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ISRAEL: Arab man convicted of rape after posing as Jew to seduce woman

In a ruling that could strike fear in the hearts of cads everywhere, a Jerusalem court has ruled that lying to a woman to get her into bed is a form of rape.

Sabbar Kashur, 30, an Arab resident of Jerusalem, pretended to be a Jewish bachelor looking for a relationship. He met a Jewish woman and they went to a nearby building to have consensual sex, according the account in the Haaretz newspaper. He split before she'd finished putting her clothes back on.

She filed a criminal complaint for rape and indecent assault, which authorities took seriously.

Sure, it wasn't "classic rape by force," reasoned Jerusalem District Court Judge Tzvi Segal, but if the woman "hadn't thought the accused was a Jewish bachelor ... she would not have cooperated."

The court rejected a plea bargain to serve community service and sentenced Kashur to 18 months in prison.

-- Los Angeles Times

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Such language and imagination from our favorite LA Times Israel bashing, Zionist forwarning, AIPAC boogeymonster making commentating crew. I am sure you all wrote similar comments during last week's brouhaha when a white BART officer was indicted on merely manslaughter charges for shooting a black man in the back. I am sure you will react with disbelief and calls to slander the American justice system when his sentencing is revealed. Because there's nothing that a 7 sentence story written by a not-credited news reporter which based all their information on one other news source can't tell you, especially that the Israeli system and all of her supporters of systematic participants in racism, Apartheid, and religious persecution.

Whoa is right.

EWWWEE your an Arab!!!!! Your raped me. how dare you defile the tribe. lol thats not in the least bit racist. Not at all. Who are the chosen ones? The "Meek" shall inherit the earth. not the self righteous. That is all.

What if she had consented and he represented that he was of legal age and he was not of legal age? She would have been guilty of raping him!!! When the 'shoe' is on the other foot, the misrepresentation and the crux of the issue becomes self-evident.

Misrepresentation is the crux of his conviction, neither raceism nor religious prejudice is at issue with the Israeli Court (her apparently, maybe yes). He got caught because of a physical anomoly which only appears and is self-evident after the act and is unique to Jews!! If he was a circumcised Protestant representing himself to be a Jew, she may also have objected and cried rape and he would also have been convicted. It seems from the other comments that everyone wants the blessings of the Jews, including their women!! but no one wants to obey their Laws!!

I notice all the men and I agreeing on this one. I just hope it is for the right reasons. And, if you disagree with the seemingly pro-Israel Zionist side on this issue, perhaps recognize their lies, deceptions, myths, and faulty rationalizations on other matters of even greater and serious importance.

Whoa, I can't believe someone would defend this.... Imagine if a guy told a girl he was a doctor who was committed to having a serious relationship. They have sex. Turns out he was an unemployed laborer who was already married. The guy's a total jerk. But he's no rapist. And if you can't see that, you're just a total racist, like those white supremacists in the deep south during Jim Crow times.

I once told a woman I was a doctor. I took her home. She thought I was a physician. I was just a poor PhD! Read my comments and the attacks against me in the "Israeli conversion" issue. The whole thing is like being in the twilight zone. Zionists, like some here at this site, are like Alan Dershowitz: either they have been brainwashed at a very early age or they are simply shameless. No, Israel and its courts are not racist, are they? Need any more cases, evidence, or proof?

Anyone who doesn't think this man's freedom is being taken away for 18 months because he is an arab and not a jew, is crazy! How often are women lied to for sex? Im rich, im successful, I am Brad Pitts brother...whatever. These conversations happen all over the world. How about women with fake breasts or hair extensions be locked up for false impersonation?

That is terribly strange, especially some of the comments which try to justify a racist legal code. It is sad how racists seem to be incapable of seeing the holes in their arguments.

Even a harlot must give willing and knowing consent to fornication. She's entitled to her prejudices and voluntary consent. She would not have consented to bed with an Arab. So he lied about who he is in order to seduce her. I have no idea why a Jewess would bed unmarried, or with anyone not her husband, but that's the choice she made; its her choice. Take it the next step. He marries her misrepresenting his faith and religion. That's clearly fraud in the inducement. How would such a fraud in the inducement not be rape prior to marriage?

What's nutty and I didn't first understand how its proven, is that she was able to prove his misrepresentation! What witnesses? He must have confessed - for bragging rights?!?! 18 ms is expensive bragging rights. Something more is going on here. So what if he split before she got redressed? Something is missing from the reported facts; fear of being discovered! The appearance of a Jewish Bris visably differs from a Moslem circumcision, but only upon detumescence, meaning after the act!!!! The reporter omitted the obvious!! Ha ha!

The only other legal system under which a person could be convicted of rape if he had consensual sex with a woman without revealing his true national identity were the Nuremberg laws, according to which a Jew having consensual sex with an Aryan woman would be guilty of rape. Israel 2010 seems to have no qualms using the Nuremberg laws. How very sad.

The man was not convicted because he's an Arab, he was convicted because he pretended to be something he's not in order to gain the woman's consent, and that's EXACTLY one of the definitions of rape under the Israeli penal code.
There have been many rulings similar in all but the nature of the deceit, they are mentioned in the ruling. The reporter has left this out of the article, probably for sensationalism's sake.

There is a big difference between rape and lying about one's ethnicity, religion or racial background. Leave it to the Zionists not to see the difference. This is beyond racist.

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