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IRAN: Opposition and hard-liners get ready for 22 Bahman confrontations


Iran's hard-line government and the green-themed opposition are gearing up for another confrontation Thursday, this time on the 22nd day of the Persian calendar month of Bahman, the 31st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

This weekend the Coordinating Council of Reform Front, a coalition that brings together 17 moderate political groups, called on supporters to head to the streets Thursday, traditionally a time of pro-government rallies. 

"We’ll come on 22 Bahman to show that the green movement is intertwined with national and religious values and it insists on its rightful demands stipulated in the constitution," said a notice in Persian posted to several websites. 

"We’ll come to make our voices heard by our comrades, friends, rivals and enemies -- to tell them that the green movement is independent, and it will spare no efforts to revive and protect the values, implement the law, ensure liberty for the nation and save the society. ... We’ll call for return to ideals and principles instead of jail, violence and confrontation with the nation."

Supporters of the opposition have issued a list of suggestions about what protesters should bring, wear and do Thursday.

Still, many wonder what will happen. Will the protesters come out en masse? Or will the government be able to squelch any opposition demonstrations with a combination of dire threats, harsh police tactics and deafening loudspeakers?

"We oppose hooliganism, disturbing public order and insulting religious sanctities," police chief Brig. Gen. Ismail Ahmadi Moghaddam said, according to the Persian-language "I've already said that police will no longer tolerate lawbreakers. ... Police feel obliged to confront anyone threatening national security, insulting sanctities and crossing red lines."

Ahmadi Moghaddam also warned that police have "highly sophisticated security systems" that allow them to "identify anyone calling for rioting through text messaging."

This weekend, security forces arrested seven people allegedly cooperating with "counterrevolutionary satellite networks and Zionist media," according to a statement broadcast by state radio. 

"Some of them had been officially recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency," the statement said. "They had relayed news to their bosses and instigated riots. They were expected to carry out similar programs on Feb. 11 before leaving the country for the United States."

Iran's prosecutor-general, Gholamhossein Mohseni-Ejei, told Fars News this weekend that the Tehran prosecutor's office is now "handling the complaint lodged by a group of lawmakers" against opposition leader Mir-Hossein Mousavi, the latest in a series of threats to have him and other opposition figures arrested.

But a wave of mass arrests of activists and journalists and the threats have failed to silence opposition voices. The Kargozaran party, which supports the relatively moderate cleric Ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, issued a statement condemning the government.

"Undesirable and bitter events plunged Iran into unrest," said the statement, published by the Iranian Students News Agency. "A large number of those who were celebrating 31 years ago their contribution to the triumph of the Islamic Revolution have unfortunately been arrested or pushed into isolation."

The statement demanded that the government "respect basic freedoms and civil rights, and tolerate political activism within the framework of the law."

Otherwise, it warned, "people's demands and political differences will be followed up in the streets."

Opposition figure Mehdi Karroubi, who ran and lost against President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in last summer's disputed election, lashed out this weekend at the mass detentions of activists and journalists during a meeting with the families of prisoners. 

"Such behaviors are irrational and mismanagement of state affairs has plunged everyone deep into surprise," he said, according to his website, "The continuation of these behaviors will be detrimental to the regime."

He said the accusations of connection to foreign-based opposition groups were an attempt by hard-liners to "revive these dead grouplets." 

He vowed to secure the release of prisoners regardless of the restrictions imposed on him and his colleagues. 

Meanwhile, hard-liners showed no signs of brooking compromise.

Extreme right-wing lawmaker Ruhollah Hosseinian, told ISNA that the critics of the government had no place in the system. "They are in no position to be taken into account," he said.

The extremist cleric Ahmad Khatami told the Iranian Labor News Agency that there was no middle ground in the current political crisis.

"Today, we have only two fronts and no third front is recognized," he said. "The first front brings together the revolution and people. The second front regroups the United States, Britain, Zionists, hypocrites, monarchists, communists, fugitive singers and dancers. There is no third way."

-- Los Angeles Times

Photo: A poster promoting Feb.11 protests. Credit: Only Mehdi blog

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Why do you insist on copying's design style and layout?! Can't you come up with your own ideas? Lame. LaTimesBlog #Iran #Fail

Expose Ayatollah Khamenei's Billions....and demand a Global/Wall St. 'Apartheid' Liquidation

The total wealth of Khamenei and his family: $36 billion.

Khamenei's personal wealth: $30 billion.

His family's wealth: $6 billion.


$22 billion of the $36 billion were kept in Iran in the form of currency. During the post-election unrest, it was decided to move a major portion of this money to Syria by way of Turkey. The shipment was exposed and confiscated in Turkey.

The rest of the cash: $3.5 billion, of which $1.5 billion is in diamonds, $1 billion is in gold, and the rest is in dollars.

$10 billion of the $36 billion are in bank accounts:

$1 billion in Russia
$1 billion in Syria
$1 billion in China
$1 billion in Venezuela
$2 billion in South Africa
$2 billion in London
$2 billion in other countries.

Apart from the $22 billion in cash and $10 billion in bank accounts, the rest of the assets are in the form of land and stocks:

$2 billion in stocks in world markets
$1 billion in South Africa
$500 million in Syria
$500 million in Venezuela

Where have Khamenei's $30 billion come from?

$12 billion from commissions on oil sales
$2 billion from land
$6 billion from the arms business
$10 billion from Ahmadinejad in the past 4 years

Feb 11 Mass Protest @ NYC

Official Residence of Iranian UN Ambassador

1033 Fifth Avenue (b/w 84 / 85ht St.)

New York, NY 10022

This is the $10+ Million Fifth Avenue neo-classical 1912 Townhouse purchased by the Shah in 1966, and served as the un-official NYC Iranian Consulate in 1970s.

It now serves as the official residence of the IRI Iranian UN Ambassador.

What in a milionaire mansion while thousands are in poverty.....great redistribution of wealth.

It is in the Embassy Row area of NYC with Consulates from all major EU countries and the Met Museum and NYC Elite millionaires.

This peaceful protest will serve as a very visible and embarassing display of IRI crimes, when they try and celebrate this fraud-holiday with their thugs. This is not some French suburb...its the capital of Western Media & Elite.

End Iran Aprartheid

I certainly hope that our CIA has been hard at work these past few months smuggling guns & ammo across the borders of Iraq and Afghanistan into Iran so that the opposition can respond in kind when the Revolutionary Guards and the Basij open fire.

Oh that's nice, the CIA helping some Iranians to topple the Ayatollah's and install a new government, maybe with some kind of "democracy" involved.

I guess they're feeling guilty about the last time, when they paid thugs to demonstrate and riot in the streets to overthrow Mosaddegh, and install the cowardly "Shah" (who had run to Rome at the first sign of popular unrest). General Schwarzkopf, Sr. (the father of the general that invaded Iraq in 1991) had to go get the "ruler", bring him back to Iran, and then train the murderous SAVAK secret police that kept him in power against his own people, who hated him. (Oh, and thanks for all the oil contracts, Shah. And buying all those weapons. And using American banks. One hand washes the other, eh ?)

Teddy Roosevelt's grandson was in charge of this CIA Operation Ajax. But I'm sure most Americans know about all this, seeing as how they are so well read...


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