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LEBANON, ISRAEL: Politicians trade barbs as activists prepare to set sail for Gaza

Miriam ship group

Israel's deadly raid on a Turkish aid ship heading to the Gaza Strip may have sparked outrage from the international community and soured relations with Ankara, but what happened aboard the Mavi Marmara might pale compared to what could happen if a confrontation occurs aboard a ship sailing from Lebanon.

Unlike Turkey, Lebanon and Israel are technically at war, although the border has been relatively quiet since the 2006 July War between Israel and the militant Shiite group Hezbollah.

Since that time, Israeli politicians have repeatedly warned that in the next round, the Lebanese government will be held responsible, leaving all of Lebanon open to attack.

Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak echoed that language this week when he warned the Lebanese government that it would be held responsible for all ships leaving Lebanese ports following reports of a group of women activists planning to set sail from Lebanon for Gaza.

"The Lebanese government ... is responsible for preventing the loading of weapons, ammunition, explosive materials and other things of that nature which could lead to a violent and dangerous confrontation if the ship refuses to come to [the Israeli port of] Ashdod," Barak said.

Some 30 Lebanese women activists and 20 Europeans have announced their intention to set sail aboard the Mariam, named after the Virgin Mary, carrying medical supplies in an attempt to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza.

"Our only weapons are faith in the Virgin Mary and in humanity," a spokesperson for the group, comprised of Muslim and Christian women, told Agence France-Presse

The Virgin Mary is a revered figure in Catholicism, Christianity and Islam, which recognizes Jesus as a prophet.

Lebanese Prime Minister responded to Barak's warning, telling reporters that "the Israeli government continues to threaten Lebanon."

"Will the Israeli defense minister attack Europe or other countries sending aid to Gaza?" he added.

Although the activists of the Mariam have said they are not affiliated with any political organization in Lebanon, the Lebanese newspaper Al-Liwaa reported Friday that some Lebanese politicians had asked Hezbollah "not to give Israel a pretext to attack" the aid ship, suggesting just how volatile the current climate is.

-- Meris Lutz in Beirut

Photo: Women activists gather to pray at a shrine for the Virgin Mary as they prepare to set sail for Gaza. Credit: AFP

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Global theatre presents:" Hypocrites" in 3 acts

The global actors- Goverments, UN, NGO's are silent.
All are busy verifying their petrol backlog

On a corner a small news board displays:
**742 people killed by Islamists worldwide:1 Apr-May 2010
The Islamic terrorists hid in civilian areas, dressed as civilians, sometimes wearing burka
Places, numbers, killing methods in:
** Muslims Kyrgyz and Uzbeks are killing each other-lately between 200 to 2000 civilians and 400.000 fled

Nobody pay attention-SILENCE

Act 2: "VICTORY"
The global actors- Governments, UN, NGO's some are cheering "Victory" some are silent

The news board displays:
Victory!!! A terrorist was killed together with his wife,3 daughters,a grandchild and other men,women and children by a long range missile

The action was 10.000 miles away from the countries shores treated by the terrorist
The terror group agenda is to impose Islam worldwide


The global actors- Governments, UN, NGO's are paying for petrol supply with a small coin named Israel
All are shouting:
"Israel- open the arms supply channel to Hamas"

Children dressed with suicide bombing jackets are marching holding Hamas charter slogans:
1: Peace &quiet would not be possible except under Islam
2: The Day of Judgment will not come until Moslems kill the Jews
3: Sharia goes for any land the Moslems have conquered by force till the Day of Judgment
Hamas charter link :

Chamberlin (masked as Obama) holding Czechoslovakia and Israel maps - cheered by EU, Russia leaders says;
"I am bringing peace to mankind once again as before WW2"

A Lilliput with an Israeli flag faces the bashing chorus holding a board:
I will defend my existence
The stage curtain is down.
A small child is searching in the darkness for the moral values

An outpouring of aid for the palestinians in Gaza. Why no aid for the palestinians in the West Bank?

Answer - the Palestinian Authority, a partner in peace negotiations with Israel runs the West Bank. The Palestinians there have no humanitarian crisis at all. The Palestinians in Gaza, on the other hand, have Hamas in charge. Hamas, is recognized as a terrorist group by the US, the EU and by many other countries in the world. They kidnapped and Israeli soldier years ago and will not give access to the Red Cross or Red Crescent to check his health.

The crisis there is because Hamas keeps the goods that already get through for itself. If we insist on an inquiry into Israel's actions, it should come along with an inquiry into the whereabouts of the millions in aid that has already been trucked into Gaza. If they pass that test, more aid would make sense. More likely, they will fail that test miserably.

From John Robertson:

"But Dr. King would be proud . . ."

Indeed, which makes the situation all the more ironic since Netanyahu spoke highly of Dr. King in an interview he did for the Tavis Smiley show.

Okay, let me get this straight. An enemy flagged vessel currently at war with Israel plans on busting a naval blockade?

I hope Israel exercises more patience and understanding than it is legally required to show. Technically, they have the right to blow the ship out of the water.

Turkish jets raid northern Iraq, clashes kill 22..
Where is the aid ship for those people?

Kyrgyzstan rebels kill over 2000 people...
Where is the aid ship for those people?

Still waiting for an aid ship to Darfur...

Amen to Kathy's comment - but I fear it will take hundreds more such courageous souls, with several killed by the "most moral army in the world" IDF, before international opinion forces Netanyahu et al. to change course.

But Dr. King would be proud . . .

I salute all of you, women on this Virgin Mary...

May god be with you.


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