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IRAN: In Tehran's Azadi Square, a missile rises, and the West is derided


Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Tehran on Thursday to participate in a state-organized rally commemorating the 31st anniversary of Iran's Islamic revolution.

The picture above shows large crowds waving Iranian flags and carrying twin portraits of Iranian revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and the country's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, at Tehran's Azadi Square, where missiles had been mounted for display.

In the picture below, after the jump, government supporters in costume march with make-believe coffins, celebrating the demise of the West and Israel.


The semi-official Iranian news agency Mehr has published a photo essay with many images from the events marking of the revolution anniversary, or 22 Bahman, in Tehran.

In the picture from Mehr, Chador-clad women are seen holding portraits of the supreme leader and waving Iranian flags at Azadi Square.


A giant Iranian flag was marched through Azadi Square on Thursday.


The Iranian Labor News Agency has also posted several photo essays of the rallies on its website.

-- Alexandra Sandels in Beirut

Photos: Tens of thousands of people gathered at a rally in Tehran to commemorate the 31st anniversary of Iran's Islamic revolution. Credits: Top two images: Farhad Rajabali / For the Times. Lower images: Mehr News Agency

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Certain users who claim the Iranian people showed up to protests because of food incentives or were threatened clearly have no idea what is going on in Iran. This is a great insult to the Iranian people, to say they would defend an otherwise dictatorial regime, for a few snacks. If you are an Iranian, try closing BBC and VOA for a second and go in the streets to see what happened. If you are not an Iranian, stick your nose out of our internal affairs

To: Jordan 681

People like you are whats wrong with the world today. You give an erroneous account of an American soldier's stupid statement and claim this feeling of sentiment correctly portrays the general feelings of the American status quo. How often do you see Americans dancing around nuclear missiles like shown in those pictures (because although those aren't nuclear, that's what they are meant to portray) shouting down with the world? Iran's leaders want nuclear weapons because in their eyes they believe that will give them leverage both domestically and internationally. They refuse to import fuel rods from Russia because then they couldn't enrich their uranium past 20% which is whats needed for weapons grade usage. I feel sorry for the Iranian people in general, especially those who have been unknowingly indoctrinated in these draconian rules established by the Iranian Islamic regime.

To: Jordan681

You applaud Iran? Man, you're warped. I would say that you, and people like you are the problem with America.

Rick Steves' Iran. Visted Tehran in April 2009 to a warm welcome.

All's fair in love and war. Some may clench their fists at seeing people celebrate the downfall of their enemies, but here in America, we do it too. I have heard it from the mouths of people who call themselves American soldiers "I wanna kill me a sand n***er." We too destroy fake images of be-turbaned personages of the middle east. We too wish death upon our enemies. Remember "bomb-bomb-bomb, bomb-bomb Iran?" Yeah. And we wonder why we're hated. I say, someone has to root for the little guy. Let's hear it for Iran for not letting itself be pushed around by our government and Israel. Let's hear it for their leaders for thumbing their nose at adversity, come what may. Let's hear it for people willing to stand up for their own ideology. Let's hear it for people willing to die for the love of their country. We here in America, do the exact same thing, and Iranians fight for that exact same freedom. What would you say if big gov't came and told you to hand over your guns? Exactly. You'd say no, I will keep my gun. Iran is basically being told the same; you have no right to bear arms, only we and the Israelis have that right, because we're in command, and we say so. Don't let yourself be bossed around; fight Iran, fight. I for one applaud Iran. When the world asks us to get rid of our nukes at the thread of sanctions, who will help America? Do so unto others as you would like done to yourself. Karma's a b***c. Only God knows what's in store for the US for the rape of Vietnam and Iraq. Americans, get ready for the rebound. It's coming.

I wonder why none of the reports talk about the incentives that the regime in Tehran offered to their so-called supporters to show up? How come no one mentions the food coupons, the gas coupons, the fact that families that have 5 kids get to have two of their kids exempt from military service. And also that the government employees were all coerced and had their jobs threatened if they don't show up. These people didn't show up willingly, they were bought! Report that for heaven's sake! And if you don't believe me, this is just one part of it in this video...

Death to the Great Satan (America) .. Us Today, more than 50,000,000 people told us there a sound system of government of all the problems we have accepted. Death to America. Death to Israel.

maybe it's right that they came with Manny people to the anniversary of Iran's Islamic. but that are people that are being payed by the government. it's like when you have many basijis (by Wikipedia Iran haves 1milion basiji's)for guarding yourself than they have mothers and fathers too ,,and they don't want there son to be in danger by everything.. so they all will come for there son's protection and if you look at these pictures it's like they are allot but they are all scared by there own future.... by the way there is a high unemployment rate of 24% and many people are forced to become basiji's and they pay them 900 dollar's and if they kick someone's ass they get more money and it's not a joke because i live in Iran and the average payment is 500 dollars..

Revolutions are made in a moment. Did the Iranians miss that moment?
When are Moussavi, Hashemi, Khatami and Karroubi going to admit that the very creation of the Islamic Republic was a crime? Until and unless they do - there wont be that critical mass needed to turn this ugly page in the Iranian history.
My heart and prayers go to the young people of Iran - who had nothing to do with the mayhem that their parents created by inviting Khomeini and his criminal gang (which included all the aforementioned so called "green leaders")to rule Iran - under the scheme of a "supreme leader"! What bullshit!
These leaders can not keep defending this so called Islamic constitution and expect people to turn out en-mass.

That should more be like hundreds of thousands of people rather than tens of thousands. Recheck the crowd again.


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