation Front said Ahmadinejad's "coup d'etat" government deserved blame for the "terrorist bombings," which it vehemently condemned in a statement reported by its affiliate news website Norooz News (in Persian). 

"We believe that such crises are rooted in those kind of polices which classify Iranians unequally and consider different rights for them," the statement said. 

"This leads to an increase in discrimination and intensifies a sense of inequality so that dependent terrorist agents will become able to abuse people's dissatisfaction."

Reformists accuse of Ahmadinejad of pursuing chauvinistic policies that discount the aspirations of all Iranians except the families of the Basiji militia and other hard-line traditionalists, all the while alienating those from religious and ethnic minorities and secular-minded Iranians.

The statement, coinciding with mass funerals for the victims of the blasts, was especially bold. Even Western officials condemned the attack without qualification. 

The bombing showed that the government's hard-line tactics have been a failure, the statement said. 

"It is as clear as day that the policy of intimidation, violence, and suppression, which are the only achievement of the coup d'etat government -- and unfortunately have overshadowed all aspects of Iranians' lives, and all of them are equally and indiscriminately suffering from that -- is a defeated policy," the statement said. 

"They only increase the cost of living for citizens and despite the imagination of the sponsors and agents of such policies they will not bring any advantages for them," it said.

-- Los Angeles Times

Photo: Abdolbasset Rigi, a man said to be one of those who took part in Thursday's suicide attacks. Credit: Pro-Jundollah Taftan News Agency

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Iran has become a military dictatorship with striking similarities to the rise of Nazi Germany, replete with quasi-religious devotion to the motherland and a fanatical armed wing similar to the brownshirts. However, war is not the answer in this case. What will work even better is to give young and educated Iranians access to as much western culture and information as possible, and to expose them to democratic ideals and the universal declarations of man. It is knowledge of the wider world that the mullahs fear most. Blue jeans and lipstick are ten times more powerful than cruise missiles.


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