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DUBAI: Police chief mocks alleged assassins' 'primitive' disguises, paunches

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Dubai's police chief, Lt. Gen. Dahi Khalfan Tamim, seems to be enjoying his job immensely these days.

Nearly two months after Hamas operative Mahmoud Mabhouh was found dead in his Dubai hotel room, Tamim continues to keep the story in the media by leaking new information, embarrassing details and even snarky comments about the disguises and physical condition of the alleged assassins, thought to be members of Israel's elite Mossad spy agency.

“The mistake they made was that even the disguise was primitive, the ’70s style. ... If they want a training course in disguise, we would be happy to oblige," Tamim said this past weekend of the 26 suspects seen in surveillance videos sporting fake beards and wigs.

Tamim said investigators have dubbed one man seen dressed in full tennis gear "abu kirsh" or "the guy with the gut."

“It seems time is ahead of them, meaning they use disguise methods that had become obsolete more than 20 years ago," Tamim told the satellite news channel Al Arabiya, according to the Abu Dhabi-based English newspaper The National.

The fallout from the investigation has raised questions about the tactics and effectiveness of the Mossad, which is widely believed to be responsible for the killing, even among Israelis. The Israelis put a high premium on the deterrent effect of their armed forces and intelligence arm, and regardless of whether Mossad involvement can be proved, its image abroad has been significantly tarnished by the Dubai affair.

The lingering question for Israelis and everyone else seems to be: How could one of the world's most feared spy networks be so thoroughly compromised by standard hotel security surveillance? Reports from Israel seem to indicate that the Israelis were surprised by the scope and speed of Dubai's investigation.

But as former CIA officer Robert Baer, who also believes the Mossad was behind the hit, points out, the Israeli intelligence agency wouldn't be the first to underestimate the degree to which technology has changed the spy game.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Baer compared the Dubai hit to the 2003 abduction of an Egyptian cleric from the streets of Milan, Italy, by CIA and Italian agents:

"Most of the CIA agents behind the rendition were identified because, like the assassins in Dubai, the agents apparently did not understand that you can't put a large team on the ground in a modern country and not leave a digital footprint," Baer wrote.

"It took a matter of days for the Italian prosecutors to trace their supposedly sterile phone to their hotels, and from there to their true-name e-mail accounts and telephone calls to family. We might as well have let Delta Force do it with helicopters with American insignia on the side," he added.

An Italian court convicted 23 Americans in absentia in the case last year.

-- Meris Lutz in Beirut

Photo: The alleged Dubai assassins were caught by hotel security cameras in various disguises, including tennis gear. Credit: Dubai police

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I am glad that Mickey Mouse, Domald Duck and Farfur
weren't vacationing in that lovely patch of desert or they
would have been photographed and arrest warrants issued
for them. The fact remains an islamopsychotic barbarian
scumbag was eliminated and all the others were put on notice
that they could die at anytime.

It amazes me that people paint this as a Mossad success. When all the evidence and results are that it was a massive Mossad failure.

Mahmoud al-Mabhouh Was a worm on a hook
A man dying of cancer looking for one last hurrah against his sworn enemy. The bait in a well thought out plan to gather intelligence and spring a strategic level trap on the Mossad.

Mossad was tricked into killing Mahmoud al-Mabhouh

Here is the evidence

1) The Target was Dying of Cancer, we get this from the Pre Written Original Obituary report from his former organisation (not the organisation that was current at the time of his death and who he supposedly went to Dubai for) and that they past on that information within 24 hours of the report of his death and before his new organisation could counter it and prevent the fact of his long term illness leaking into the news:

2) I also point out he booked his ticket over the Internet in his own name knowing it would show up on Mossad’s surveillance and also as was reported by the Dubai Police that he travelled on his own passport:,2933,587044,00.html?test=latestnews

Also reported in the Jerusalem Post and various other Israeli News papers, as well as the Western media and Gulf news papers:

3) Most of those same articles also point out: he talked to his family in Gaza about the trip over the phone knowing their phone lines were tapped by the Mossad as does this one from the UAE.

5) That he had arranged for his wife to phone him at that hotel at a specific time as was reported by the Dubai Police as being the trigger for the hotel staff to break in to his hotel. Thus specifying a time line when Mossad could kill him.

6) In all the videos, this experienced agent of Hamas with three previous attempts on his life by Israel successfully beaten and supposedly training in counter surveillance from nation states; he the target employed no counter surveillance what so ever:

7) The target also traveled without his usual bodyguards, despite at least three previous attempts to assassinate him by Israel:

8 ) The discovery that the two Palestinian Mossad assets, turn out to be, a former Gaza FATA PA Policeman who’s family is still in Gaza and had been living in exile in Dubai after being accused of being a Mossad spy. And then his Brother who has been living in Gaza until recently, suddenly turns up and joins him to suddenly also become a Mossad asset, all a short while before the Target conveniently presents himself.

9) Then after the event the Two Palestinian assets are the only ones captured within 24 hours mind you, there is no film of them and they are scooted away to the UAE. There is much confusion about this where both FATA and Hamas say they are members of the opposite group.

And then the evidence was gathered and released in a controlled fashion by an impeccable witness. Using Dubai to conduct, what IMHO was a counter Mossad operation; was a master stroke. Most of the leg work could be done by electronic means and by a western trained police force.

The indisputable fact that Dubai police in the speed it reacted to a single assassination; beat both the US FBI, CIA, NSA and police in the speed it got information on the 9/11 suspects; and MI5 and Scotland Yard on the London 7/7 bombing suspects; yet this remarkable feat has never been remarked on by anyone.

I give no evidence for this last point but ask for you to examine your own credulity on the matter.

IMHO the Dubai Police have been fed the evidence to suit another parties needs.

Like I said IMHO Mahmoud al-Mabhouh Was a worm on a hook
A man dying of cancer looking for one last hurrah against his sworn enemy. The bait in a well thought out plan to gather intelligence and spring a strategic level trap on The Mossad.

Now let us look at the results:

Tactical moves by the Mossad that I think were made with clear goals in mind were:
1) Kill the Target [√]
2) Escape the Country [√]

Strategic moves by the Mossad that I think were made with clear goals in mind were:
1) Maintain Mossad’s targeted killings strategy. [√]
2) Maintain political deniability [X]
3) Use the “policy of ambiguity” to supplement political deniability while hinting at implacable state retribution [X]

Tactical moves by the force Inimical to Israel that I think were made with clear goals in mind were:

1) Choose the time and location on which the operation will take place. [√]
2) Control and pollute the Mossad intelligence stream. [√]
3) Gather detailed intelligence and records of Mossad’s methods, Tradecraft and cover companies like Payoneer. [√]
4) Negate all the agents involved, including those at the cover companies now named in the US, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as busting those cover companies, even the agents and assets not identified by Dubai police are now useless, you cannot be sure the other side has not got the identities of those that are not named. [√]
5) Conduct a successful counter operation to a Mossad targeted killing operation. [√]
6) Create a Hamas martyr from a man who was dying anyway [√]
7) Control the release of information for maximum effect [√]

Strategic moves by the force Inimical to Israel that I think were made with clear goals in mind were:
1) Isolate Israel from Dubai by luring Mossad into action on Dubai’s Soil. [√]
2) Isolate Israel from Allies by filming the whole event and capturing Israel’s use of Allies Passports.[√]
Mossad’s habit of cloning passports from not unfriendly nations has a long history and was a predictable aspect. 25 year ago it caused a big problem when UK passports were used and Israel was forced to promise not to do it any more. Ditto the poison in the ear the use of Canadian passports, and the more recent New Zealand passports case where New Zealand withdrew all senior diplomatic relations. Israeli Governments have fallen in the past as a result of less than this. IMHO this time it is worse as several nations are affected at the same time.
3) Get Mossad and Israel castigated by the whole world, such that Ambassadors get quizzed and carpeted. [√]
4) Tarnish the reputation of Mossad by making them appear Amateurish [√]
5) Reduce public Trust of Mossad within Israel. [√]
6) Cause Mossad’s trust of its assets to be knocked and questioned within Mossad. [√]
7) Mossad’s targeted killings operation gets called into question and possibly put on hold. [√]
8 ) Cause Israel to suffer sanctions and costs at the hands of formerly friendly nations.[?]
9) Reduce Israel’s international political capital at a strategic moment in time. [√]

You could argue that a portion or indeed all of these strategic and tactical elements were accidental and not intended but their effect remains the same Mossad the supposed ultra spies have been beaten and suffered catastrophic damage.

Lt. Gen Amim can mock all he can, the fact remains that the Israelis took out a terrorist right under the noses of a totalitarian Arab state. A job well done.


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