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IRAN: Video clip of man being beaten on 22 Bahman

Iran-22bahman-beatingVideo footage uploaded to the Internet apparently shows a member of the Iranian security forces in riot gear and body armor wrestling a half-naked, unarmed man to the ground on Thursday in Tehran and beating him on his head with his fists. 

The clip is said to be from protests coinciding with the rally commemorating the 31st anniversary of Iran's Revolution in Tehran.

-- Los Angeles Times

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Now at last the world can witness the true and evil nature of the Islamic regime and its leaders. Please do not forget the political prisoners and those who have given up their lives in their struggle for freedom. We need the people of the world to be our witness and support us by hearing our voices and echoing our pain so that every one is aware of the pain and suffering of the Iranian people under the tyrannical regime of the Mullahs


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