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ISRAEL: Arab man convicted of rape after posing as Jew to seduce woman

In a ruling that could strike fear in the hearts of cads everywhere, a Jerusalem court has ruled that lying to a woman to get her into bed is a form of rape.

Sabbar Kashur, 30, an Arab resident of Jerusalem, pretended to be a Jewish bachelor looking for a relationship. He met a Jewish woman and they went to a nearby building to have consensual sex, according the account in the Haaretz newspaper. He split before she'd finished putting her clothes back on.

She filed a criminal complaint for rape and indecent assault, which authorities took seriously.

Sure, it wasn't "classic rape by force," reasoned Jerusalem District Court Judge Tzvi Segal, but if the woman "hadn't thought the accused was a Jewish bachelor ... she would not have cooperated."

The court rejected a plea bargain to serve community service and sentenced Kashur to 18 months in prison.

-- Los Angeles Times

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@ marijuaasher?
Jesus Christ? Really?

What would had happened if this unfortunate man, would have been Jewish?

Do you think that the same sentence would have been imposed?

Does anybody know?

To Sam,
Thank you, to you too. I remember the New Forest from a couple of family camping holidays as a child. A beautiful part of the world, which would confirm the picture postcard view of the UK held by many, and which still exists to an extent.

Ealing, as part of West London, had more than its fair share of white racists with Southall not so far away. For the benefit of LA readers, Southall was a magnet for immigrants from the Indian sub-continent, and is still a thriving centre of commerce for its mainly Indian and Pakistani residents. I´m sure there are similar areas in and around LA.

Your theory on your stunning friend is probably well-observed.

to bryan hemming
thank you for your reply, we have just got back from the new forest with our guests, we went to get together with old friends and stayed a little longer if i heard once i must of heard a dozen times how they dont like outsiders buying houses in the area and they only want the people born there to live there.
many years ago on a trip back to (gb)before i had to go home for a few years i was with my friends sister late afternoon in ealing walking down the avenue, when a car came along side, throwing glass bottles at what i thought were intended for me and the abuse was disgusting yet it was clear to see i was not the target ,i told her i was very sorry that this should happen to her because she was with me,but she knew and told me this was not the first time,but they drove off quickly,i do think that some of these attacks are by the easy to lead people who would not stand up to their mates and say no im not getting involved this is not me but they want to be one of the crowd otherwise they would be picked on,and i can tell you she was and still is a stunner,but rather than talk to her may-be because they thought they would be rejected they used the race card.
or of course they may just of been scared to death of one young girl.

To Sam:
The reasons for inner city unrest in England are complicated, but like many other riots during the 70´s and 80´s the Notting Hill and Brixton riots can be mainly attributed to prejudice and discrimination. Though their parents had largely put up with it, second generation West Indians born to immigrant families were not prepared to be treated as second class citizens based on the colour of their skin. Though segregation wasn´t legislated for, neither was it properly legislated against. There is no doubt that the civil rights movement in the US played a big influence, as did the Black Power movement of the late 1960´s.

Not as politicised as their American counterparts, the riots were often spontaneous outbursts of collective anger, there being little or no planning to begin with. The police became targets because they had a habit of targeting young blacks.

By the mid 1970´s much of that anger took on a racist slant itself, amongst the most disenchanted, and some blacks started attacking whites because they were white.

It died away when things changed. They might not have changed so soon if it hadn´t been for the riots. It has to be mentioned, some of the riots were mixed race and against all authority.

The lack of opportunity was very evident. Black youths had far less chance of employment than whites. The were marginlised, poor and angry. Not enough space to tell the full story.

to bryan hemming
thank you for your reply i'm sorry that i'm unable to reply now due to visitors. but will do so suday, as i would like to know your thoughts about the problems in that area at the time.

To Sam
There were quite a few riots in London from the 70´s onwards. There were many riots in other parts of England too. I lived in Notting Hill during the disturbances, and so am very familiar with the riots that took place there.

I remember a groups of young black girls ringing my bell during carnival when one of their friends had been taken to a nearby hospital, as she was pregnant and about to give birth. Under the searchlight of a helicopter and with police charging crowds I managed to take them through the riot to the hospital simply because I knew the area. It´s not very pleasant.

Nevertheless, there was racism from both sides during that time, white on black, and black on white.

And to some of the others: I don´t have to tell you whether I´m black, white or Jewish, because most people assume I´m what fits their prejudices. Oh, you thought I was black? Or Jewish? Or Moslem. Maybe I´m a product of a mixed race marriage in Hong Kong. But that doesn´t mean I´m Catholic, or Hindu or Presbyterian. the clue is there. Or maybe not.

@Walt Kovacs

"there was a case of a jewish man in israel who misrepresented himself as an official in order to have sex with a woman...he got 10 years"

Uhhh...isn't that closer to extortion and prostitution? He was promising them benefits and housing if they slept with him cuz he was pretending to work for the housing ministry. They were degrading themselves by putting out for material desires, and he was extorting their desire for housing. That's virtually the same as sleeping with a man for his money.

All that Arab guy did was lie to a woman to get her to sleep with him. That's like convicting a guy of rape after he tells a woman "I love you," then he has sex with her, and then it turns out that he didn't love her at all...he just loved the idea of sex. That's still not right, but they probably don't convict guys of that in Israel.

TO brian hemmings
i have had a thought that you may be talking about the 1970 notting hill riots which brought london to a stand still and southall in 1979 i recall them both but the only problem with these gatherings is a huge amount of people join the march without knowing what its all about, as one chap told me,while i was stuck solid in trafic ,going no where he hadnt got a clue he just joined it,and if you take all these people out plus the children people take with them,you are not left with that many who have any idea whats going on except the people who are only there to stir up trouble,as with most things like this.

REPLY to bryan hemmings
i was in london in 1970,on a visit.from my home in israel.i do know quite a bit about .the asian people who went to england the west indians came to work on london transport,the rail ways and so on, they were first brought to the uk by the fox rubber company ,but did not get a very good deal,
i think you must be talking about the southall riots in middlesex, if so i was there trying to find an indian friend who ended up in southall jail.
there is a tribute to the first black people to set sail and came to england,and this is in the form of a plaque,in a park in ealing west5,without looking it up i dont remember the full reason for it ,but as i have family and friends here in the uk its my second home,i think the problem was with the asian people mainly with the riots which started near to southall town hall.and not so much with the very smart and polite zoot suited west indians who mixed very well even though every-thing was not as they expected.promise wise.

This is pure BS. She gave it away eagerly and was not rewarded as expected. He should have been charged with petty theft or given a shower.

Well, he was married, lied to the woman.
He forced sex under false pretenses. It is rape.
He deserves jail.

Referring to: walt kovacs | July 21, 2010 at 03:36 PM

there was a case of a jewish man in israel who misrepresented himself as an official in order to have sex with a woman...he got 10 years

this has nothing to do with racism

i would like the thank the la times for again attempting to foment jewish hate

In 2008, the Israeli High Court of Justice convicted Zvi Sliman for impersonating an official in the Housing Ministry and promising women help and benefits to persuade them to have sex with him. Sliman was sentenced to 10 years in prison

Two different cases.
1 - Zvi Sliman impersonated a Federal authority.
2 - By promising THEM help and benefits:
2a) fraud(he didn't possessed the means for it)
2c)Prostitution(the women had sex with him in exchange for something else)
2d)soliciting sex

Sabbar Kashur was "solicited" by her and after a "few minutes" of conversation they went to a near by building and had consensual sex and he left before she dad time to get dressed. In another words, he didn't care much for her. And just by his looks, I can image hers. If she looks like him, she would never get laid!
What I think is one out of two: 1 - somebody found out and in order to not be vexed, she came up with this story. Or
2 - She went back for more and was rejected. In this case, "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned".

"However the situation would be reversed in most more orthodox Islamic nations and the woman would have been punished were she so stupid as to report it to the authorities. She could even have been publicly whipped or stoned to death."

I quote myself, as I realise too many have assumed the reverse applies solely to Jews. No, that particular point was intended to show the anti-women side of Sharia law, not the anti-Jewish or even anti-Christian. She would have been punished because she was a woman, not because of her religion. If you don´t get it, you have to consider you might be racist, let alone mysoginist.

Nevertheless, I resent being accused of being anti-semitic. For most of my life I have opposed racism in all its forms. There have been moments where that has put me in some physical danger especially when defendng the rights of West Indians in London in the 1970´s . I defend the rights of Jews and Israelis to follow their path, but I cannot defend laws - or interpretations of laws - that are racist. Talking on a site is one thing, doing something is another.

And I, like many other people, do not like being referred to as ´Hemming´ or in any other patronising fashion simply because I have a different opinion and am not afraid of expressing it in a respectful manner.

In my first post regarding this case I made very sure to say that this verdict does not necessarily represent the views of all Israelis or Jews. I quoted Gideon Levy specifically to avoid claims of anti- semitism.

I have to take this opportunity to declare I despise anti-semitism, as much as I despise those who use the label to disguise their own racism. Neither the Holocaust or charges of anti-semitism must ever be used to justify the racism that exists within contemporary Israeli society today. Jews who employ such tactics insult those Gentiles who sacrificed their lives to bring freedom to those relativity few prisoners who managed to survive the atrocities of the concentration camps. Many Jews were not related to the victims of the Holocaust, and never lost family members. On the other hand, many Americans, British, Australians, Canadians, Africans, Indians and others, did lose family members in WWII. It´s time to stop the insults and to address the real problems.


We are not in Christian Europe, not that I believe that the US or Europe is more civilized than Israel, but in the Middle East where many people do care about nationality and religion. Enough if I mention that Moslem Apostates are many times murdered for their "sins" by fellow Moslems and of course, "honor" killings are not infrequent here.

Still, you miss the point. After looking up the case a bit, I assure you that it is, even in Israel, on the verge of the bizarre. A result of overly liberal (not right wing and reactionary) laws defining what is rape, truly equal to "liberal" European standards and something that NOW would be proud of.

A married Moslem man conned a very stupid Jewish girl into having sex through a strategem of lies. A left wing judge (although the case was heard by three judges, Tzvi Segal most likely was the one responsible for the ruling) ruled in favor of the prosecution. The case will probably go to the High Court, but don't make the cad into a hero (unless he is your type of hero). His lie was substantial in acheiving the women's consent and on that the case hinges.

I personally see this as another case of a liberal law doing its expected harm. The Arab-Jewish angle just makes it sensational and attracts attention.

Jimmy wrote "And as long as Israel continues to prove it is not interested in being a secular state, the United States seriously needs to reconsider its partnership with them."

Jimmy has no idea what he's talking about.

1. Israel is a secular state. However, like Lebanon and India, it delegates matrimonial matters to individual communities. Jimmy doesn't seemn to have any complaints about Lebanon and India.

2. The US will never "reconsider its partnership" with Israel for two reasons
- Israel is the USA's only reliable ally in the Mideast
- the majority of the American public support Israel and have done so for decades (with current numbers well over 50%).

Tough, isn't it, Jimmy?

Stand corrected, logically should not be based on ethnicity since both are Semites but unfortunately it is so too!

Funny how a Semite man is not Semite enough to have a sex with a Semite female, therefore prejudice in this case is based on religious ground and not on ethnicity!

there was a case of a jewish man in israel who misrepresented himself as an official in order to have sex with a woman...he got 10 years

this has nothing to do with racism

i would like the thank the la times for again attempting to foment jewish hate

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