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ISRAEL: Arab man convicted of rape after posing as Jew to seduce woman

In a ruling that could strike fear in the hearts of cads everywhere, a Jerusalem court has ruled that lying to a woman to get her into bed is a form of rape.

Sabbar Kashur, 30, an Arab resident of Jerusalem, pretended to be a Jewish bachelor looking for a relationship. He met a Jewish woman and they went to a nearby building to have consensual sex, according the account in the Haaretz newspaper. He split before she'd finished putting her clothes back on.

She filed a criminal complaint for rape and indecent assault, which authorities took seriously.

Sure, it wasn't "classic rape by force," reasoned Jerusalem District Court Judge Tzvi Segal, but if the woman "hadn't thought the accused was a Jewish bachelor ... she would not have cooperated."

The court rejected a plea bargain to serve community service and sentenced Kashur to 18 months in prison.

-- Los Angeles Times

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So per this legal definition, all the israeli spies that pretended to be muslim and married muslim women in the arab countries they were living in and then took off were rapists too. But then anything an israeli might do is oh so understandable to the bigots here.

Equating con artists with rapists is a serious disservice to rape victims. Victims of con artists are just stupid.

And as long as Israel continues to prove it is not interested in being a secular state, the United States seriously needs to reconsider its partnership with them.

@michael g: Your comment is hilarious on so many levels. You should consider yourself lucky that you're published at all.

LA Times, Since when did you reserve the right to "moderate" the reader's comments posted on your blog? Who gave you that right? Furthermore, when a major metropolitan newspaper invites reader's comments-- then, after the fact, informs them that those comments will be "monitored" before being posted... What part of "censorship" can't you spell??

REPLY to bryan hemmings
no the arabs would want him stoned or loose his head no doubt you would have a ring side seat, with your muslem friends .

if this was a jewish man and an arab female the muslems would want his head, if you lie to gain money/property, or any-thing else ,and its reported you are going to be taken to court ,but of course this is only a jewish woman so it does not matter,but had someone, cheated you out of your money ,with lies,oh we would not hear the end of it,but its only a jew,lets hope that some-thing,that changes your mothers/sisters/daughters,life happens lets see you say thats ok,
all over the world its the muslems that all allways the trouble makers/and starters.
only the brain washed and week minded cant see this.

Hemming is doing a lott of Hemming and hawing, jumping to an anti-Israeli conclusion befor e knowing the facts.

The Israeli law -- similar to law in some other countries -- applies to "A male who has sex with a woman with her consent, which was elicited with deceit about the essence of the perpetrator or essence of the act."

Beyond the deception, it has nothing to do with Arab, Jewish, or Christian. A year or two ago another man was convicted under the same law, for mis-representing himself as a goverment official so as to claim to offer favours for sex.

Joe claimed "Israel will soon make all of its Arabs wear gold crescents."

Condemning a group of people on the basis of what it has not done, is bigotry. It is outrageous that the Times woud publish such bigotry as Joe's.

It is even more ironic in that, for 14 centuries, the Arab world treated Jews as less than human, making them wear distinctive clothing (including the yellow badge for Jews which Hitler copied from an Arab country).

Joe's post is not only anti-Semitic but obviously ignorant of the history of dhimmitude, which included the yellow badge imposed by Arabs on Jews.

Graur has compared Israel to Nazis.

The EU has formally defined such comparisons as anti-Semitic racism. The Times should remove Graur's comment.

Graur is also factually incorrect in claiming "The only other legal system under which a person could be convicted of rape if he had consensual sex with a woman without revealing his true national identity were the Nuremberg laws."

Some US states still have "rape by deceit" laws on the books.

The article mis-represents the case as being about race or religion, when it is not.

The Israeli law -- similar to laws still on the books in some countries, including the USA -- defines "rape by deceit" as using deceit to induce another to have sex.

It has been applied in Israel to other cases of deceit.

I oppose the law, but it is unrelated to race or religion.

What's clearly misleading about this posting is that nowhere does it mention that the man was married and pretended to be single. The fact that the woman was used by the man to commit adultery was a very important ingredient that led to the guilty verdict. This omission points to a deliberate attempt to mislead the readers and to paint Israel in a negative light.

Israel will soon make all of its Arabs wear gold crescents.

You go too far S Toren. Though some Islamic countries - usually extremely orthodox ones - impose strict sharia law, the majority do not. But there are parallels between the way Islamic nations impose religious law and Israel.

However the situation would be reversed in most more orthodox Islamic nations and the woman would have been punished were she so stupid as to report it to the authorities. She could even have been publicly whipped or stoned to death.

But it´s a mistake for Israelis to justify their actions by drawing parallels with nations that behave worse. Surely, if Israel is a real democracy, the parallel should be made with Christian democratic nations. Had a Jewish woman consented to sex with a man of another religion in the US or Europe, the courts would not have involved themselves. Israeli justice only has itself to blame for accusations of racism.

And had a Christian woman been duped into having consensual sex with a Jewish man only to accuse him of rape afterwards, she might find herself being charged with racism.

On a site where the anti-semitism tag is banded about all to frequently, hand on heart, how many Jews would be deeply offended if a Christian woman brought such charges against a Jewish man in somewhere like Los Angeles?

I think we would see a huge amount of posts crying anti-semitism.

And if a Moslem man would lie to have consensul sex with a Moslem women then the women's family would have simply executed both of them!! Nothing like Sharia Justice.

If you blatantly hate Israel, then of course everything is so clear here. However the other side of the coin is Israel's liberal laws defining what is sexual harassment and what is rape. Note that a women's right to discriminate with who she has sex might be based on racism, but it is still her right.

The bright side of the ruling is that a man who cons a women into having sex with her can be charges with rape. That is food for thought in the Middle East where rape victims in Saudi Arabia get thrown in prison.

BTW, Tzvi Segal is neither religious nor especially fond of the Right or the religious in Jerusalem. Some even consider him "left leaning".

There's a fuller account of this story at

Are the Vatican and the Israeli state in some sort of bizarre competition to find who can alienate the most people in the shortest possible time?

If a Jewish man in New York went to jail for "raping" an anti-Semitic woman, because her consent was conditional on his not being a Jew, I'd join the street demonstrations, which would, I'm sure, be angry and widespread.

That would be the nastiest sort of racism. And so is this.

Seeing as how most people on this board are jumping to conclusions that all Jews and Zionists are racists because of one judge delivering a sentence, I guess it's fair to say that all readers of the LA Times are flippant, whacked out anti-Semites because of the response to this one article. Really, folks, you're making your bed. If you don't want to be called anti-Semites-- because you're really just sweet innocents merely expressing your 1st Amendment rights as an American by criticizing the state of Jews which you obviously hate enough to deny their right to self-determine-- then don't behave like a cesspool of Nazi loving ingrates. I'm especially looking at you, Jesus.

Ain't nothing more stupid than a pack of pathetic Jew haters.

As racism becomes institutionalised, with courts handing down such blatantly anti-Arab verdicts, Israeli authorities slip further and further into a mire of racism, apparently completely unaware of where they are heading.

This isn´t about the rights and wrongs of what the man did it is about the proportionality of the verdict.

But this is not to say all Israelis of Jewish origin agree with this type of verdict. Gideon Levy, a liberal Israeli commentator, was quoted as saying: "I would like to raise only one question with the judge. What if this guy had been a Jew who pretended to be a Muslim and had sex with a Muslim woman?

"Would he have been convicted of rape? The answer is: of course not."

Interesting that your angle is that a cad got his just deserts. This story merely illustrates to me how sick, racist and idefensible Israeli society has become.
Reminiscent of the 1935 "Law for the Protection of German Blood and Honor."

hahahahahaha, um, ah ha -- Israel just keeps on showing everyone what racists they are -- how long does it take to get a clue? s0 sad it's funny.

In Israel, anything that would put an Arab in jail is acceptable regardless of whether it has any basis in law. If that is being deceptive, then it is also deceptive for a man to say I love you when he in fact does not mean it, or for a man to say he is single when in fact he's married. Our jails would be full if that were the case. Of course, the woman in this case has no responsibllity whatsoever for her act. How she even had the audacity to file charges against this man is absurd. 18 months in jail for lying, yet murderers of Palestinian Arabs in Israel go free.

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