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ISRAEL: Parliament comes close to blows over flotilla raid

A discussion in Israel's parliament Wednesday went from heated to a total boil as lawmaker Haneen Zoabi took the stand. Zoabi, an Arab Israeli legislator, took part in the Gaza flotilla and was aboard the Mavi Marmara during the ill-fated takeover that left nine dead and dozens more injured. 

Jewish public opinion in Israel was not impressed with her decision to join aid ship. Some dismissed it as a populist, attention-seeking move. Others denounced her participation as siding with the country's enemies conspiring against the state. 

By the time Zoabi returned, tens of thousands had signed an online petition to remove her from parliament. The petition states it isn't against freedom of expression but against public officials elected to serve the entire public exploiting democracy and taxpayers' money to serve extremists.

The Knesset discussed the flotilla Wednesday. Words were sharp from the start. "Go to Gaza, you traitor," lawmaker Miri Regev told Zoabi in Arabic, hoping she had learned to say it correctly. When Zoabi took the podium, everyone lost it. Anastassia Michaeli tried to remove her from the podium. She got removed from the plenum, the first of many to be physically removed as the debate turned into part catfight, part bar brawl and part cursing competition.

Chants of "traitors," "terrorists," "murderers," "racists" were everywhere. "Where's her knife?" and "go back to Russia" sounded demands. "Out!" ordered Carmel Shama and then house-speaker Reuven Rivlin repeatedly, pounding gavels and sending legislators out for time-out, air and coffee. Rivlin had been meeting with guests from the Czech senate, watching the debate out of the corner of his eye. At a certain stage he'd seen enough and hurried to take over from Shama, a deputy, but the damage was done -- and for all to see. There is a live broadcast from parliament.

The attacks got personal too. Spend a week in Gaza, let's see how a single woman of 38 manages there, suggested Yohanan Plessner -- who explained the next morning that he wasn't being sexist but wanted to show Zoabi that supporting Hamas also supports its violation of women's rights, liberalism and pluralistic values for which the lawmaker says she fights. Zoabi was stone-faced throughout the ongoing verbal attack but that comment seemed to rattle her.

The parliament coming so close to blows highlights the anger and confusion from all sides over the flotilla but also taps into ongoing tensions between Arab and Jewish legislators in the current Knesset, considered to be on the conservative, right-wing side.

Stay tuned for the next episode, in which a parliamentary committee votes on restricting rights of Zoabi and other Arab members who met with Moammar Kadafi in Libya in late April. Discussion of the Libya fallout was postponed until next week in an attempt to keep the agenda separate from the flotilla discussion. Now, it might be difficult to separate them.

One thing about the flotilla uproar is that it lends itself nicely to metaphors, as demonstrated by the last week's headlines, which in one form or another of included "ship of fools" and "sea of stupidity." The title of former lawmaker Yossi Sarid's article in Haaretz about one of the lowest points in parliamentary history was a new variation: "Gaza flotilla uproar exposes Knesset as sinking ship of fools." 

--  Batsheva Sobelman in Jerusalem

Video: Highlights of low points of Israel's parliament, as broadcast on the Knesset Channel. Credit: YouTube

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I can hear circus music in the background...

Funny how Eastern European Slavs pretending to be Jewish in order to get free visa in to US and free lands/money in Israel since creation of that state consider to be Semites rather than Arabs which known to be Semites since the time of Sumerians with DNA to prove it!

This is a must see video clip for anyone seriously interested in the whole saga of the Flotilla Raid

It seems to put some real prospective to this whole situation

Jewish Voice for Peace, Amnesty International, the International Association of Democratic Lawyers, and the National Lawyers Guild all condemn Israel's attack and killing of civilians as they traveled with the Freedom Flotilla. The convoy ships included 700 people from 50 nationalities. The White House said it "deeply regrets the loss of life and injuries sustained, and is currently working to understand the circumstances surrounding this tragedy." This is not enough. The delivery of aid is protected by the Fourth Geneva Convention. The cargo had been searched for arms or other impermissible items by officials of Turkey, a U.S. ally, before the vessel was allowed to sail for Gaza. President Obama should call for an immediate lifting of Israel's blockade of Gaza; support an international impartial investigation into the killing of civilians on a humanitarian mission; and he should suspend the $3 billion that is the average annual U.S. military aid to Israel until he can assure the American public that our aid is not used to commit similar abuses. Suspend U.S. aid to Israel:

Typical LA Times misleading anti-semitic headline mischaracterization of a story. The Jews and their parliment are NOT in turmoil over the blockade or the raid, but over the participation of one of Zoabi in the flotilla. Its the Arab parlimentarian who is under attack, not the integrity of the Israeli government or its unity of purpose.


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