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ISRAEL: Family of Palestinian driver killed by police demands investigation

Ziad-Jilani-obituary-picture Israel on Monday was facing another demand for an investigation into its military's actions, this time from the Palestinian Authority and the family of a Palestinian resident of East Jerusalem, who was shot and killed Friday. 

Ziad Joulani, 41, a shopkeeper and father of three with no criminal or history of political activism, was killed when police opened fire as he got out of his car, witnesses said. [For the record: An earlier version said Joulani was a father of four; he has three daughters.]

According to the official Israeli account, Joulani attempted to run over police officers on an East Jerusalem street, prompting them to open fire. Police described the incident as an attempted "terrorist attack." Some officers were said to be "lightly wounded."

But family members say Joulani was caught in the wrong place and the wrong time between police and rock-throwing Palestinian youths. They say a rock hit his car, causing him to swerve and accidentally side-swipe a police car.


According to witnesses, Israeli police immediately opened fire, hitting Joulani in the arm. He still managed to drive to an open area, pull over and get out. But police officers continued to shoot, seriously injuring him. According to witnesses, he was killed with a shot to the head at close range.

The Palestinian Authority government said in a statement Monday after its weekly meeting that it “strongly condemns the crime of the occupation force in Jerusalem," It went on to say that the government “has suspicions about the Israeli story” demanding “a neutral investigation into the incident.”

  819-576Mideast_Israel_Palestinians.sff.standalone.prod_affiliate.8 The family’s lawyer, Muhannad Jbara, said that he is going to court to seek an investigation into the killing, since, according to him, the evidence shows that Joulani was killed in cold blood and that he did not attempt to run over the police officers. He said that he will start collecting testimonies of people who saw the incident to prepare for the court case after the family ends its mourning period. 

  — Maher Abukhater in Jerusalem

Photos: Top, Ziad Joulani; Middle: Joulani with his youngest daughter, Yasmeen. Credit: Joulani family. Left, Joulani's three daughters, Mirage, Yasmeen and Hannah, at his funeral in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Shufat.  Credit: Tara Todras-Whitehill / Associated Press

Related: Reports on the incident in Haaretz, Maan News Agency and Palestine Monitor.

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Posted by M P Cormack, I am shocked to learn of the EXECUTION of Ziad Jilani by the Israeli Soldiers. I had no idea this kind of thing happened in civilized countries.This is reminiscent of NAZI Germany during the Holocost. Same on you Israel if you let this atrocity go unpunished

One other thing I forgot to mention Jbara is not our family lawyer. We have a group of lawyers that are working on this case......

There are lot of facts missing in this article. Haaretz has most of the story but the evidence we have is even worse than what you could imagine. People should stop generalizing that the jews did this, this was done by a particular group of the special fources and they have to be punished. Not only the policeman that shot the final shots but also all those who just stayed back and watched him execute my brother and then beat up my cousin and others for trying to help him. My brother was left over 15 minutes to bleed to death with the police refusing to get him medical attention until the paramedics decided they will risk it and go get him no matter what happens to them.
We know that since Ziad is a Palestinian we will never get justice in the Israeli courts but at the same time we will do our best to get them prosecuted and take responsibility for stripping my nieces from their father. Mark my words once we prove the injustice to the courts we are sure they will indicate that the person responsible was crazy and gets off the hook. But Ziad's Americam wife indicated she has a mission to expose this story to the whole world and make sure this never happens to any human being in the world. It is so frustrating that I cannot be with my family in these hard times since my residency was taken away from me in Israel when I got my greencard. Israel passed a law last year that any palestinian that gets residency anywhere in the world will loose their residency in Israel. I was born and raised in Jerusalem and now I cannot go back home to grieve with my family.
We are only one family of millions facing the same problems we have but the only reason my brother's death got public is because his wife is American.
May you rset in peace Ziad and God have mercy on your soul

Well, this article dose not tell the entire story, to get more details you need to read this:

Based on all the witnesses and the man social information, it is clear that this is a case of miss judgment from the police side. And you know what; any body can be in this man situation, therefore a full investigation is a must and all the policemen how pointed there guns on this poor guy needs to face justice.

I still don’t understand if the policemen already controlled the guy after they shot him several time, and had him laying on the ground, then why they shot him on the head from close range and killed him???

If a doctor makes a mistake and kill his patient, then everybody agrees that he have to face justice, so why this group of policemen shouldn’t.

I truly feel so sad for the three kids how have to live the rest of there life without a father, just because a policeman misjudges the father intention ….

It's amazing how much Mark Smith knows about Israel.

This is a sad incident, and I am sure there will be an investigation.

I am sure, also, that this website will be flooded with a bevy of Jew hating morons who can't stop foaming at the mouth whenever Israel hits the news.

All done in a day's work, right LA Times? Who needs real journalists when we can sensationalize a tragic death with photos of crying kids.

you can see the bullet marks and blood stains on the street from where the fatal shots were fired point blank. if you are a palestinian and are involved in a traffic accident with an isreali, the isrealis don't ask questions, they shoot to kill as they have done many times. ziad must have known this, and was trying to avoid dying friday.

Hey Agenleno:

For the last 1700 years people well versed in the teachings of Christ have been murdering, raping and exploiting the world. There is no evil that these followers of Christ's teaching and interpretation haven't inflicted on their neighbours - crusades, inquisitions and colonialism. So get off your high horse and at least learn something about the Talmud before shooting off your fat mouth like the idiot fool you are.

As for this poor guy who was shot. I feel very sorry for him and his family. Mistakes happen with the police in Los Angeles and in Jerusalem. There should be a thorough investigation.

Fat chance that will happen. Even if it does, we all know what the outcome is going to be. Much like when we investigate our soliders for war crimes. Nothing will come of it, because the people that do these sorts of things feel that they are doing nothing wrong. The family ought to get their justice themselves. I know I would

the times now links to radical jihadist websites?

according to the story, the guy was in slow moving traffic

if his car was hit by stones....why was he swerving so hard as to hit officers? doesn pass the smell test

and show as many cute kids as you like

if he used his car as a weapon...deadly force was allowed

It ceratainly appears that Israeli soliders are operating on the assumption that "dead men tell no tales." Their M.O. seems to be "make sure they're dead, shoot 'em in the head."

Now the Israeli forces are harassing Joulani's widow Moira and children, who are all U.S. citizens. They went to U.S. consulate and got no help. Well what could they have expected after the U.S. didn't lift a finger for Furkan Dogan.

Israeli policeman killed in ambush -Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades claims responsibility for attack on police car in Hebron. June 14 2010

Where is the outrage for this?

Yet another tragic story involving trigger-happy Israeli soldiers who have no value for life except their own.
The themes are the same, yet each victim is unique. In this case, a man's family is now shattered, three girls have lost their father. And for what?
A fair investigation is called for. The truth will prevail.

Thank you so much for reporting this story. It is very important to clear Ziad Jilani's name so that justice can be done and his family is not made to suffer further consequences.

Unfortunately, the Old Testament saying, "An eye for an eye", seems unfortuately to be occurring here and will continue to occur. By the Israeli Jews brutally treating, murdering, discriminating against, and devaluing Arab/Palestinian lives, the Palestinians will only want to get "an eye for an eye"; in this case, a "life for a life", a "murder for a murder". The same goes for Palestinians who murder Israeli Jews. This is endless... What they both need to understand is that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; the God who made Jews and Gentiles alike, made them in His own image and in His own likeness. Human beings, Jewish or not, are ALL made in God's image, and this CANNOT be changed. Therefore, all human beings, Jewish or not, have to be given dignity, if for no other reason than to honor their Maker. To murder another human being, even if he is not Jewish, is a crime against God, that should be punishable by his life also being taken away. This is the Messiah's commandment, "Love your enemies, pray for those who mistreat you,...".

This is just brutal. The Israeli Jews need to know what it means to "love your neighbor as yourself", not as in the Talmud but as in Christ's teaching and interpretation.


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